This is an embarrassing situation you can find yourself in.

Having bad breath is becoming a common issue.

many reasons can cause bad breath

It is even the source of anxiety in you. But again it is happening more often than you know.

You will notice how supermarkets have different kinds of mints and gums designed to keep that undesirable smell at bay.

But the thing with these products, even mouthwashes is that they are temporary solutions.

They will get rid of that nasty smell for just a while.

But what about the long-term solutions?

What can be done to take care of that ?

This whole article will talk about just that. We will look into the various causes of bad breath- why is it such a nuisance to deal with.

But the good news is- we will also talk about ways to prevent it and what are effective treatments you can choose.

So let’s begin:

Knowing What is Bad Breath

understand the underlying issue for bad breath

You will suffer from bad breath at some point in life. It is also known as halitosis.

This bad smell can come from either the mouth, teeth and even from the back of your throat.

What you should know is that it actually points towards some major health concern.

A health problem is usually a cause of concern for this condition. And it can either be a temporary problem or something which is chronic.

Did you know that almost 50 percent of adults will have bad breath at some point in their life?

So why is it so? We will look into the details of this condition now. Let’s begin by talking about the symptoms of this condition:

Symptoms of Bad Breath

bad breath accompanied by bad taste in mouth

When you have bad breath, you can also have bad taste in your mouth also.  This bad taste has been developing the mouth for quite some time now.

Also you will notice that this bad taste is not happening because of some trapped food particles.

It is also not something that will disappear on its own.

Despite having to brush and floss regularly, you will notice that the smell still remain even if you are brushing and flossing on a regular basis.

So now that you have a good understanding of identifying how bad breath accumulates in your mouth, I want to talk about the causes of bad breath.

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Causes of Bad Breath

So what are the main causes of bad breath and what can be done? Let’s break down th discussion on the most common ones:

Having Poor Dental Hygiene

flossing is essential to avoid bad breath

This is the most basic reason you are having bad breath.

How it happens is that when the bacteria in the mouth breaks down the food which is stuck between the teeth and mouth.

What happens is that the combination of these two will lead to the creation of an unpleasant smell in the mouth.

Even flossing and brushing the teeth is not going to get rid of that smell.

But it would help if you continue to brush your teeth on a regular basis from the start to not let the smell set in.

Brushing also helps to rid of the plaque which starts to build on your teeth. When this plaque is not taken care of in a timely manner, it can lead to major oral diseases.

These include cavities and periodontal diseases.

They are harder to combat and cure from. So better to brush your teeth properly every night. Before the problem sets in.

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Strong Aroma Food and Beverages

strong smelling foods cause bad breath

It is also one of the leading reasons for having bad breath. When you consume strong smelling foods like onions, garlic and others with very strong odor.

This is because there are plenty of oils which the stomach will be absorbing. These oils will then pass into the bloodstream.

And when they do, they also travel into your lungs.

This is the reason a specific smell is produced. And it can actually be on your breath for more than 72 hours.

So if you are facing such problems specifically, it is best that you avoid such strong-smelling foods and beverages.

You can skip drinking coffee and alcohol for sometime and see how your smell is coming into control.

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Getting into the habit of smoking is also bad for many reasons. One of them being how it also affects the way your mouth smells.

It is best if you completely stop yourself from smoking cigarettes and cigars. As this leaves a major odor in the mouth.

If you continue smoking, there are chances your health will even further deteriorate.

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Dry Mouth

dry mouth causes bad breath

Having a dry mouth is also a worrisome state. It can lead to bad breath.

What causes a dry mouth is that your mouth is not producing enough saliva.

And you need to have plenty of this saliva in the mouth to ensure there is no bad odor in the mouth.

Dry mouth is also a cause of concern as when you are facing a salivary gland issue which means you sleep with your mouth open.

It can also set in when you are taking certain medications like those treating high blood pressure.

These can lead to long-term issues to your health.

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We have already mentioned how gingivitis or periodontal disease can become a cause of concern when you don’t brush your teeth and remove the plaque from it properly.

This is because the tartar continues to harden on your teeth and it becomes harder and harder to remove this plaque from the teeth.

The tartar actually leads to small pockets forming in your teeth and gums. The food, bacteria and plaque is what leads to a strong odor.

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Warning Sign

I have already mentioned how bad breath can be the cause for even bigger worries. You just need to do a better analysis of the underlying problem.

You may actually be suffering from certain health conditions which is making your condition even harder to manage.

Conditions like diabetes and sinus problems relate to bad breath.

If your bad breath is consistent and even if you are using mouthwash and flossing and brushing on a regular basis, there are chances that these conditions will remain.

In some severe cases, the bad breath can also be directing towards a more serious concern that needs immediate attention.

It can be due to cancer or other very serious illnesses. So it is best that you can a proper analysis to know what kind of disorder is associating to this illness . This will allow you to better understand how to combat it.

Now let’s talk about how the diagnosis is done for this condition:

Diagnosis of Bad Breath

The diagnosis for bad breath is pretty simple.

When you go to the dentist, a few things will be done by your dentist.

The dentist will smell your breath. You will also have to answer a few questions to give the complete picture.

This includes:

  • Types of good you eat
  • How often you brush your teetha
  • Is flossing also a regular habit
  • How many hours of sleep you get
  • Do you also snore at night
  • Are you taking certain medications
  • How soon did the problem start

The dentist’s job is to determine if the smell is originating from the teeth, the mouth or of it is coming from the deep end of the throat.

This is essential so to see if there is some underlying condition or disease which needs immediate attention.

So now let’s look into ways in which you can have the treatment for the same.

Treatment for Bad Breath

adapt best oral health practices

One of the major things you need to know that this condition sets in when there is plaque buildup in the mouth.

You will need a vigorous dental cleaning to get rid of it.

Also if you have certain underlying issues, you first have to solve those problems to ensure that the treatment is complete.

This will in itself take care of the bad smell.

Also since we talked about the dry mouth condition, your dentist will look into options in which artificial saliva is made.

You should also drink plenty of water so that the dry mouth condition is well-taken care of.

Some ways which you can adapt into your routine to ensure the breath odor is taken care of:

  • Clean- it is essential that you clean your dentures and mouth guards on a regular basis
  • You should also replace the old toothbrush with a new one, at least once every 3 months
  • It is essential for your overall oral hygiene, you should visit the dentist once every 6 months.

Your dental health can be in good hands when you know what you are doing.

Ensure your bad breath is well taken care of by looking into the suggestions in this article. It is a common condition and while sometimes the cause can be a mild one.

Other times you may have a chronic or serious illness which needs immediate attention.

Make sure you are keeping your oral hygiene in optimal condition. Having a good control on your bad breath is essential to your overall health.