Dandruff- that small itchy and white flaky bits can be extremely annoying for anyone. They make your scalp itchy and can be quite embarrassing too. Specially when you have decided to don something black. But the good news is there are some effective home remedies that do show results.

When you have these greasy patches, it makes your skin tingle and also it becomes hard to manage it well.

You will have to look into and determine ways in which you can ensure that the skin is well-taken care of while you are able to remove this condition completely.

In this article I want to share in detail how dandruff is something which is not life threatening but it is definitely a nuisance. But there are some great ways in which you can handle it and take care of its impact on your skin.

So let’s start our discussion on dandruff and dandruff home remedies.

A Common Condition

a common condition

Before proceeding further, I just want to break the stigma relating to dandruff. It is a skin condition which is common.

It makes the scalp itchy and in some cases it can even deteriorate further making your skin inflamed.

Many people actually suffer from it. It can happen due to many reasons.  This includes due to environmental issues or even due to your genes and the skin type.

How it happens is that there is plenty of bacteria which begins to accumulate in the oily parts of the scalp.

This is also what leads to you having an itchy scalp.

In most cases the dandruff also happens because you are having dry skin as well as skin condition like seborrheic dermatitis. This makes your scalp extremely sensitive to different kinds of hair products.

And then in some serious cases, it will lead to the creation of fungus on the scalp too. You can make use of several remedies and treatments.

Many people also prefer making use of over-the-counter medications.

While these are really effective in treating the dandruff, I also want to look into ways in which you will be able to combat it completely by using really great dandruff home remedies.

What are these ?

Let’s look into it shall we:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is quite common and one of the best essential oils. It is actually one of the best ways to treat any kind of ailments. This includes acne and psoriasis.

But did you know it is also super effective when you are looking into ways in which it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

This is because it works great in actually helping in alleviating the symptoms. You will be amazed to learn of ways in which it helps combating the condition quite effectively.

There are also several ways in which you can adapt its use and ensure you are reducing the itchiness to the scalp.

However when it comes to having sensitive skin, you would be happy to know that this oil is mild enough which you can apply directly to your skin.

Coconut Oil

making use of coconut oil

Due to its massive popularity, coconut oil is actually really good for your scalp. It is one of the best and most effective natural remedy when it comes to controlling dandruff.

Aside from improving skin hydration, it is also really effective in the prevention of dryness. It can even worsen dandruff in several ways.

Not only does it help in improving the skin hydration condition but also it makes your skin look exceptionally soft and better.

In most cases it is also a condition which helps in the treatment of eczema. This is one of the leading reasons as to why someone will be suffering from dandruff in the first place.

You can definitely make use of it as a moisturizer as it will be showing you ample of results in the long run too.

There are also antimicrobial properties relating to the use of this oil. Not only is it effective but it also helps in keeping your skin smooth.

Aloe Vera as Dandruff Home Remedies

This is what we consider as a major succulent that provides ample of benefits. You will notice how aloe vera is heavily made use of in skin ointments, as well as cosmetics and even lotions.

However when it comes to being used as one of dandruff home remedies you will use it in its complete raw form.

It will be used also to treat several skin conditions including burns, psoriasis as well as cold sores.

Aloe vera also has really good antifungal properties which makes it extremely effective in treating the conditions of the skin.

Use if often as a natural hair mask. Leave it on for an hour or two. After which you can simply wash it off with lukewarm water.

That will give your hair exceptional shine and make you look good and dandruff free in no time.

Combating Stress Levels

When it comes to how you can ensure dandruff-free hair, one way is to adapt a stress free approach. This means you need to make sure you are managing your anxiety well.

And where there is stress, it can make your scalp far more dry and itching can ensue. This is because high-stress levels are there.

They can lead to a rather higher concern and will lead to even more infections and skin conditions which will be leading to several more complications.

So the best thing for you to do is manage your stress levels and keep it under control.

And that you can do by adapting certain techniques. This includes making use of yoga, deep breathing as well as aromatherapy.

The results of the same are quite long-lasting and they ensure you are managing your life well.

Probiotics Boost

As it turns out, probiotics can also play an essential role in this whole equation. They have actually been linked to so many health benefits.

This includes the management and protection from allergies.

You will also have lower cholesterol levels when consuming probiotic foods.

In the case of those who are underweight, it can also help in that regard.

Also how they manage to give a boost is that they will be enhancing the immunity of a person. And this is done so by helping the body fight any fungal infections that may be causing dandruff.

It is also a really good way of treating and preventing any such conditions from escalating any further.

The Miracle Baking Soda

using baking soda

This is one of the simplest kind of kitchen ingredients which does wonders for your hair.


It is actually a fast and readily available remedy that shows results.

So how it works is it will be acting as a gentle exfoliant. That is it removes the dead skin cells. And not just that it will also be reducing the scaling and itchiness that comes with it.

Baking soda has several antifungal properties that makes it a really good product.

But there is still research to be done on how it effects those with psoriasis as well as skin redness.

Yet the one thing to know is how you can directly apply the baking soda to your wet hair. And then massage it gently.

After which you should be letting it just sit there for about 1-2 minutes at the most.b

Then just wash it off with shampoo as your usual routine.

Apple Cider Vinegar

So this is one of the best kind of ingredients you can make use of when it comes to protecting your hair from dandruff concerns.

It is actually consisting of vinegar’s acidity.

You will be amazed as to how it helps in stimulating and shedding of dead skin cells on your scalp.

Apple cider actually helps in the stimulation of the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp.

Also it works great when balancing the pH of the skin also.

You will be amazed as how it actually controls and combats dandruff in the long run.

But there is an amount that you can make use of.

In some cases, you will be amazed as to how you will be able to combat how it makes your skin look and feel. There are several things to consider in the same.

But overall it serves as a really powerful anecdote which is going to give you major results.


Dandruff is quite the nuisance. It is actually something that impacts your skin in several ways. You will be amazed as to how it actually impacts the quality of the skin also.

While it is not life threatening, it makes your scalp itchy and you that can be troubling.

In this article I have shared ways in which you can make your scalp better.

There are several dandruff home remedies that will be showing results. You can opt to choose what works for you and how you can adjust the condition to your own level.

The remedies we shared here are practical and have been known to provide results in the long run. Making use of them allows for you to have a scalp that is clean and itch-free also.