This is something every teenager has and will be going through. Acne is not something new. It has been around for ages and relates to how your skin looks and feels. Acne scars are also extremely disappointing and impact you and your outlook. So knowing acne scars removal process will help you in the long run.

Many people get upset about the active breakouts. They can be a major nuisance. And the scars they leave behind can make you irritable and very upset.

However the good news is that you can get some solid treatment on these scars. That means you can have them treated in a proper manner.

They do not need to exist on you forever. Knowing ways in which you can combat it will help you indefinitely.

In this article I want to share ways in which you will be able to handle this condition and allow a complete makeover for the same.

Typical acne can be long-term but the scars don’t have to be.

Let’s learn how it is :

Why Acne Scars Happen?

getting acne on face

When talking about and looking at ways in which acne scars take place, it is important to know how it will be impacting your skin’s surface.

While some people will be getting acne scars happening on their face readily, others don’t have to suffer from the same condition.

The reasons are quite different but your genes can play a crucial role in the same.

The thing is collagen is one of the main elements which is going to play a role in the healing process. This is because it is when you skin is producing collagen, it will be repairing itself from the breakout.

Also if you are producing too less of collagen, it can lead to scar formation on the face.

The acne scars happen because you will be suffering from a complex as well as a inflammatory response. And this means there is a poor wound healing.

Scarring is what you get as a result of a breakout, this condition leaves temporary or even permanent scarring on your face.

Acne Breakouts

Acne is not something to worry about. But acne breakouts can definitely be a very frustrating experience to go through.

They will be leaving scars on your face and other body parts.

It is actually more so of an unwanted reminder that there is something which is impacting your skin and its healing process.

But the good news is acne scars are not permanent.

When talking about acne scars removal, you can actually look into certain home remedies which will be giving great results in the long run.

So let’s first look into and talk of the home remedies:

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

There are plenty of remedies which are available to make your skin look far better. We will be talking about these in detail and how people manage to make use of them in order to reduce the appearance of scars on the face:

Salicylic Acid 

You can use this to make sure that your skin is looking fresh. It is actually a naturally occurring ingredient in skin care products.

It really helps in cleaning out any dirt, skin cells or other debris that might be in your skin. These are the leading reasons as to why your skin feels so drained.

Using this ingredient also helps with reducing the swelling and the redness that appears on your skin. It is will definitely be impacting how the acne appears.

This is also super beneficial for all kinds of scars. You will notice how it makes for a really good skin care routine, allowing people acne to have it under control.

However for people with sensitive skin, it is essential that they be actually carrying out a skin test on a small area of the skin before using it.

Let’s now see another effective product.


So this is like a topical ointment that helps with dealing with and removing acne scars. They are also supper effective as they will also be blocking any kind of inflammation, reducing the appearance of acne and lesions as well as speeding up what we call as cell regeneration.

Retinoids have been around for a long time. They are really good in helping in the lightening the hyperpigmentation of the acne scars.

This means those who have darker skin tones will not be using this product.

Also did you know that using this product can make your skin sensitive to the sun rays.  If a person is making use of this product, they should also be wearing sunscreen when going outdoors.

This suggests that they are well-looked after and will be having their skin completely taken care of in the long run.

Lactic Acid

This is yet another really important element which can help heal the skin after it has suffered immensely.

And for that it is actually a process where it will be acting as a gentle peel as it removes the dead skin cells.

You will also notice there is improvement with how the scars are looking and how smooth the overall texture of the skin is going to be.

Lactic acid is also really useful as it will be lightening the dark scar tissues. These are the ones which lead to hyperpigmentation.

And again due to having some adverse effects on the skin, it is again best that you make use of a small patch of skin to see how your skin is going to react to the lactic acid.

Only after that should you be investing completely in how the treatment is done on the skin.

There are actually several products which consists of lactic acid. Even your apple cider vinegar has it. So this is really a cost-effective treatment which is giving results.

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Other Natural Remedies

So now that we have looked into and identified some of the leading products and ingredients that help for acne scars removal, I also wanted to share a few more simple products or ingredients.

The kind you can easily find in your houses.

And you will be surprised to learn how they give amazing results in the long run.

These are not backed by science in any way, but the truth is they do show results when used in a consistent framework.

They include home remedies like:

  • coconut oil use
  • shea butter can be applied which can make the skin even softer and eventually will be removing or at the very least, completely lightening the dark scars
  • aloe vera gel is also a really good way; it has so many natural elements which give it a boost, allowing you to have amazing looking skin in no time
  • skin icing is also a new but effective method which can help with the appearance of scars
  • raw honey when applied will be making your skin look incredibly soft and supple
  • lemon juice is often used for the same reason
  • you can also make use of baking soda and see the results you will be getting for the same
  • also simply adapt a healthy lifestyle where you eat right and take care of yourself

Medical Acne Scars Treatment

remedies that work

It is also essential that you understand that there are some medical treatments for this condition too. These work really well in reducing the appearance of the acne scars.

This is simply by first checking the condition of the skin and then analyzing the kind of treatment to go forward with.

Some of the most common procedures a dermatologist can suggest to take on include:

Chemical peels 

This is done so keeping in mind the person’s skin type as well as the severity with which their acne is impacting the skin. You will notice how the use of glycolic acid also helps in the reduction of the appearance of these scars.


Many may also opt to make use of injections of corticosteroids. This is a really good way of treating any raised acne.

It is when you make use of a series of injections. But will be seeing results in no time.

Dermal Fillers 

They are also common. This is because they make use of a soft tissue filler. These fillers are really good in reducing the appearance of scars.

In some cases making use of and removing fat from another part of the body is an option worth going for. There are various kinds of fillers and your dermatologist will decide which one to go for in your treatment.


seeing results for scars

It is not always an easy choice. But when thinking of treatment for acne scars removal, there are plenty of elements you have to consider to see results.

Getting acne is common. But the good news is that even if you do, you can have the acne scars removed in no time.

It all comes down to the kind of treatment you will be using for yourself.

In this article, I shared some leading ways in which you can adapt winning strategies to handle acne scars. The important thing is to consult a dermatologist before combatting any.