gum contouring

You might need the procedure of Gum Contouring if you want a healthy and attractive smile. This is because, for your pearly whites, there should be a harmonious relationship between your teeth, gums, and lips. Every individual has different gums, some are high, some a low while some are in between. However, it is important […]

oral cancer

Oral cancer or mouth cancer refers to cancer that develops in any part of your mouth or oral cavity. It develops in the tissues of either the mouth or throat and belongs to a larger group, Hand and Neck Cancers. In most cases, it develops in squamous cells that are found in your mouth, tongue, […]

waterpik Water Flosser

Do you know that you can use WaterPik Water Flosser if you have braces to clean not only your teeth but the gums as well? Nothing is more gorgeous than your beautiful and healthy smile, however, taking care of your teeth and gums is more than about looks. It is important to note that when […]

foods that stains teeth

Do you know that there are certain drinks and foods that stain your teeth? Your morning tea or coffee, or your favorite spaghetti dish may be doing more harm to your teeth than providing fuel, nutrition, and calories to your diet. With time and frequent usage, foods and drinks with dark color or pigment and […]

lingual braces

Are you an image-conscious individual, a working professional and do not want to extra attention to your braces? Don’t worry. Lingual Braces is the right option for you in such a case. The desire for a healthy and beautiful smile is what everyone wants. For many, however, there is a significant obstacle in getting the […]

senior citizens

As senior citizens, dental and oral health is as important as when you are young. While you are young, you develop habits of brushing your teeth daily, and floors once a day to avoid cavities. This helps to maintain your dental health, keep your teeth white and healthy. However, as you age, taking care of […]

Dental sealants

Cavities are the most common oral health problem. To prevent such problems dental sealants are made for use. Dental sealants are made up of a thin, plastic coating painting on the surface of the teeth that allows chewing. They are usually placed at the back of the teeth mostly premolars and molars for the prevention […]

dental bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth, then Dental Bridges is the solution for you. Different people between the ages of 20 and 64 have at least three decayed or missing teeth according to a study. Fortunately, you have multiple options to get your missing teeth fixed. Your dentist will recommend you to have […]

Ceramic braces

If you are looking for braces that match the color of your teeth, then you might want to consider Ceramin Braces. Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces, however, they use the same or your tooth-colored bracket rather than gray or metallic brackets and wires. As a result of this same color, they are not […]

tooth fillings

Is cavity the reason behind your toothache? Well if that’s so, your dentist will perform a tooth fillings procedure. This involves removing the decay and filling it, hence the name. Tooth fillings are also known as Dental fillings. This article discusses the types and procedures of tooth fillings. Keep reading to know more! Tooth Fillings […]