Buttermilk benefits you in a number of ways. However many of those are not really known. So when you think of buttermilk, does the image of buttermilk pancakes or biscuits cross your mind?

It is actually quite tangy and creamy. Also it holds a range of delightful benefits.

While the name suggests it is something oozing with butter and is extremely creamy and heavy. That is not true. It is actually the opposite.

In fact you wont even find butter in this drink as well. Originally though it was made from milk which is a left over after butter was made.

This churning of milk removes the fat concentration when converting into butter. The thing is this process will be leaving a little bit of sour taste in the mouth. But that is how it has a distinctive appeal to it.

What about how it impacts your teeth?

In this article, I want to cover all that you need to know when it comes to buttermilk.

So let’s start:

What is Buttermilk?

understanding use of buttermilk

The first question you need to ask is what is buttermilk anyway.

This is something which consists of butter?

Not exactly.

It is just the liquid which is leftover when the whole milk is getting churned into butter.

While not many countries consider it as a popular drink. There are many buttermilk benefits which would allow you to include it as part of your regular diet.

So what does it contain?

It basically has water, and the sugar lactose as well as a certain kind of milk protein known as casein.

There is also the element of lactic acid in it. This is relating to having bacteria cultures which are added into the drink.

What does it do?

It will be increasing the acidity of the buttermilk and also prevents unwanted bacterial growth. And that leads to an extension of its shelf life.

That is also why it has a kind of sour taste in it.

Comparing Buttermilk to Milk

Now let’s see how does it rank up against milk. For one thing, it is actually thicker than milk. When the bacteria in the beverage is producing lactic acid, you will notice that the pH level is reducing.

And this is where the casein comes in and it actually solidifies the milk protein.

The buttermilk will be curdling and thickening in time. It actually holds a lower pH and that is what makes it even more acidic.

Let’s take a quick overview on what is the pH scale. It actually ranges from o to 14.

And 0 suggests it being the most acidic.

Now when we compare the too, cow’s milk has a pH rating of 6.7-6.9

Whereas buttermilk falls into the category of 4.4-4.8

But do know when we talk of buttermilk now, the modern kind is one in which this fermentation of the dairy product leads to it containing higher amounts of bacteria.

That makes it even thicker and more sour as compared to the regular milk.

Buttermilk Benefits: Knowing the Essentials

We have been speaking plenty on how buttermilk is something to include in your diet on a regular basis. It actually provides plenty of benefits to your body.

But knowing them all allows you to have a good understanding of why it is needed in your life.

I will now be sharing some of the most important benefits of adding buttermilk into your diet.

This will be including the following:

Reliving Acidity

buttermilk relieves acidity

One of the best things that buttermilk can do for you is control the acidity option. This means just by having one glass of buttermilk, you can actually neutralize and control the effect of acids in the stomach.

This includes ways in which it will help in the prevention of heartburn.

And that is what keeps the acids from moving up into the esophagus,

What the lactic acid also does is that it will be normalizing the acidity in the stomach. And overall it gives you a major soothing effect.

When you have a glass of buttermilk which is topped with dried ginger, cumin as well as black pepper, it will be leading to a major boost to your health. And improves its properties as well.

This is what leads to the expelling of gas from the stomach, allowing you to feel healthy and fit.

The Cooling Effect

Aside from this, buttermilk benefits you in summers too. It is actually a major and ultimate drink you should be consuming. Especially in the heat of the Middle east.

This is because it comes with a whole-body cooling effect.

That means it is lowering the sweat rate.

When you are able to take in a glass of buttermilk with some salt, cumin seeds as well as mint, you will notice how instantly it cools off your body.

It is definitely a refreshing drink.

And it works great in providing you relief from post-menopausal women. This is especially true when they are going through hot flashes.

Preventing Dehydration

buttermilk controls dehydration

As it turns out, it is something you should be taking in suhoor also.

This is because buttermilk is really rich in electrolytes. This includes sodium, potassium as well as magnesium.

How it works is that it will be hydrating your whole body. And it also prevents summer diseases.

This includes the prickly heat as well as other illnesses relating to diarrhea and vomiting.

So there is just nothing better than to add buttermilk as your summer drink.

It is consisting of 90 percent water and has plenty of electrolytes as well like potassium.

Not only does it work great in maintaining the water balance but it is also really effective in preventing heavy water loss.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Here is yet another element of buttermilk benefits. It is good in that it allows in reducing the blood pressure in patients.

And it also prevents heart diseases and conditions too.

What it consists of is milk peptides, bioactive proteins which are going to be minimizing the blood pressure.

Also in case you are suffering from hypertension, it also leads to managing that .

If you are able to consume buttermilk on a regular basis, you will notice how it impacts your body well.

Buttermilk also reduces the arterial blood pressure. All of these factors come together and allow you to have a constant and strong health.

Buttermilk Benefits and Teeth

buttermilk makes teeth strong

Now I want to look into and speak of ways in which this is going to be giving a boost to your teeth also.

One of the best things about buttermilk is that it is actually a natural source of calcium.

This is especially true for those who are lactose-intolerant.

Basically calcium impacts your health as it is an important electrolyte which is keeping your health in a stable manner.

Calcium is needed for strong bones. And in the same manner, it is important for your teeth also.

It allows you to have a really good and strong set of teeth.

One cup of buttermilk actually consists of 284 milligrams of calcium. And that is good enough to keep your teeth stable and in a strong condition.

Knowing these factors is important. They keep your health in good condition. Also this is what you need to know when it comes to how to keep your teeth in a good condition.

All of these small things matter. Considering the kind of diet we put ourselves through, it helps to keep the teeth in a great condition by adding buttermilk into the diet.

Improves Oral Health

Also when it comes to your oral health, buttermilk consists of a range of anti-inflammatory properties.

These are the ones which will be lowering inflammation in the oral skin cells that line your mouth.

There are plenty of fermented dairy products which can actually reduce the effect of periodontitis.

Also it is really helpful in combating oral inflammation which happens due to various chemo therapies.

Hence all of these elements come together and allow you to have the best kind of health boost.

This leads to it become a major choice for summers. Allowing you to feel wholesome and rested in the process too.


When it comes to buttermilk, there is so much to learn about it. It is definitely a boost to your health. There are so many ways in which it allows you to feel complete.

There are some things relating to buttermilk which make it as the ultimate beverage for your health.

But how?

In this article I have shared and spoken of all ways in which buttermilk is a definite addition to your diet.

You may need that kind of boost to ensure that buttermilk benefits you plenty.

While this drink is not as popular but it is still considered as a major drinking choice for many reasons. In this article, we also looked at ways in which it is impacting your teeth.

Knowing these factors allows you to have a good understanding of the drink. And why it is also considered as a major drink for summers.