breastfeeding and oral health

When it comes to becoming a mom, there are a range of things you will go through in your pregnancy. But there are some major changes that happen when you go through breastfeeding.  In this article, I want to share all that happens to a mother who just had a baby as well as the […]

understanding Deciduous Teeth

We need to keep our oral health in check. It is of utmost importance. We should be taking care of our teeth no matter at what stage. Be it our baby teeth, milk teeth or even the primary set of  teeth. At any point in life, our dental care matters.  It is of utmost importance […]

Dental sealants

Cavities are the most common oral health problem. To prevent such problems dental sealants are made for use. Dental sealants are made up of a thin, plastic coating painting on the surface of the teeth that allows chewing. They are usually placed at the back of the teeth mostly premolars and molars for the prevention […]

toddler teeth grinding

You might have noticed your toddler grinding teeth and may be wondering if this behavior is normal? This unpleasant sound can often be irritating, however, it is safe. Only in a few cases, you need to intervene and know what is causing it. Most of the time, the teeth grinding is your toddler us accompanied […]

Hutchinson Teeth

Hutchinson’s teeth are a sign and symptom of Congenital Syphilis, which happens when a pregnant woman transmits syphilis to her child in utero to a bit. This condition is noticeable in a child when they develop permanent teeth and their incisors and molar take in a triangular or peglike appearance. Moreover, they are wide spaces […]

use of nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is not used extensively in dentistry. Firstly lets talk about how nitrous oxide is used in the field of oral hygiene. It is basically a colorless as well as an odorless gas. People also refer it to as the laughing gas. When we inhale this gas slowly, what happens is that it leaves […]

fluoride- facts vs. myths

When it comes to the use of fluoride, there are still a range of misconceptions surrounding this mineral. This article is basically hitting upon fluoride-facts vs. myths. We will talk about all that you need to know to separate what are the true facts about this element and what false stories you have been hearing […]

dental anxiety in kids feature image

There’s nothing that is likely to break your heart more as a parent than seeing your child suffering in any way, right? And dental anxiety is one of the phenomenon. While your kids probably aren’t aware of the word “anxiety” and how it feels, but you as a parent certainly do know that anxiety is […]