Smile, that perfect beautiful smile is what we all desire right?  But why is it so hard to get one? The truth of the matter is that many people suffer from crooked teeth. And this causes them to have smiles which are far off from being perfect.

It is also natural and true that not everyone has the perfect set of teeth. You will be facing and be subjected to certain imperfections.

But the good news is when it comes to taking care of your crooked teeth, you can do something from your own end to make that smile extra special and sparkly.

In this article I want to talk to you in detail about what is causing your crooked teeth, why are there complications and what are your straightening options.

There is still something you can do about your smile so don’t worry and read on to know how your Hollywood smile awaits you:

Having a Crooked Smile

embracing your crooked smile

Every person is different. One differs from another in plenty of ways. And this means our dental health will also be differing.

This means while some people will be having bigger teeth, others will have smaller. And they come in all shapes and sizes.

While there are many benefits of straight teeth, not everyone has that advantage. In fact some people will be having misaligned teeth. And in some cases, due to health concerns, the issues will be even more.

So instead of worrying, know that this is a common condition. But the good thing is you can control it. And you can control how you look.

Thus we will now be first looking into what are the major causes of crooked teeth:

Causes for Crookedness

When looking into how you might be having a misaligned smile, the first thing to know is that there may be many different reasons as to why this is happening.

I will share with you some of the most common ones. So here goes:

  • Genes can matter. There are some common issues including overbite, underbite and even something like jaw shape which can affect how your teeth will turn out. This is something that runs in the family.
  • Also your poor oral hygiene can be a major reason. If you are not practicing a good set up of brushing your teeth right and flossing regularly, chances are your teeth will get affected.
  • So make sure you are keeping your health in proper order in check. This will include getting regular appointments at your dental clinic to ensure everything is fine.
  • If you also happen to be loose a baby tooth, there are chances that your teeth will be shifting without you knowing. Baby teeth when they come out, might cause issues to your permanent teeth.
  • The habit of thumb-sucking is also something you should be aware of. As this can trigger your crooked teeth problems.
  • Tongue thrusting is also a major problem that can arise. It is basically when you are involved in pressing your tongue hard on your teeth. If you continue with this habit for long, chances are you will be suffering from crooked teeth.
  • In some cases, something like malnutrition can also be causing you worries. Your diet matters. So make sure you are consuming food which is good for your body’s growth and development.
  • Sometimes if a person is suffering from a trauma that can cause you problems too. This can include certain injuries due to sports or any other major trauma which is causing for your teeth to become misaligned.

Now let’s look into the issues with misaligned teeth.

Why Crooked Teeth is Worrisome?

crooked teeth should be fixed

So someone might say that even if we have crooked teeth and it does not bother me if I don’t have a perfect smile, why should I be worried about this?

The thing is having crooked teeth can result in certain issues which you should consider seriously. This is because it will affect the quality of life.

You should be looking into ways in ensuring how your health matters. So if you have crooked teeth, these are the following problems that can happen:

Gingivitis is something which can cause plenty of problems for your gums. And it is a diseases which happens when you are suffering from tooth decay.

So make sure that your brushing your teeth properly. If this is not treated properly, you will also have other serious complications happening.

Also when it comes to chewing, if you are not properly chewing, then that can lead to digestion concerns. And this will impact your health overall.

You should also look into how crooked teeth is also relating to speech difficulties. This means you are not actually speaking and taking out the sounds properly.

And surely one of the major reasons why crooked teeth impacts us is that it will be causing self-esteem concerns. It means you will be feeling unhappy and when your physical appearance can cause self-esteem issues then you should be looking into solving this problem.

How Crooked Teeth Is Straightened?

Now let’s talk about how crooked teeth problem can be resolved. Yes, that is the good news.

You can try to sort out the concerns relating to your teeth by making sure you are looking into ways in which you can solve this concern also.

Health issues can definitely be impacting your health. So it is best that you look into your options of straightening your teeth. Let’s see what they are:

Braces are really the most common kind of option you can make use of. This is because they help to keep the teeth in good position.

It is also a better choice for children. And there are many kinds that come under it. Let’s look into the options.

Braces for Crooked Teeth

opt for braces for straightening teeth

Now I want to look into some of the major braces options you can make use of. These will be helping in aligning the teeth properly and also helping you to make your teeth aligned in a better way.

So among the different kinds you can make use, here are some of the leading options:

Metal Braces are actually fixed braces. They consist of bands and even a flexible wire. And allow for your teeth to remain in place.

Also they have been evolving through the years. And now you have many comfortable ones to use, including smaller brackets and also multicolored rubber bands which help to keep it in place.

Ceramic braces are also quite common and gaining popularity gradually. These are basically connecting to your teeth and come in the tooth color or can also be clear. Why people prefer them is because they will not be standing out as metal brackets.

However they can be an expensive option. So make sure you are aware of what you are investing in.

Invisible braces are those which you cannot clearly see. And these are usually worn by teens and adults.

They are actually custom-made to perfectly fit your mouth. They are great in fitting over your tooth like a proper mouth guard.

So these are the best option when trying to look for customized solutions.

Aside from braces, you can also opt for a surgery. Here’s looking into why you should be opting for this option:

Teeth Straightening Surgery

There are plenty of surgical methods which can help to make your smile stand out. While it can raise certain complications. The fact is it will be lessening the amount of time it takes for your teeth to straighten.

Also your orthodontist will be looking into your case. Every case is different. And some people will be needing even more specific kind of treatment.

The surgery will be needing plenty of recovery. So make sure you have that in mind. As you need to recover properly before moving onto your regular work.

When visiting a dentist, your teeth and your mouth will be carefully examined. Your bite will be closely examined.

And any symptoms including any popping sounds as you open and close your mouth will be analyzed. This gives a complete picture on how your treatment will be done.

Also a mold of your mouth gives a major overview on concerns with your teeth and how to control the condition properly.


Crooked teeth is something which will definitely be leading to major concerns. It is when you lose your confidence and your teeth will be out of place.

Having crooked teeth is a major cause of concern when it can lead to even other health concerns and problems within your mouth.

So it is best when you are able to invest your time in keeping your oral health in proper check. It does not have to be something which requires you to take on special kind of treatment. It all comes down to you making wise decisions.

In this article we looked into what is crooked teeth, what are its causes. As well as we talked about why we should straighten them and ways in which we can actually do that.e