Neem tree 6

Did you ever think that taking care of your oral health has benefits that go beyond your teeth and gums? That is right – your mouth is where the digestion process actually begins. Hence your oral health is very vital. There are many ways to improve your oral health, but only a few methods work […]

periodontal treatment

Do you know that Periodontal Treatment can help you to fight off infections in the structures around your teeth? Periodontal diseases are infections that can affect your teeth, however, not in the actual teeth themselves. These structures include gums, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligament. Moreover, periodontitis can progress from gingivitis, which is the first stage […]

always biting tongue

You are having a delicious meal but all of a sudden you feel a stark pain in your tongue. Oh no! You have bit it again. Do you wonder why you are always biting tongue? Well, there could be different situations where it could happen, however, it is mostly unintentional and sudden. The injury is […]

Fiber foods 2

Today, most individuals realize that maintaining a good diet will help keep their mouths in better shape. At the same time, they also enhance their health in other ways. But very few people think about the exact foods they should eat to keep their teeth healthy. We all know that calcium is important for strong […]

soft foods

You just returned from the dentist and have a sore mouth after all that dental work. Clearly, you cannot eat nuts or chew on a sticky toffee. For a day or two, you can only stick to soft foods. You can easily eat them without having to bite and chew, giving your teeth and gums […]

neti pot

Do you know that for nasal congestions and sinus problems, you can use a Neti Pot for Nasal Irrigation? If you are someone dealing with sinus issues, then you understand how miserable the facial pain and nasal passages clog can be. In search of relief, you may turn to nasal saline irrigation, a therapy that […]

benefits of dry fruits

When it comes to enjoying snacks, there are so many kinds of junk foods which are not healthy and do no good but put weight on you. People are also looking for quick fixes as not many people have the time to make perfect meals every day. However why not opt for something healthy? Such […]

soft food diet for braces

As you go to your doctors in order to get braces you will also be handed over a dental soft food diet list. This is the list of items you can eat or have to avoid after getting braces. When you were those brackets and worse, then it will not be easy to eat almost […]

Vegetable salad 1

When it comes to oral health, you have to pay attention to the foods that cause damage to your teeth. But do you know which vegetable salad and fruits can benefit your dental health the most?  According to the American Dental Association or ADA, healthy eating patterns and food choices can help extensively prevent tooth […]

nasal polyps

Have you ever had a condition where the cold does not go away? You might be having Nasal Polyps. Nasal Polyps are soft, painless, noncancerous growths on the lining of your nasal passages or sinuses. Moreover, they hang down like teardrops or grapes in your nostril.s They result from chronic inflammation and are also associated […]