When it comes to becoming a mom, there are a range of things you will go through in your pregnancy. But there are some major changes that happen when you go through breastfeeding.  In this article, I want to share all that happens to a mother who just had a baby as well as the child who is breastfeeding and how it is going to be impacting their teeth and oral well-being. Breastfeeding and oral health are essentially connected and linked to one another.

Did you know there are some major changes you will be going through when you are pregnant. When you decide to breastfeed your young one, it is essential that you also take care of your teeth.

So how do the both things connect to one another? How does breastfeeding affect your dental health? These are a few of the common questions women who are breastfeeding worry about.

But don’t worry- we have your health check in order. I will be providing all the details you need to ensure you are breastfeeding properly and the health of your teeth and gums is not impacted.

Also we will be hitting upon how breastfeeding impacts your baby’s oral health too.

So let’s begin:

Breastfeeding and Impact on Dental Health

breastfeeding and its impact on teeth

When you decide to breastfeed, your body will actually be going there a large number of changes. But you need to understand that breastfeeding does make an impact on your dental health. For one thing, you will have to compensate strongly for the nutrition impact you are trying to make for the baby.

It is actually during the lactation process that your bones are even breaking down so that more of calcium can flow through your bloodstream. In doing so your kidneys are also working simultaneously to release less of calcium into your urine. This is also done so that there is more of it to save it in milk.

But here is where the problem resides- if your bones are working too hard on getting the calcium inside the bloodstream, it will definitely be impacting the health of your gums and teeth.

So how do we cover this concern? The main thing to understand is your health is only as good as your commitment to looking after yourself. So this means, you should be focusing on how you will also take care of your health and needs while also feeding and taking care of a newborn baby.

Now let’s talk about some of the common dental concerns new mothers might be facing.

Dental Issues for New Moms:

Nursing moms may be going through these certain problematic areas if they don’t keep their dental health in check when breastfeeding their newborn:


This is a condition in which you will be suffering from the inflammation of gums. As well as other periodontal diseases. It is actually a serious health condition which needs immediate and due attention. If that does not happen, gingivitis it can lead to several oral complications including tooth loss. You will also be requiring a tooth extraction in certain cases when the tooth or set of teeth have gotten worse.


In certain cases, it also becomes extremely common that new moms will be getting cavities. To combat from this condition you just need to make sure your teeth are in optimal condition by brushing and flossing. It enables you to ensure that a tooth loss does not happen. Also make sure to brush the teeth with soft bristles as brushing too hard will cause even more bleeding and more complications.

Calcium Deficiency

One of the major things a women who breastfeeds or is lactating is that they will be needing higher levels of calcium to maintain good, healthy bones as well as teeth. But that is not always the case. As when a woman is breastfeeding, she is more likely to go through the deficiency. This is why it is important that women who are breastfeeding are getting a good amount of calcium to cover for the deficiency.

Teeth Grinding

This is one of the major habits that a breastfeeding woman may be getting into. It basically relates to when there is increased tension between your neck and head. It happens when you are getting stressed from the onset of motherhood. Teeth grinding is more so common in women who are first time mothers.

Dry Mouth

This is yet another complication that can happen. It basically relates to how you are not taking in enough water. Dehydration is one of the main causes of this condition. It is important that you consume lots of water. Breastfeeding women are in higher need of fluids than non-pregnant and even pregnant women. You can also try consuming hydrating fruits as taking care of a child really can take it all out of you and when you are continuously breastfeeding you have to make sure that you are also getting the right amount of fluids. Having a dry mouth is common among women. But the good news is you can reverse the situation.

Now let’s move onto the discussion on how nursing mothers will be needing to maintain oral health in a proper way.

Maintain Oral Health for Nursing Moms

why nursing moms need to care for their teeth

So now let’s move onto how new moms can maintain better health. They can do so by ensuring that they pay attention to their own well-being. Oral hygiene matters a lot hence it is important that a new mom keeps a close eye on her teeth’s health along the way. This includes emphasizing the life situation, lifestyle habits and how dental care should be the optimum goal.

A few ways in which they can adapt good healthcare is by:

  • Drinking fluids whenever thirsty- this does not mean you should not be drinking fluids regularly. But make it a habit to drink water and remain hydrated. This will allow you to create more saliva and that is something which keeps the teeth healthy in a natural way.
  • Brushing teeth. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. You should remember to keep your oral health in check. And in order to do so, you should make sure you are brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Remember- flossing is as essential as brushing.
  • Calcium intake- it is important that you increase your calcium intake. Women who are breastfeeding should be taking in plenty of calcium to make up for the deficiency your body will be facing.

So now that you have a good understanding on how breastfeeding and oral health come together, I want to now touch upon how it impacts your child and whether it is something which is generally good over the baby’s overall health.

Here’s looking into 3 surprising updates on how breastfeeding will be impacting your child’s teeth and overall oral hygiene:

Protecting Your Baby’s Teeth

Let me just say it clearly. No it will not cause your baby to suffer from any cavities. In fact it has been found out that if children are getting breastfed, it means they will be having very strong teeth. This in turn means that your child’s enamel will be safe from decay.

In fact it so happens that children who have been breastfed in their early years actually have even stronger teeth and healthier teeth.

It has also been found that the antibodies that exist in the breast milk are really good as they work on impacting the effects of tooth decay. This is by fighting against the bacteria that exists in the mouth.

What you can do is wipe the baby’s and young child’s teeth with a washcloth to ensure the teeth are in a healthy condition.

And lastly, being breastfed also allows for your child to have a more firm bite structure. This means that when you are breastfeeding your child, you are actually protecting them from different kinds of bites. This includes open bites, overbites as well as cross-bites.


learn how breastfeeding impacts your children's health

In this article we have completely covered how breastfeeding and oral health come together. This also relates to not just the oral well-being of the mother who is nursing a child but also the child who is breastfeeding. One of the main things you got to know is how it is important for a nursing mom to have calcium in her body. And that she can do when she takes in calcium to cover up for the high deficiency in the body. Also she needs to remain hydrated. And for that to happen, it is important that she is taking in plenty of liquids and keeping herself fully hydrated. Remaining hydrated is the key here.

But teeth decay can happen hence breastfeeding moms should brush their teeth and floss often.

Also when it comes to the child being breastfed, as it turns out, it is actually goof for your newborns too. Your child who is consuming breast milk is going to be able to enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding which includes healthier teeth which includes strong enamel and a better smile.