You’ve probably heard about chia seeds and how it is essentially one of the best drinks to not just quench your thirst, but it also helps in keeping your health in optimal check. But having chia seeds in water is definitely something entirely different and better.

Chia seeds have plenty of health benefits. It is actually quite rich in fibre. When you are consuming chia seeds in water, you are giving a boost to your digestion.

And not just that, it also really helps with your bowel movement. But the extent to which this serves you better can only be realized when you know what are chia seeds better.

This article is going to be providing a complete understanding and overview to understanding what are chia seeds. As well as how they serve as an essential element to keeping our health intact and all better.

So let’s start:

What Are Chia Seeds?

what are chia seed

In its most basic form. chia seeds are considered as being small and super rich in nutrients.

It is actually considered as a staple in ancient Aztec and Maya diets. This is because it is known to have ample of benefits to your diet.


For one thing, it has plenty of antioxidants in it. And not just that, it is also boosting minerals, fiber as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

All of these come together in promoting good health. That includes a really good heart and strong bones.

Not just that, it also works towards providing and improving the blood sugar management.

All of these factors are essential. And they play a role in making your health better and stronger.

Ways to Enjoy Chia Seeds

When it comes to how chia seeds are added into the diet, there are so many ways.

It does not have to be boring. You come up with some great and amazing ideas which allow you to enjoy your chia seeds in ways that are intriguing.

One surest way is to include them as juice-soaked chia. This means you can add them into fruit juice and create a drink which is so rich in not just fibers but other materials.

The recipe isn’t so hard to follow. And you can create a good serving, that can be used several times. That is because it consists of sugar and that should be consumed in a minimal way.

Also have you heard of chia pudding?

It is becoming quite popular and many people now consume it on the basis of the thick texture it provides.

You just need t be adding more seeds into it and let the mixture actually soak longer. The results are great and keep you energized for hours.

To make it even more interesting, how about adding it to other beverages like milk. And you can also choose flavors like vanilla and cocoa.

These give you better dishes that taste good and are also a great dessert for you to try.

The texture here matters.

Some people prefer something smooth. Other like things thick and tasty.

Another way in which people are now adding chia seeds is by taking them raw. This is through the creation of raw chia toppings. Yes you can just basically grind them and sprinkle them on your oatmeal or smoothies.

Chia Seeds in Water

taking chia seeds in water

Now let’s move onto our main discussion as to why people prefer them in water. And does it really benefit to have chia seeds in water?

While I have already shared plenty of ways in which you can consume chia seeds, one of the most basic ways is to take them in water.

It is pretty simple really.

You just need to sprinkle a handful of chia seeds in your water bottle and let it sit for a while.

After which you can easily consume it for the many benefits it can provide you.

I want to now discuss in details how does having chia seeds in water is going to help you plenty in your digestion goals.

So let’s start off.

For one thing, it is really good for your digestion. As you now know that chia seeds consists of fibre.

And consuming this fibre is going to give a boost to your digestion in plenty of ways.

Not just will it improve your bowl movement but it also helps you to eat better.

Serves as Protein Intake

Another great thing about chia seeds is that it serves as a strong protein intake.


This is because it consists of 14% protein. That means it has a good and strong amino acid profile.

Having so allows you to have a boost to weight loss and creating a good build-up of muscles.

These will come together in allowing you to have a good base for protein-rich foods which are healthier and also will be reducing the calorie intake also.

And for this very reason, chia seeds can serve as a major contributor towards your weight loss goals. This is because they are having high amounts of soluble fibre.

That is why when you soak chia seeds in water, they have the ability to actually soak up and absorb 10-12 times the weight in the water.

This means it will suddenly have gel-like consistency.

So when you are aiming towards drinking this chia seed water, it will make you feel fuller for longer. As it slows down the absorption of food.

All of this adds to and allows you to eat fewer calories. And that is what is going to aid and give a boost to your weight loss goals.

Learn of Associating Risks

When talking of ways in which this can act on your health, it is important to also understand what are the risks of having too much chia seeds in water.

While it is okay to have it once a while, it is important that you don’t make it a constant habit.

That can have major consequences on your health.

You may wish to take it on as a major solution, specially when you are craving a late night snack, know that when it comes to chia seeds, there are certain measures and choices to consider.

This is why I want to lay down some important points for you.

Know that consuming chia seeds is not a healthy diet option.

It is something you can take on every once a while.

Don’t assume it to be a major method for your weight loss goals.

When you are gulping down a lot of chia seeds, make sure you are also taking in a lot of water.

As this will otherwise cause you to suffer from major digestive concerns.

That includes constipation, gas and even continuous bloating.

Let’s look into it in a simple way. While you are eating too much of this fiber, and not drinking ample of water with it. This would mean that the chia seeds are going to start absorbing the fluid which is in your gut.

And when it does that, it will be causing you to have really hard stool.

Alternatives to Chia Seeds in Water

adding in yogurt

While this is definitely trending right now, it does not have to be your first choice.

There are different ways in which you can take in chia seeds that do not have to be so rough on the stomach.

Not a fan of gulping down gelatinous goop?

It’s not a problem.

Some of the other ways in which you can enjoy this drink include having it as berry chia seed jam. You can create interesting pudding styles with it which is healthy and also great.

Also how about taking it on as a morning chia seed muffin?

This is a really good breakfast choice which allows you to feel fuller for longer hours.

You can adapt even veggie-style breakfasts where it becomes so easy to just sprinkle some chia seeds on the top.

Also it goes without saying it is a really good addition to your yogurts and other dairy products. You can also make use of it in baking styles.

Planning on making banana bread?

Just add some into the mix and you will be good to go.

These are simple and essential ways in which you will notice how the chia seeds are being put into effective use.


Chia seeds are really trending right now. But what do we really know about them?

This article aims to give you an overview on what are chia seeds.

It is definitely one of the most popular elements when it comes to giving your health a boost.

While there are so many ways in which you take on chia seeds, this is also one of them.

That is chia seeds in water.

You can have it in the most simple manner and while it does hold benefits like that, there are also some risks to look into.

This article is a complete overview to understanding how we chia seeds in water should be taken and what are the risks that you should be avoiding in the same regard.

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