Everyone at some point in life has gone through the issue of suffering from allergies. Allergies in Dubai are also common and it will help you plenty to know of these in advance and work out ways in which you can combat it.

It is important that you get a proper diagnosis of why are you suffering from such allergies. It is actually when your immune system acts out and shows reaction to a foreign substance which otherwise it wont.

This foreign substance can be anything- from pollen, bee venom to even dandruff and dust mites. It can also be due to some food particles. This is why you need to keep a close eye on what you are eating to ensure your health is in order.

The severity of allergies can be different for different people. It can be mild irritation and itching to something more complicated like needing to visit the doctor and get a proper examination. As it can be life-threatening in some cases too.

In this article we will be taking in detail about the various allergies in Dubai, identifying them and how you should combat them.

So let’s begin:

What Are Allergies?

what are allergies

Our body is designed in an amazing way. It is created to fight off any foreign substances and be strong. We have what you call antibodies. These are the power soldiers that will keep us safe from any diseases and illnesses.

But what happens when you have allergies to certain substances?

Well in this case, your immune system comes into the alert mode and it will look at some kind of allergen as being very harmful to your body. Even if it isn’t really. In this case when that reaction has been set into position. What will happen is whenever you come into contact with that particular allergen, the immune system of the body will react in some way.

It will either inflame the skin, or the sinuses, even blocking the digestive system and the airways. It is the instant reaction you can expect from your immune system.

What is Allergic Reaction?

So now we know how the body reacts when comes in presence to an allergen. The immune system makes your body react in a certain way in response to an allergen. This is what we call an allergic reaction.

It happens when you are going to feel certain allergies and you are exposed to an allergen like pollen. Your body will react as it will then produce allergic antibodies. These antibodies aim to find these allergens and then remove them from the system.

In this manner, a chemical called histamine will release and this leads to the symptoms you feel to certain allergies.

Allergies in Dubai- The Common Ones to Know

So now that we have a good understanding of what are allergies and how do we combat them, let’s now talk about some of the most common kinds of allergies in Dubai.

You can face allergies to various things but some of the most common ones are:

Pollen Allergy

pollen allergies

This has some common reactions like you will suffer from hay fever which is the most common allergic reaction when facing pollen. Also you can suffer from inflammation and there can be swelling in the lining of your nose.

Other common symptoms with this condition are you will be sneezing, have congestion as well as itchy and watery eyes and nose. While there are no proper and fixed treatments to cure this condition, there are ways in which you can combat it.

In some people, the issue of shortness of breath, wheezing and even chest tightening are extreme symptoms to overexposure to pollen.

The best way for you to combat this condition and control these symptoms is to avoid pollen and places that have pollen completely. You should try to stay indoors when you know there is high pollen in the air. Also make use of air conditioning to avoid air from outside.

Some patients even take on allergy shots when they know the weather will be having a lot of pollen in the air. This helps to combat the condition and take control of the situation.

Animal Hair & Dander

animal hair and dandruff

You can face certain issues and problems if you have pets. Unfortunately your pet’s fur and hair can be a reason for you to suffer from. It is quite common that you will feel symptoms of wheezing and cough. As well as watering eyes.

Also there can be allergic reactions which happen from the proteins which get secreted from the sweat glands of animal’s skin.

It can also come from the proteins of the animal’s saliva. While it is not possible to keep your pets outdoors all the time, given the scorching heat of Dubai, what you can do is try to make sure that the pets do not enter your bedrooms.

Some treatments that can work include trying to control the symptoms of nasal, eye and chest symptoms. Some people also recommend immunotherapy.

Dust Mites

You must have heard of dust mites. These are actually tiny microorganisms which live in dust. They are also present in the fibers of the household objects. This includes in mattresses, carpets as well as upholstery. Dust mites can also lead to issues like snoring. 

It is common for dust mites to grow in spaces which are warm and humid. Did you know that you will suffer from similar symptoms in dust mites condition as you did when coming across pollen.

There are also simple ways in which you can combat the condition of dust mites. For example you can make use of dust mite encasements. These you will place on top of pillows and mattresses.

Also it is best if you avoid carpets. This is where they are found often. And if using carpet, try to make use of good and powerful vacuum cleaners to clear the area properly. In order to help with the symptoms, your doctor may recommend medications which control the nasal and eye conditions as well as chest symptoms.


what are molds

These are basically really small fungi. They can actually float in the air and the have tiny spores as well. This is quite common trigger for allergies in Dubai. Molds can be found anywhere. Usually in damp areas including basement, kitchen as well as bathrooms. It is also common in the outdoors like grass, leaf piles where you may have mulch.

In this case too you can take certain medication that will control and treat the symptoms. This is especially true if you are suffering from issues like nasal/eye problems as well as chest concerns.

Food Allergies in Dubai

Also you won’t find it uncommon to see that many people also suffer from food allergies. This is when your body actually creates antibodies which relate to certain and specific food types.

In this case, an allergic can happen as soon as you eat something. In some cases, these reactions and symptoms can be very severe.

Some of the most common food allergies you can likely suffer from include shellfish, different kinds of nuts, as well as milk, eggs and wheat.

But this is usually depends on individual cases as some reactions are extremely strong and can include issues like nausea, diarrhea, having problems with breathing properly and even swelling of the mouth.

People need to be cautious and aware of the kind of symptoms they get and avoid such food types altogether. Also it is very important that you avoid all those kinds of foods which are setting in the allergy symptoms.

In case you accidently eat foods which are leading to allergic reactions, be sure to carry the injectable epinephrine as it will allow you to come back from extreme reactions to food allergies.

Insect Stings

This is yet another common kind of allergy you can suffer from. And you would need to react quickly in this case as it can lead to very dangerous consequences. Getting a bee sting would lead towards heavy pain, swelling and even redness.

But that reaction is common in any case. However you are bound to get even serious allergic reaction. These require that you seek medical care as soon as you get them. Some reactions can include difficulty in breathing, swelling of face and mouth, feeling a rapid pulse, getting restless and showcasing anxiety. Also dizziness is common and in some cases a drop in blood pressure can also take place.

To Sum Up

analyzing allergies

So there you have it, we have talked about some of the most common conditions and issues you can suffer from. Allergies in Dubai can be vast but it is also possible to combat the seriousness of the condition.

If you are suffering from symptoms, don’t wait for the condition to get worse. You should consult a doctor and have a proper plan in order on ways to combat your condition.

Getting an allergy test is a good idea to understand the severity of symptoms. This is especially in the case when you are suffering from life-threatening allergic reactions. Know that your you can even manage a good, healthy life, despite being subjected to a range of subjected to a range of symptoms.