green vegetables 7

Like so many of the rules you  might have learnt in childhood, “eat your vegetables” is a real eye-roller for most children. However, only when you grow up do you realize that green vegetables can give you both health and energy. What else can you get from green vegetables? A better smile. Yes, that is […]

Cavities in kids

Eating loads of candies, junk food, juices and soft drinks will inevitably lead to cavities in kids and adults. Why? Because they have tons of sugars and acids that can gradually erode the tooth enamel. This enamel erosion gives way to harmful bacteria in the mouth to destroy the tooth structure. Hence, resulting in tooth […]

hairy tongue

A hairy tongue is a medical condition that causes your tongue to look hairy. Although you may think of it as hair growing on your tongue, this condition has nothing to do with actual hair growth on your tongue. A hairy tongue forms when the filiform papillae FP on your tongue do not shed as […]

Cosmetic Dentistry 1

Do you remember the last time you felt as beautiful as you are? Do you feel insecure when you smile, even when you are thrilled? Have you lost confidence in the smile you used to love due to recent tooth decay, injury, or accumulated stains? Do not worry. Thankfully, you can fall in love with your […]

signs of depression on oral care

Mental illness does not only impact your well-being but also your oral health. Signs of depression, stress and anxiety can stop you from taking care of your oral hygiene. As a result, you may find yourself with several oral problems while suffering from mental health diseases. Hence, you are not only in a state of […]

the truth about protein shakes

Protein shakes have been around for a while now. They have been creating the hype for quite sometime now. However when it comes to the benefits of protein shakes, there are plenty of those too. In this article, I want to talk in detail about how protein shakes are healthy and how protein shakes aim […]

taste buds 2

The fact that you are able to taste the foods and drinks is because of the taste buds you have on your tongue. However, it will not be surprising to learn that you have your tongue to thank for this ability to taste. The surface of your tongue contains tiny bumps, Papillae that contain thousands […]

tongue thrust

Does your child have an open bite? It is probably due to a tongue thrust. In this condition, the tongue presses forward further in the mouth. This comes from swallowing milk by breastfeeding or through bottles. Usually, children overcome this habit by they are six years old. This is when they start using their oral […]

Folic acid 1

You would have probably heard that folic acid is a prenatal powerhouse. But did you know that it plays a vital role in keeping your mouth healthy? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), folic acid is an essential element because it can prevent significant defects of the baby’s spine and brain. […]

Oral candidiasis 4

Have you noticed a strange white rash inside your mouth or on your tongue? If yes, this is called oral candidiasis. It is also called oral thrush. It is a common infection caused by the candida fungus, which is basically yeast. You can see these rashes in your mouth and other parts of the body. […]