When it comes to your your overall health, know that your dental and oral health matter as well.

This is because your wellness includes your complete dental care.

You need to ensure that you are not being subjected to poor dental hygiene. This means their should be no dental cavities.

If you are having dental cavities, chances are it will advance to gum diseases and that can spell to a lot of trouble for you.

So what do y0u need to d0- ensure things are take care of.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to instill the habit of keeping your oral hygiene in order.

This is your complete guide on why your healthy teeth is essential. We will talk about how oral hygiene habits as simple as brushing, flossing and limiting your sugar intake is key to maintaining good health.

It is a long-term commitment. But the good news is- you can attain it!

Let’s get to know how:

  • So before we get into it, I want to talk about some facts relating to dental and oral health:
  • More than 50 percent of the children in schools are having dental cavities.
  • Nearly 100 percent of the adults have had dental cavity at some point in life.
  • Adults between the ages of 35 and 44 may have several gum disease at a certain stage in life.
  • Oral cancer is a reality and almost between 1 to 10 people in 100k will be subjected to this disease.
  • Those in poor countries, have no means of getting treatment for their gum disease.

So when it comes to oral health, how do you know something is wrong and needs to be done right.

Symptoms of Dental Issues

symptoms of dental cocerns

This is a tricky situation.  You should be able to identify what makes your teeth more prone to dental problems.

There’s a reason why it is recommended to go to the dentist twice a year.

Simply because he will be able to pinpoint if there’s something wrong.

See, the thing is you will only feel pain and discomfort when things have escalated further and complications are coming.

It is important to identify the symptoms in advance. So, if you are facing the following problems, make an appointment to see the dentist:

  • You are facing ulcers and sores which you are noticing are not healing
  • There is heavy bleeding whenever you brush or floss your teeth
  • Swollen gums is also a common concern which doesn’t go away and becomes severe with time
  • Having chronic and bad breath is also common
  • There is high sensitivity to temperatures. You will feel that the extremely hot and cold temperatures hit your teeth significantly.
  • Loosening of teeth is also common and it becomes severe as you age
  • Receding gums is also a common concern to look out for
  • You will feel significant pain when chewing and biting
  • The swelling of the face and cheek can lead to innumerable problems as well

So now that you have a fair idea on what are the major symptoms of this condition, I want to talk about what are the causes:

Causes of Dental and Oral Diseases

Having an oral cavity doesn’t essentially mean that you are in a dire state of condition. It simply means you oral health is not at the optimal level.

So something needs to be done about it.  You need to take matters into your own hands to make the most of your situation.

Your mouth can attract different kinds of bacteria, as well as viruses and fungi.

You will notice that all of them are forming significantly in your mouth.

While these bacteria and fungi, if in small amounts, are actually harmless. However if they exceed, you will have notice that the plaque is hardening and it is not possible to simply remove it by  just brushing or flossing .

This leads to inflammation which is called gingivitis. A leading disease which can spell out to be very troublesome if not treated properly.

What Triggers Gingivitis:

gingivitis issues

So when talking about this condition, you should know that this condition is triggered by certain factors, which include:

  • smoking heavily
  • having poor brushing skills. it is essential that you learn the right way to brush your teeth
  • if you are regularly consuming sugary items, chances are high of developing this condition
  • having a family history and genes which trigger this condition
  • if you have certain infections, they can also cause this disease to take form
  • certain hormonal changes are also strong triggers of this disease
  • heartburns
  • having high levels of acidity can lead to frequent vomiting

How is the Diagnosis Done for Dental and Oral Health

So when the doctors feel that there are some major concerns and worries to look into. Your dentist will examine your dental condition through a dental exam. This is done when he or she will inspect your:

  • teeth
  • mouth
  • throat
  • cheeks
  • tongue
  • jaw
  • neck

Your dentist will be looking into scraping your teeth using different tools and dental x-rays are taken.

X-rays provide a complete picture of the condition.  They will look out for signs of any abnormal lumps as well as lesions as these would require you to get a gum biopsy.

In this method, the dentist removes small pieces of tissues from the mouth. These tissues are sent to the lab for examination and to see if there are any cancerous cells.  It is important to identify the same in due time.

Some further testing may require to affirm the condition and this includes the use of :

Now that we have a good understanding of the symptoms and causes, I want to give you a brief overview on what are the types of disease and oral concerns you need to be aware of:

Types of Dental and Oral Issues

Our mouth and oral hygiene is essential in keeping things going forth smoothly. Sometimes things may not go according to plan and you will suffer from dental concerns.

The good news is, these problems can be very well-taken care of when handled in time. So let’s see what are the common conditions to look out for:


cavity problems

These are considered as tooth decay. Cavity takes place when your teeth have been damaged badly. You will notice holes in your teeth.

This happens when there is heavy bacteria formation in the teeth and plaque starts to form.


We have already talked about this one. It is the inflammation of the gums. That happens when your gums are swelling up profusely and you will have constant bleeding of gums whenever you brush or floss your teeth,

Broken and Cracked Teeth

If you had an injury which resulted in the cracking of your teeth, it will become hard for you to chew food properly and also you will have grinding of teeth at night.

This is quite painful and you should get a treatment for the same as soon as possible.

Teeth Sensitivity

This is a major concern which many people have to go through in their lives, especially the elderly as aging and dental health have more concerns like the teeth becoming extra sensitive.

This is when you feel pain and discomfort when you are consuming very hot or cold drinks.

The reason you may be suffering from this are:

  • having some kind of gum disease
  • a case of receding gums
  • suffering from a cracked tooth
  • being subjected to worn-down fillings or crowns
  • those people who have very thin enamels are naturally suffering from sensitive teeth

Oral Cancer

The most deadly and worrisome condition when it comes to maintaining your oral health in its optimal condition. You need to keep an eye out for cancers which include cancer of:

  • gums
  • tongue
  • lips
  • cheek
  • the soft palate
  • the hard palate
  • floor of the mouth

How Important is Oral Health to Overall Well-Being

importance of oral health

Since oral health is one of the most common issues around the world, you should know that there is a direct connection between the declining health and how it relates to your over-all wellness.

Did you know that according to recent news and updates, having oral bacteria and high levels of inflamed gums and tissue bone can lead to issues like:

  • heart diseases are on the rise
  • there is inflammation of the lining of the heart
  • premature birth becomes common
  • you will suffer from conditions like low birth weight

So To Sum Up

adapting proper health tactics

It is important to understand and realize how essential it is to maintain good proper hygiene. This will go in the long run and might also save your life.

Remember it effects more than just your teeth. Point is get your treatments early to save yourself from complications like cavity treatment.

Aside from combating dental concerns, if you are having poor dental health, it is likely that you will also suffer from other issues like self-esteem, speech concerns and nutrition problems.

Make sure to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Your wholesome choices will help you to attain that. Since many dental and oral issues can happen without symptoms, it is important that you visit the dentist twice in a year to ensure your health is in a great condition.