When it comes to aging and dental health, you need to know that keeping your oral hygiene in order will go the long way.

As you continue to age, it in fact becomes even more important that you focus on and keep your teeth’s health in check.  This is because your whole mouth structure has become rather weak as you continue to age so better you keep a strong hold on how your teeth look from an early age. Tooth decay or dental caries impacts your teeth in the long run.

There is already a misconception that no matter what you do, you will eventually lose your teeth in advanced age. Nope, not necessarily.

If you are taking care of your teeth, their health continues to progress. In fact in some cases, a person’s teeth have well-lasted their full lifetime!

Sounds too good to be true?

But it can happen. Read this article to know how exactly you too can attain such amazing results.

Let’s start:

How Aging Changes Teeth & Structure

how aging impacts the teeth

As you age, your mouth will also change. When I say change here, I mean your inner mouth structure also changes.

Since aging happens for all body cells, why should the mouth and teeth structure be any different?

Even your tissues and body organs are subjected to change and this definitely impacts your teeth and gums too.

Also for older adults and those advancing in age, they are prone to taking medication. These medication are also responsible for the kind of oral health you need as they can make your teeth prone to sensitivity and decay even faster.

This is specifically to the nerves in your teeth. They will become even smaller. This makes your teeth lose their sensitivity in a huge way especially to cavities and other problems that may happen.

It is for this reason, you need to have regular dental examinations.

Why this helps?

Because then you are able to grab hold of the problem before it leads to complications. Having an early diagnosis helps you in the long run; also prevents tooth loss and oral cancer.

Having a healthy mouth is good for it also associated and links to various parts of the body. Ensure your teeth are always in mint condition. Regardless of feeling any pain or discomfort, setting regular dental visits is the key for long-term healthy teeth and mouth structure.

The Major Affects on Oral Health:

Impact on your dental health

So now that we have touched upon why aging and your oral health relate to one another, we will now look into the changes we have talked about which impact your oral  health in the long run.

These changes will impact your body slowing overtime and includes:

  • Your cells will be renewing at a very slow rate. While younger, you wouldn’t feel this as your cells are fresh and they multiply at a healthy rate but as you grow older, the situation becomes different.
  • The tissue build in your body would also get affected. You will feel the tissues are becoming thinner everyday. You will also sense there is less elasticity in the body.
  • The biggest hit is felt by the bones. They will become less dense and lose their strength with time.
  • Also since your immune system continues to get weak, you are prone to catch on more complications and infections as it takes more time to heal from such state.
  • The tissue and bone structure is highly impacted when you age. It becomes weaker and thus healing also takes time.

Now that we have talked about the kind of problems we face with oral hygiene, let’s now look into the most common oral health problems which exist in adults.

Common Oral Health Problems As You Age

Dry Mouth 

what is a dry mouth

This is the major one. It is to which older people are at the most risk. The dry mouth condition happens because your inner mouth structure  impacted by the medicine use you have going as well as being extremely sensitive to eating and drinking especially items which impact your teeth structure strongly.

But why does a dry mouth even happen?

One word: Saliva

This is a very important part of your oral health buildup. You need saliva for its many advantages to your mouth structure. Let’s look into them:

Advantages of Saliva:

  • Keeps your mouth in a comfortable and easy state
  • Allows for natural moisture to remain in the mouth
  • It is better for allowing you to chew and swallow easily
  • Helps to fight off any germs in the mouth
  • Helps to keep any bad breath at bay
  • Allows for proteins to keep the tooth enamel safe
  • Plays key role in fighting off any gum diseases
  • It is also useful in keeping your dentures in place

Now I will talk about ways in which having not enough saliva made in the salivary glands can cause serious problems and health risks to your oral health:

  • You will likely suffer from problems in swallowing food when your mouth is dry
  • There will be mouth sores in your mouth
  • Gum diseases and having tooth decay is also a likely concern
  • Yeast infection can also happen in the mouth.

Another major concern you need to look out for is how gum health is also affected by this.

Gum Health Concerns

This is a common issue as you age. Receding gums happens in majority of cases. This is when the gum tissues start to lose their elasticity. They start to pull away from the teeth.

This leads to the exposure of the teeth and the root as well.

When the openness of the structure, you will be more likely to get bacteria and infection become more common and you are more prone to getting such complications in the mouth.

This leads to inflammation and bacteria build-up and as you age, it becomes harder to treat these conditions.

You must have heard of periodontal disease. This is very common among elders. It is one of the leading causes of receding gums. The leading risks which cause this disease to set place are:

  • smoking heavily
  • prone to diabetes or being diabetic
  • not adapting proper dental care
  • having a dry mouth
  • not brushing on a regular basis
  • not flossing on a regular basis

Subjected to Cavities 

Yes this is a major health concern in oral care throughout the ages. It is when the sugar and starch in the mouth converts into acidic material. This attacks your tooth enamel.

Receding gums make an adult more prone to this condition. Having dry mouth which is again more common in adults is also a trigger of cavities.

What Happens Now? How Do I Protect My Teeth

Now you must be wondering I know all there is to know about oral concerns, uses, risks and triggers in the adult age. But how do I protect myself especially in the adult age.

Don’t worry; I had saved the best part for last. You have your now to adapt these simple tactics to protect your teeth and keep them going sturdy and healthy in the long run. Always remember to stay healthy.

Just follow these simple tips and you are good to go:

  • Brush your teeth. It is that plain and easy to follow. You need to brush your teeth with soft bristles, not hard ones as they will ruin and damage the enamel the worst way.
  • And don’t follow the myth about brushing fast and hard. Take it nice and slow. The harder you brush the more likely you will cause more harm than good.
  • Flossing- yes, flossing is really important too. There is space, hidden area between the teeth which the bristles of a toothbrush cannot reach. Flossing keeps the teeth clean from all places.
  • Dentures cleaning is also important. If you wear dentures, makes sure to clean them at least once a day.
  • Tap water- did you know drinking tap water is healthy? Fluoride in tap waters helps to keep tooth decaying at bay. Drink often even as you age.
  • Smoking is the culprit- quit this nasty habit. It keeps you at a higher risk of different kinds of diseases and is very harmful as it leads to different kinds of gum diseases and tooth decay as well .
  • Dentist visits are key. Visit your dentist often. It will help to keep your dental health in order. Getting regular scaling and polishing is also very helpful.

Brush & Smile – Lifetime of Happiness

brushing and smiling

Sure, this may seem a little far-fetched to you but the truth is, if you adapt a happy outlook on life, it impacts your oral health too. When you feel good, you will more likely to brush your teeth on time as your self-care takes center stage.

Even stressing and worrying will impact your oral health. Try to stay happy and healthy. Keeping your teeth in mint condition isn’t that hard. All you need to do is realize it is in your hands and follow certain simple steps that will serve you great in the long run.

However for everything else, you have Dentist Ahmed as your leading dental family that will cater to your every need in the best possible way. We know your smile matters and we take it on ourselves to bring forth those shiny, pearly whites!