tongue tie

Tongue tie is more than just a metaphor for stumbling over your words. It is an actual condition that can affect a number of things from breastfeeding to your airway, from speech to dental health. With a tongue tie, a usually short, thick, or tight band of tissue or lingual frenulum tethers the bottom of […]

enamel hypoplasia

Do you know that you can have enamel hypoplasia which is a genetic disorder? Enamel hypoplasia and hypomineralization are two teeth defects you might confuse upon hearing. This is because both of these often occur due to genetic predisposition that affects the development and enamel of your teeth. Moreover, this condition indicates incomplete or underdeveloped […]

toddler cavities

Yes, your toddler’s smile can light up the room, however, toddler cavities can be a source of stress for you and your baby. One of the interesting things is that toddler cavities are common in baby teeth. In fact, experts share that about 20% of the kids ranging from ages 2 to 5 may have […]

fluoride treatment

Do you know that a Fluoride Treatment can help you build strong teeth and even prevent cavities? With the help of a fluoride treatment, you can help prevent a number of oral conditions. Moreover, it is one of the important oral health treatments for decades. Fluoride supports a healthy tooth enamel and fights the bacteria […]

Milk teeth 5

A baby is usually born with no visible teeth in its mouth. However, there are 20 fully formed primary teeth or milk teeth lying underneath the gums in a newborn baby. These teeth develop at around two years of age. Eventually, they loosen and fall out between the ages of 6 to 10 years to […]

cleft palate

Cleft lip and cleft palate are openings or split in the upper lift, the roof of the mouth i.e. palate, or both. Both of these develop when facial structures that are developing in your baby do not close completely. It is important to note that both of these are some of the most common birth […]

white spots on teeth

White spots that you might sometimes see on your teeth can be due to a number of reasons. Although white teeth are what everyone wants and are often a sign of excellent dental health, some individuals want to keep their smiles as white as possible. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day, having regular […]

cavity fillings

Cavity fillings can sometimes be uncomfortable, however, it does not cause pain. Your dentist will recommend fillings to treat tooth decay, to prevent further damage and tooth loss. Moreover, it prevents the further possibility of pain and infection. Thus, a cavity filling fills and seals the hole and a cavity in the tooth. If you […]

breastfeeding and oral health

When it comes to becoming a mom, there are a range of things you will go through in your pregnancy. But there are some major changes that happen when you go through breastfeeding.  In this article, I want to share all that happens to a mother who just had a baby as well as the […]

understanding Deciduous Teeth

We need to keep our oral health in check. It is of utmost importance. We should be taking care of our teeth no matter at what stage. Be it our baby teeth, milk teeth or even the primary set of  teeth. At any point in life, our dental care matters.  It is of utmost importance […]

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