In recent years, coconut water has become quite a trendy beverage. In addition to being naturally sweet, delicious, and hydrating, coconut water is loaded with several important nutrients. It includes minerals that many individuals do not get enough of. Thus we see there are numerous benefits of coconut water.

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Marketers often call it mother nature’s sports drinks or electrolyte drinks, and hence its demand is skyrocketing. This natural beverage promises to hydrate your body and help with a whole host of conditions, from cancer to hangovers to kidney stones.

So the next question. Is coconut water capable of delivering on all the promises, or is it all hype?

Coconut Water Better Than Sugary Drinks

Naturally refreshing, the coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It contains easily digested carbohydrates in the form of electrolytes and sugar. This natural beverage is a clear liquid in the fruit’s center that is tapped from young, green coconuts. The fruit grows on coconut palm trees commonly found on the sea or ocean coast.

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This natural beverage has fewer calories, less sodium but more potassium than a sports drink. The drink has less sugar than many sports drinks and much less sugar than any sodas and fruit juices. 

Remember that plain pure water from the coconut could be a better choice for kids and adults looking for a less sweet beverage. But never overdo it. 

Experts suggest you be mindful of beverage choices and read labels to choose the right drink and avoid those with added sugar or juices. As these drinks are no different from other sugary beverages. Many players credit coconut water to keep them on their feet because of this hydrating drink.

A 2007 study confirms that coconut water enhanced with sodium was equivalent to drinking a commercial sports drink. You can drink it post-exercise rehydration as it has better fluid tolerance. Another study reported that coconut water caused less nausea, fullness, and stomach upset and was easier to consume in large amounts, especially during rehydration.

Science-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Below are a few health benefits of coconut water: 

1 Good source of several nutrients

As you might be aware coconuts usually grow in tropical climates on tall trees near the sea or ocean coasts in wet areas. The sweet, delicious water from the coconut is often found in the center of a young, green coconut. 

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An average green coconut will provide you with half or one cup of fluid. The water in the coconut contains 94 percent water with very little fat. In addition, the water is rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

2 May have antioxidant properties

Secondly, coconut water contains antioxidants that help modify free radicals, so they no longer cause harm. During a metabolic activity, your cells will produce free radicals, unstable molecules. When you have stress or injury, the production of these free radicals increases automatically.

If there are too many free radicals, your body tends to enter a state of oxidative stress. These free radicals then damage your cells and increase disease risk. Hence this natural drink can significantly improve oxidative stress when taken regularly. 

3 Helps lower blood sugar if you have diabetes

Several studies have confirmed that this natural water from the coconut can lower your blood sugar levels and improve overall health. It is also a good source of magnesium. The water from coconut can help increase your insulin sensitivity and decrease your blood sugar levels, especially in people with type 2 diabetes and having diabetes symptoms

4 May help prevent kidney stones

We all know that drinking enough fluids is essential to prevent kidney stones. Although plain water might be a good choice, coconut water maybe even better. Most kidney stones are created when oxalate, calcium, and other compounds combine to form crystals in your urine. Once crystals are formed, the next step is the formation of tiny stones. 

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According to research, coconut water can help prevent kidney crystals from sticking to the kidney and other surfaces of your urinary tract. This natural drink can also reduce the number of crystals formed in your urine. Much early research suggests that this natural water from coconuts might help prevent stone formation even in the future.  

5 May support heart health

Drinking this natural drink may reduce heart disease risk. Studies confirm a reduction in cholesterol and triglyceride levels if you drink coconut water frequently. Moreover, the study also proved that the drink might be beneficial for lowering blood pressure in individuals suffering from high blood pressure.

6 Assist with weight management

Proper hydration is essential for your body as it nourishes every cell and optimizes your metabolic rate. Many people mistake thirst for hunger, which prompts them to overeat, which leads to weight gain.

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And even though coconut water has more calories than plain water, it is substantially lower in calories compared to any other beverages like soda and juice. With this simple swap, you can help you cut back on calories over time.

Why is Coconut Water Good For Your Skin?

Expensive, high-end skin care products are not the only solution to keep your skin healthy. Instead, use natural remedies that can help you go a long way in terms of skin health. One such example is using water from coconut fruit. Yes. Do you know that water from coconut fruit is a great way to hydrate your body internally and your skin?

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Coconut water is, in fact, the clear liquid naturally present inside the fruit. It primarily contains a high percentage of vitamin C, electrolytes, and a few carbohydrates.

Because of its high electrolyte content, one glass is enough to hydrate and recover many diseases better than regular water. Many individuals also drink coconut water for its potential long-term health benefits.

Benefits of Coconut Water for Your Skin

The benefits of coconut water are numerous, even when applied directly to your skin.

1 Coconut water is rich in nutrients

This natural water is an organic product rich in nutrients and vitamins. It contains vitamins A and K and is also an excellent source of the B-complex vitamins. It specially contains vitamin C, which helps with collagen formation. 

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The drink also contains antioxidants that are a must-needed substance for your body, as they help remove toxins from your body. In addition to protein and iron, it has high potassium levels, which naturally promote hydration balance. Additionally, it contains calcium, which promotes skin growth. Moreover, your body absorbs the nutrients in the coconut water systemically, thus helping to maintain a healthy gut.

2 Helps fight acne and acne scars

This natural water acts as an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory,  and detoxifier – all these properties work to decrease incidences of acne on your skin. It can decrease the excess oils on your skin, thus reducing breakouts.

Indeed, the natural water alone would not heal acne, but when used with your skin care routine can help speed up the process. A good option is mixing coconut water with turmeric to form a face mask, especially for acne-prone skin. 

3 Good for dry or sensitive skin

The natural water may help nourish and moisturize your dry skin (hydrate skin) when you apply it topically. Probably because it contains multiple sugars and amino acids. As the fruit water has high electrolyte content, it might be soothing when applied to your skin.

4 Contains anti-aging properties

The vitamins in this fruit drink can decrease your rate of skin aging, allowing your skin to restore and repair more effectively. Moreover, the proteins (cytokines) present in the water are responsible for encouraging cell growth and cell activation. Additionally, the vitamin C-rich fruit protects against and repairs sun damage.

5 When used on the skin, it hydrates and cleanses 

The fruit drink has incredible hydrating qualities and works effectively as a cleanser. A lot of individuals are not adequately hydrated, which may have an adverse effect on your skin. It may result in dark circles, dryness,  itchy patches, and fine lines. The fruit drink can naturally moisturize without adding excess oil. Moreover, potassium can help with hydration balance in your body.

Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy

You can drink coconut water during pregnancy as long as it has been refrigerated and has not expired. Meaning the water is fresh. 

Coconut water is rich in electrolytes and could help replenish those lost during morning sickness. Moreover, the nutrients in it may benefit the developing fetus.

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If you have doubts about drinking coconut water during pregnancy, you should discuss it with your doctor, who can provide specific guidance.

Consumption of this fruit drink during pregnancy has a host of benefits than just tasting good. Experts say that this fruit drink is considered to be the best source of nutrients as it is a mixture of chlorides, riboflavin, electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C.

This fruit drink is a healthy, fat free, cool and refreshing drink that will help to keep your body hydrated by replenishing natural salts that you lose during perspiration. It is good during pregnancy both for the health of the mother and the child.


Remember that coconut water is a natural source of nutrients and electrolytes, and it can represent a healthy, flavorful way to stay hydrated. This natural water may support heart and kidney health, among other health benefits. 

By now, you have learned that coconut water is a delicious, refreshing, electrolyte-filled, natural beverage that might benefit your heart and other benefits. The natural drink will help moderate your blood sugar and help improve kidney health. This natural beverage will keep you refreshed and hydrated after a workout.

If you decide to start sipping this tropical drink, you have a host of benefits. You can also find an array of brands on your grocery shelves – be sure to avoid products with added sugar.