Do you know that eating Alkaline Foods helps to maintain the pH of your saliva and in turn, reduces acidity in your mouth?

Acidic foods and drinks can increase the acidity or pH of your saliva and is one of the biggest enemies of your oral health.

Soda and coffee drinks are full of acid that breaks down the enamel of your teeth and as a result, lead to tooth decay.

Although most of the beverages are carbonated, however, it is just as harmful as sugary drinks.

Even energy drinks are acidic in nature that are jameed with sugar, which is high in content and damaging to your teeth whitening goals.

It is important to note that acids break down the tissue of your gums and create corrosion.

The painful sensation you experience after eating and drinking certain foods means that your enamel and gums are wearing down.

Thus, bacteria get a chance to plan themselves into the gum line, causing a build-up of plaque.

Keep on reading to learn more about it in detail.

Alkaline Foods

You can think of alkaline foods as the opposite of acidic foods.

On a pH scale, that goes from 0 to 1, the middle of the scale at 7 is neutral, 0 is the most acidic and 14 is the most alkaline or basic in nature.

So what does this exactly mean for you?

The more acidic food you will consume the more corrosive they are to your teeth.

Thus, you should avoid acid foods or consume them in moderation.

alkaline foods and oral health 3

Moreover, acidic foods can increase the acidity of your saliva which in turn aids the production of bad bacteria in your mouth.

This bacteria attacks the enamel of your teeth which causes them to wear down.

If you do not take care, it can erode the tooth enamel thus exposing the dentin. When the dentin shows, it means that your teeth are more respectable to bacterial attacks.

It can lead to further complications, resulting in infection to the surrounding teeth, and tooth loss.

How Alkaline Foods are Beneficial for your Teeth?

You might have heard the myth that soft teeth cause cavities and other oral and dental issues.

Your diet and oral hygiene play an active role in your dental health and the inherited softness of your teeth.

pH of the foods

This is because why you eat and drink can significantly affect the bacteria in your mouth and the production of saliva.

Acidic foods and drinks can wear down the enamel that protects your teeth.

Therefore, it is crucial to protect the enamel because it does not contain any living cells and does not restore over time.

According to the American Dental Association, erosion of enamel is the outer layer that can lead to several dental problems.

Effects of Teeth Erosion for Acidic Foods

Acidic foods and drinks can cause teeth erosion which in turn can lead to:

  • increase in the risk of developing cavities
  • temperature sensitivity in your teeth or tooth sensitivity making it hard to consume hard and cold items
  • yellow discoloration of the teeth, thus, exposing the dentin below the enamel
  • tooth loss or abscesses in extreme cases

Moreover, the acidity of your diet can also help to control the bacterial environment of your mouth.

This means that you can protect your teeth against the adverse effects of an acidic diet by increasing the intake of alkaline foods and drinks.

Now let’s discuss the best alkaline foods you can add to your diet to promote oral health.

1# Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables have an alkaline effect on your system.

It is not without the fact that your doctors and health care providers emphasize the effects of green leafy vegetables in your diet.

green leafy vegetables

Moreover, they also advise adding them to your daily diet as they contain essential minerals that are important for your body to carry out a number of important functions.

Therefore, you should take steps to add spinach, lettuce, kale, celery, parsley, arugula, and mustard greens in your meals to real their benefits.

2# Cauliflower, Broccoli and Root Vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are beneficial for your health.

This is because they contain different important photochemical that are crucial for your body to carry out the important functions.

You can toss them with other veggies like capsicum, beans, and green peas and have a healthy dose right there.

Moreover, root vegetables like sweet potatoes, taro root, lotus root, beets, and carrots are great sources of alkali.

You can roast them with a little sprinkle of spices and other seasonings.

However, keep in mind not to overcook them as it causes them to lose their goodness.

3# Seasonal and Citrus Fruits

Most often your nutritionist or healthcare expert advises you to add seasonal fruits to your diet.

This is because they can prove to be beneficial for both your oral and physical health.

They contain important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that take care of different functions in your body.

citrus fruits

Moreover, they are good alkaline food sources, especially kiwi, pineapple, persimmon, nectarine, watermelon, grapefruit, and apples.

Contrary to the popular belief that citrus fruit is highly acidic, however, they are the best source of alkaline foods.

Lemon, lime, and oranges are loaded with vitamin C and help to detoxify your system.

Thus providing relief from acidity and heartburn.

4# Seaweed, Sea Salt, and Nuts

Seaweed or sea vegetables contain 10 to 12 times more mineral content than those vegetables that grow on land.

Moreover, they are considered to be highly alkaline food sources and are also known to bring about different health benefits to the body system.

You can add nori or kelp into your bowl of soup or stir fry them or make sushi.

On the other hand, you can just add some sea salt into your salad, soups, or omelet.

alkaline foods and oral health 1

A lot of people love to munch on nuts when hunger pangs kick in.

Besides, being a good source of fat, they are also a good source of alkalines.

However, as nuts are high in calories, it is important to have them in limited quantities.

You can include cashews, chestnuts, and almonds in your daily meal plans.

5# Onion, Ginger, and Garlic

Apart from many health benefits onion, garlic and ginger are great flavors enhancers.

You can use them in a number of ways like:

  • garlic to spruce up your morning toast
  •  grated ginger in your soup or tea
  •  freshly sliced onions in your salads

Therefore, you can cook these or use them in various delicious meals, making them a healthy choice for your teeth.

Tooth Erosion and Your Teeth

One of the important things to understand is that tooth erosion is permanent.

If your tooth enamel starts to wear away, you may feel:

Pain or sensitivity while consuming hot, cold, or sweet drinks and beverages.

You will notice a yellow discoloration of the teeth.

alkaline foods and oral health

Notice that the fillings in the cavities will change due to this condition.

Face greater risks of more cavities, develop abscesses, and tooth loss in extreme cases.

However, once erosion begins, you may need filling, crowns, a root canal, or even tooth removal.

On the other hand, your dentist may advise you to get veneers to restore the look of your smile.

Other Food Choices to Protect your Teeth

Consuming high alkaline foods is just a part of your diet and routine that helps to promote good dental and oral health.

Other food options that you can incorporate in your smile are as follows:

Vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber. These can help to protect your teeth and gums.

Moreover, dairy products stimuli saliva production that naturally helps to repair your enamel.

health benefits

Foods and drinks that are high in fluoride can help to protect your teeth, including tap water you use for drinking.

Furthermore, green and black tea helps to fight the bacteria that can produce acid or harm your teeth.

Therefore, it is important to note that your routine and habits are a crucial part of your overall oral and dental health.

These can help prevent some of the adverse effects of acidic foods and drinks.

Reducing Tooth Decay

Some of the easy tips and techniques you can use to reduce tooth decay are as follows:

If you like having acidic foods or drinks then try to use them along with your meals.

This can help to minimize the damage they have on your teeth.

To reduce the effect of frizzing acidic drinks on your teeth, you can use a straw to limit decay on your teeth.

healthy teeth

Moreover, drinking more water or rinsing your mouth right after consuming acidic snacks can help to remove the remaining particles from your teeth and the gaps between them.

You can choose to use sugar-free gum that can help to stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth.

Make sure to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes twice daily and floss once a day.

Final Thoughts

Alkaline foods and drinks can be helpful in combating the damage that happens by acidic foods and drinks. Still, it is important to pay attention to other aspects of your diet and routine to protect your teeth.

Make sure you do not make a lot of alterations to your diet without expert advice as it might not suit you. Thus, always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making major changes to your daily diet.