When it comes to our health, there are so many different things which are suggested to keep your health in optimal condition. And today’s day and age, you should look into options which will readily provide great solutions. One such thing which is making noise is cod liver oil.

Cod liver oil is actually the oil which gets extracted from the Atlantic cod. Many even consider it as a dietary supplement. But the thing is, it is actually packed with a lot of nutrients. And for many years, people have been taking it as a major source of health.

Did you know it is considered as being the best source of omega fatty acids and actually contains high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D.

In this article, I will be talking about and covering all that you need to know before deciding on including cod liver oil as a nutritional element to your nutritional dietary.

So let’s begin:

What is Cod Liver Oil?

using cod liver oil

This is the oil which you get from eating fresh cod liver. Or you can get it from taking several supplements.

Did you know that cod liver oil is actually a very good source of vitamin A and vitamin D also. Some researchers have stated how it is actually a really good source of omega 3 as well. It works great when trying to combat heart health, depression as well as arthritis.

It is actually a major element that contains what we call as fatty acids. This is what prevents the blood from clotting. The fatty acids is also good when it comes to reducing the pain and swelling. It is definitely one of the superfoods.

This oil was first used in medicines to treat various conditions. It is also used for children to help rickets as well as other conditions. Fish oil can also come from the tissue of deep sea cold water fish. It can also include tuna, mackerel and even salmon.

Now let’s move onto the major health benefits of consuming cod liver oil. This includes:

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver is actually very benefitting. It is actually a really good source of different nutrients. You will also notice that it has many therapeutic properties also. It has so many benefits which pertain to the different parts of the body, including the hair, teeth, skin as well as nails.

I will now speak in detail on all the kinds of benefits you can attain from it. So here goes:

Getting the Good Fats

Did you know that all the cells of the body need fat. And when we talk about fats, we mean the omega 3 fatty acids which you will find in this cod liver oil. It not only promotes your skin health but it also increases your vitamin and mineral absorption, allowing you to have a good boost towards the immune system,

Also, the fat actually keeps you feeling full. When you consume the fat, it is then that your brain will receive signals that it should now turn off its appetite.

When you are eating the healthy fats, it makes the impact that it will slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in sugar. This will help to keep the blood sugar levels stable. Your brain will be needing the fat to function properly.

Supplement to Arthritis

benefits of cod liver oil

The cod liver oil is actually great as a major supplement to those who are suffering from arthritis. This means you will need the use of marine oils, like cod liver oil which will help with the condition.

Also these fish oils are also known as being highly effective in reducing the inflammation you may feel. Which leads to pain, tenderness and even stiffness.

Role in Coronary Artery Disease

It is important that you understand the if you are making use of a daily intake of cod liver oil, it will help in the prevention of some of the leading artery diseases like coronary atherosclerosis. It helps with the buildup of plague in the circulatory system. Which happens due to inflammation in the body.

So it really helps if you adapt a mechanism in which you will be taking in fish oils on a regular basis. This also helps with the onset of blood clots.

Helps in Repairing Wounds

It is actually really useful when it comes to repairing wounds. Did you know that 25 percent of cod liver oil ointment to the ear wounds actually helps with promoting healing.

Scientists have actually determined that if you are applying this ointment, it will lead to strong healing mechanism. Also vitamin A which is a major part of the mix of this oil , helps in the healing process and also triggers strong health buildup.

Signifying Cognitive Performance

getting a cognitive boost

Did you know that cod liver oil is essentially what contains a high amount of vitamin D? There has been a link shown between vitamin D and cognitive performance. This gives a good nudge to the framework that vitamin D actually plays a strong role in maintaining good brain function, even in your old age.

From recent tests and studies, it has been found that this oil is really good when it comes to the prevention of cognitive impairment.  The results are based on several tests conducted which includes memory tests, locomotor skills test, anxiety behavior, among others.


The best thing about making use of cod liver oil is that it is really helpful when it comes to its anti-inflammatory properties. This actually comes from how cannabinoids come from those omega-3 fatty acids. It was determined through researchers that the molecules will be extracted from omega-3 fatty acids and has several therapeutic purposes. These effects have been noted and convince how this oil is essentially benefitting for its inflammatory properties.

Cod liver oil and its association to Vitamin D

Now let’s talk about how cod liver oil is also one of the richest sources of vitamin D. While it is true that you should be getting sun exposure, turns out vitamin D is equally essential. You need it because it is the ultimate way to keep your energy levels high.

And aside from getting some it through the sun, you can also get it from food sources, and cod liver oil, being one of the major kinds.

May Support Eye Health

It is essentially one of the leading ways in which it will support your eye health. Vision loss is a common issue. There are so many people losing their vision due to different reasons. When you consume cod liver oil, you are able to take care of so many of these underlying conditions.

Since cod liver oil takes care of various aspects of the same condition, you should make it a habit to have some of these omega-3 fatty acids. It will help to keep your eyes in protection, including that of which is caused by inflammation.

Helps to Improve Bone Health

Another major way how cod liver oil improves your health is through how it aims to maintain healthy bones as you continue to age. This is because you will be losing bone mass after the age of 30. It is a terrifying existence but it does happen.

Cod liver is actually great as it not only serves as a major dietary source of Vitamin D but it also works great as it reduces the bone loss. And this is because it also helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. This is one of the essential materials who will need for ensuring you have strong bones.

Some people that’s why prefer to just take its supplement. As it is able to provide the same kind of benefits to you and your body.

Helps to Combat Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are actually two of the most common kind of illnesses. From studies it has been found out that there is actually a major link between inflammation and anxiety.

From various studies it has been known how omega-3 fatty acids in the cod liver oil help in great ways to not just lowering inflammation but also in reducing the symptoms associating with anxiety and depression.

Effect on Ulcers

Also it is important to mention how it helps in major ways when talking about ulcers. Ulcers are actually very small breaks that happen in the lining of the stomach. When it happens, it leads to various symptoms which includes nausea and discomfort.

They happen due to bacterial infections. And according to some recent studies, it was found out that cod liver oil actually helps with controlling the harmful effects of ulcer.


So we have talked in great detail about how cod liver oil is essentially one of the leading ways in which you can get your strength. It is jam-packed with so many nutrients and benefits. The major being how it has the healthy kind of fatty acids which are really good and essential for your body including your heart, brain as well as the development of the fetus when a woman is pregnant.