Bananas are nutritious and tasty to eat but there is another popular use attached to them- rubbing the banana peel on your teeth for whitening.

It is a DIY cheap solution to yellow teeth so obviously, it looks lucrative.

But is it even worth it?

That’s what you figure out in this article!

Among several proven ways of whitening such as professional dental whitening, later, zoom and OTC kits, can a household product remove nasty stains on teeth?

Let’s dive deeper to find out!

hand holding a banana

What Does a Banana Contain?

A banana is a nutritious fruit.

It is full of potassium, fiber and magnesium.

You will find about 422mg of potassium, 3 grams of fiber and 32 mg of magnesium in a single banana.

That is a lot of nutritional value.

However, what’s more interesting, is how these nutrients are all that help whiten teeth.

The fiber in fruits and leafy vegetables has been known as a tiny toothbrush for your teeth.

Hence, it cleanses your teeth thoroughly when you munch on fruits and veggies containing fiber.

But does it whiten teeth, especially the peel?

With all these minerals and nutritional value, you may think that bananas help to whiten teeth.

However, there is no such evidence present to claim it is true and valid.

A banana peel whitening teeth is only a hearsay myth.

Since there is no scientific backing, it cannot be considered a valid solution to yellow teeth.

Though according to American Dental Association, other fruits such as oranges and strawberries or other fruit peels are not great for your teeth.

So while there is no proof of it working, there isn’t much harm to trying it either.

Plus, it is low cost and an ingredient that is usually present in your home if you love to eat them.

If the whitening doesn’t work, we can still look at the bright side.

At least you ate something healthy and nutritious.

Let’s take you, step by step on how to use the peel for whitening.

using banana peel for whitening

Using Banana Peel for Whitening

First of all, set up your ingredients.

You will need your toothbrush, toothpaste and the peel.

Eat or remove the banana and use the peel to rub its underside (the white fuzzy part) onto your teeth.

Carefully cover all of your teeth and do not rub harshly.

After you have rubbed all of your teeth, let it sit for 10 minutes.

This will let the banana matter work on your teeth and during this time refrain from closing your mouth.

However, this is not enough, you also need a toothbrush to let the peel work.

After you are done rubbing with a dry toothbrush, now wet the toothbrush and apply toothpaste.

That’s it!

The only step you need to do more is to repeat the process for more efficacy.

Whether it works or not, there is less scientific evidence backing it.

However, some of your favorite influencers may swear by it.

Hint: That doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for you nor that it surely works. 

Hence, it is up to you if you want to follow this method to clean away your teeth in hopes of whitening.

However, you need to keep one thing in mind, not all fruits work the same way.

There may not be any cons of using the banana peel as it does not contain acids.

Unless you rub it harshly enough that it destroys your enamel.

On the other hand, there are certain fruits you should avoid such as:

  • strawberry
  • lemon
  • orange

These fruits contain acids that erode the enamel making your teeth more susceptible to attack from cavities.

On the other hand, there are proven ways of whitening that you can try instead.

Let’s find out about them below!

rubbing fruit peel on teeth

Banana Peel vs Other Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening happens in only two ways:

  • Abrasion
  • Bleaching

Abrasion is the use of abrasives mostly present in toothpaste to remove surface stains.

This happens when the rough texture of the toothpaste rubs your teeth and the enamel.

Thus, the action of rubbing against the enamel causes the yellow stains to wear out.

However, if you end up rubbing harshly then it can also hurt your enamel by wearing it down.

There is a layer of dentin underneath the enamel, hence if that wears down, the yellow dentin comes upfront.

So will that benefit your teeth? Not at all.

Hence, you should only brush gently, protecting the enamel.

These abrasives are not present on the peel nor is it a rough texture.

However, you do rub it in your teeth which can erode the enamel.

Therefore, even if you want to try it, only rub gently.

The other option for whitening is to use a bleaching agent.

The bleaching agents in whitening products found in OTC kits or those in the dentist’s clinics are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Carbamide peroxide is often present in teeth whitening kits, whereas dentists use hydrogen peroxide high concentration gel.

The bleaching agents are more effective in whitening besides removing stains.

They actually lighten the shade of your teeth.

Hence, in procedures such as Zoom whitening, you can see up to 8 times whiteness depending on your current shade.

The only downside is how your teeth can get slightly sensitive later.

However, your dentist can recommend or apply an anti-sensitivity mouthwash or gel to deal with it.

Does a banana peel contain a bleaching agent to whiten teeth?

It does not!

Hence, there are no other ways it can whiten your teeth.

You can get whitening from teeth whitening products though.

bright white smile

Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening Products

Whitening Toothpaste with Abrasives 

Toothpaste can be abrasive because they rub against the enamel.

Moreover, they sometimes contain other ingredients for whitening such as the bleaching agent.

That said, toothpaste will usually only remove the surface stains because it is abrasive.

It will not help with lightening the shade of your teeth.

For that, you will have to go for more products that also bleach your teeth.

This brings us to…

Teeth Whitening Gel, Pen, Strips, and Mouthtray 

Whitening strips, pen and mouth trays use gel with a bleaching agent.

The bleach helps to break down stains by reducing their saturation.

Hence, it lightens your teeth.

The main component in all of these is the gel.

You can apply the gel directly to your teeth using a small brush or you can use products containing that.

Strips need 30 minutes of the application once or twice a day.

The translucent strips are coated with the gel containing the bleaching agent.

Since they cover all your teeth, the bleach then works directly onto your teeth.

A pen won’t result in huge changes.

It is an item you carry on the go and use for quick fixes.

Next is a mouth tray.

The first step of using the mouth tray is to add the bleaching gel inside.

If the mouth trays are customized then you can achieve the best results because the gel will be in contact with your teeth.

Using it for a few hours in the day for 14 days will show results.

However, if you want the best results then your option is to go for professional dental whitening.

zoom teeth whitening

Professional Whitening for Teeth

The safest option to whiten teeth is to go to a dentist.

Thye will perform laser whitening or Zoom whitening depending on your needs.

Only one session can whiten teeth up to several shades.

This is because the products and gels dentists use contain a higher concentration of bleaching agents than those found in OTC kits.

Plus, your dentist will also be careful applying it to not cause any gum sensitivity.

They may follow up by applying an anti-sensitivity gel that covers your teeth so that they are no longer sensitive.

What’s more, if your doctor applies the gel then there will be more uniform whitening than any other procedure.

Can a banana peel compete with any of these methods? Not really!

While it is great to eat nutritious bananas, the inner white peel has no particular benefits in whitening teeth.

It does not contain any bleaching ingredients, nor is it abrasive.

Though the potassium inside can improve bone density, magnesium prevents the blood from turning acidic.

If anything, a banana is a healthy snack that should be part of your diet not necessarily your oral care routine.

Having it in the house and eating it on the go, between meals is a good option.

You can also consume this soft food after a teeth whitening procedure.

Hence, it is generally harmless to eat or to rub.

But are there any benefits of rubbing? That is questionable.

Remember that bananas may just be one of the harmless fruit peels to rub.

If anyone suggests you rub strawberries or oranges then be prepared to face sensitivity because that’s a bad idea.

applying banana peel

Summing Up,

Bananas are better eaten than used as banana peels for whitening.

Whiten your teeth only with OTC kits it professional dental whitening.

That is safe and also effective!