Clove oil is an essential oil that comes from clove trees. The clove tree or Syzglum Aromaticum is native to Southeast Asia, although today you can find it growing in other areas as well.

Clove oil comes from the process of distilling the dried flower buds from the clove tree.

In some cases, other parts of the tree, like stem and leaves are also used.

For many years, people have used clove oil as a treatment for many diseases like toothache, dry socket, gum diseases, skin irritations, etc.

Moreover, it has different microbial properties that help to kill bacteria, it helps as a pain reliever, to treat digestive issues, and relieve respiratory conditions.

While there are different components present in clove oil, however, the one that is most beneficial is Eugenol.

This article sums up the uses of clove oil for dental care and benefits. Keep on reading for more.

Clove Oil: Helps to Kill Bacteria

According to a study, researchers found that clove oil has the ability to kill staph bacteria cells in liquid culture and biofilm.

A biofilm is the community of bacteria that lives in your mouth. A slimy film protects this bacteria.

In most cases, antibiotics are not effective at penetrating this biofilm and killing bacteria.

clove oil 1

However, according to this study, clove oil has the ability to do so.

Moreover, another study found the clove oil is the most effective at stopping the growth of a wide range of fungi that originates due to environmental factors.

Clove Oil for Dental Care

Keeping and maintaining good oral and dental hygiene is important for everyone.

It not only protects your teeth from decay, however, it also protects your overall health.

Eating healthy food not only makes your teeth last long, however, it also keeps your overall health in good shape.

But a huge population commonly faces different dental issues like toothache, tooth decay, and bleeding gums.

Often they ignore these issues, however, in some cases, they can lead to tooth loss and bone decay.

clove oil 2

However, there are certain home remedies that anyone can use to treat certain dental issues at home.

Clove oil is one such remedy that has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine therapy for centuries.

Moreover, clove oil not only helps to treat toothache but also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antifungal, and anesthetic properties.

Surprisingly, many dentists use it in the dressings of dental treatments like that of a root canal, gum and tooth abscess.

Benefits of Clove Oil

A few benefits of clove oil are as follows:

It provides temporary relief from toothache. One of the important ingredients Eugenol is present in it.

Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties, that help to relieve pain from your teeth.

Clove oil has natural ingredients that have the ability to numb the part of your mouth or gums.

In most cases, you can find different kinds of toothpaste that contain antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It also helps to relieve dry socket, that forms as a result of tooth extraction.

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Using Clove Oil

Using clove oil for different dental issues is very easy and you can effectively use it as a home remedy.

You can either use a clove or drop of clove oil to treat different dental issues.

If you have a toothache, you can simply take a clove and bite on the aching tooth. This will give you temporary pain relief.

clove oil 3

You can also use clove oil by dipping a cotton bud in it and placing it on the affected tooth.

Moreover, you can apply it on your gums as it provides gentle relief from minor tooth ailments.

However, keep in mind that one should apply a small amount as in excess it can cause damage to the surrounding gums and other oral tissues.

This is because the chemicals present in it can cause irritation and sting oral tissues as they are thin and sensitive.

Additionally, avoid using it in children, however, if need be, you should strictly keep a check on irritations or stinging sensations.

Treating Toothache

There are different causes of toothache. It can be due to a decaying tooth, abscess in the tooth, damage to the dental fillings, infection in the gums, or tooth fracture.

Moreover, they can be very painful and the intensity of pain can vary from one person to another.

The application of this oil at home is an effective home remedy for toothache.

Many studies indicate that a component Eugenol is very effective at reducing pain, inflammation, and infection due to different types of dental issues.


A study indicates that people who use eugenol-based paste had better-wound healing than those who used other treatments.

Thus, in case of a dental emergency, if you cannot visit your dentist immediately, you can use clove oil to get rid of toothache.

Treating Dental Cavities

Cavities can form in your tooth when you do not take care of your dental and oral hygiene.

Moreover, when you do not brush your teeth properly, they can aid the bacteria in your mouth causing plaque.

This plaque can cause cavities that are small openings or holes in your teeth. If you do not get treatment then it can lead to tooth loss and even nerve damage.

treating cavities

According to a study, this oil is very effective at preventing dental erosion due to acid beverages like apple juice.

Thus, according to this study, the effects of clove oil are similar to fluoride in preventing cavities.

Treating Dry Socket

In some cases, a dry socket can form in the area of treatment after tooth extraction.

This is due to infection in the place of treatment and can cause a lot of pain.

A simple and effective home remedy for dry sockets is the application of clove oil.

You can dip a cotton bud in two drops of oil and place it in the place of pain or infection area. This will help to relieve the pain.

Moreover, you can use salt water rinse to get rid of the pain or infection after such treatments.

However, you should be aware that the over-usage of this oil can cause necrosis of tissues leading to other complications.

Clove oil for Gum Diseases

One of the common dental issues is gum disease. However, if you do not get treatment for them it can cause Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Visiting a dentist as soon as possible is one of the effective methods to treat gum diseases.

for gum diseases

However, if for some reason, you are unable to do that, then the application of clove oil can help.

This is because it has anti-bacterial properties that can help treat them at home.

Moreover, due to different gum diseases, many people suffer from bad breath. It can also help to reduce the symptoms of bad breath because of its antibacterial properties.

What to Look for When Buying It?

You can buy this oil from any health store or even oil, However, you should keep in mind the following things before buying it.

  1. Buy an authentic product that includes its scientific name. It can either be Syzglum Aromaticum or Eugenia Cariophylatia on the product label.
  2. FDA or Food and Drug Administration do not regulate essential oils as other drugs. Thus, be very aware of the claims of a specific product you intend to buy.
  3. Try to buy a product that contains 100% pure clove essential oil.
  4. Light can damage essential oil, therefore, look for a bottle that is dark in color.
  5. It has a unique scent, and if you do not expect that scent from the bottle you are buying, then do not purchase it.

Potential Side Effects and Warnings

The taste of clove oil is naturally unpleasant, thus, you should avoid swallowing it.

Moreover, if you accidentally ingest it, this oil can cause breathing difficulties, burning sensations in your nose and throat, upset your stomach and even cause diarrhea.

Many doctors do not support the idea of using clove oil, even though it is an effective alternative treatment for many dental issues.

side effects

Therefore, talk to your dentist if you want to use it at home.

You should be extremely careful when giving it to children or infants.

It can make them ill thus, mix it with a carrier oil if you want to use this treatment for your child.

Carrier oils dilute the strength of essential oils and make it easy for children to tolerate their effects. Thus always use a carrier oil before giving it to your child.

The Bottom Line

Clove oil is an effective home remedy for different dental issues like toothache, dry socket, and even bad breath. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat infections and different gum diseases and even prevent them.

However, if your pain is due to some other large dental issues like bleeding gums, a cavity, or a broken tooth, you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible to get treatment.