Our teeth are essentially the most important element to our health.

And here I don’t just mean the oral hygiene.

I am talking about our overall health.

importance of oral health

It is important that we understand how our oral hygiene is essential to how our wholesome health. They are both connected.

In fact you will find it interesting to know how several organs of the body are actually linked to your over all well-being but also very closely to how your mouth’s condition is.

Oral diseases can advance and cause several concerns to different parts of the body.

Learn to identify them and analyze and manage your dental health even better.

This blog post is essentially relating to why your dental checkups are important. We will talk in detail regarding various elements.

So let’s get into it:

Why Dental Checkups Are Important

essential to see dentist after 6months

You need to ensure you are taking regular visits to keep your oral hygiene in great condition. The leading dental association from around the world have pointed how we need to ensure that we are going to our dentist at least once every 6 months.

This is essential not just to maintain the health of your teeth but that too of your gums.

Your dentist will also give a complete overview of what services you need.

Sometimes all you require is a professional cleaning or scaling, but sometimes there can be some underlying concerns you need to look into.

The dentist will inform if this needs quick attention or not and advice the action plan as accordingly.

Know that this matters a lot.

As sometimes if you delay the simple treatment, it can lead to even further complications. So better to avoid that and visit your dentist at least twice in a year.

What Will Happen at Your Dentist Visit?

what do these regular dental visits contain

In majority of dental checkups, there are two main parts.

The main checkup which is an examination of your teeth. To understand how your teeth are and in what condition.

The second part is basically focusing on the cleaning process which again can be detailed if there are complications or it can be as simple as flossing and scaling.

Your dentist will let you know.

When it comes to the dental professional cleaning, your dentist will look into cavities. X-rays are taken to see the state of the teeth.

The major thing which is looked into include the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Plaque is basically the sticky bacteria which if not removed, can turn into tartar.

And the problem with tartar is that you can not simply remove with just brushing or flossing. It leads to tooth decay.

This is why it is essential that we have proper and regular dental visits.

It is better to find the problem early and solve it rather than wait around for it to get further complicated.

Reasons to Not Miss Regular Dental Checkups

getting that perfect, beaming smile

Here is why you should make it a habit to take on regular checkups. Your dental health is in your control. Ensure you are doing the right thing by understanding how it is essential to keep your oral hygiene in optimal health:

Ensuring Cleaner Teeth

It is not possible to keep your teeth clean and shining all the time. But you need to ensure that you can keep them in a good, optimal condition.

As we have already talked about how plaque and tartar buildup happens, I wanted to share how having dirty teeth invites the buildup of cavities.

Teeth and plaque cannot be simply taken care of by brushing or flossing the teeth.

You will need advanced cleaning techniques to adapt which includes teeth polishing. It ensures that your teeth are sparkling.

Some dentists will also recommend you get fluoride treatments as well. This treatment is essential to making your teeth muscles stronger.

Important to Detect Oral Cancer

This is basically a health concern which is a severe disease. Its manifestation means that the oral healthy is now on risky levels.

This needs to be kept in order.  Oral cancer is a highly critical condition which needs to be diagnosed on time to ensure the health is in optimal condition.

Early detection can save lives. Determine your own teeth and look for any abnormalities that may exist.

It is essential that you get regular screenings done to ensure that things don’t go completely out of control.

Combating Tartar & Cavities

a strong check on cavities

It is understandable how our teeth are home to so many germs.

As we consume food, we invite plague to get built in our mouths.

Even if you are a regular and dedicated to flossing and cleaning your teeth, there are certain places in your mouth that you may miss out.

The problem with tartar is that it is very hard to remove. Once the plaque on the teeth turns to tartar, this bacteria basically solidifies on your teeth.

It is now not possible to remove it with just brushing the teeth. This leads to cavities build up and you may need teeth extraction done.

Did you know the issue of cavities can happen without a warning sign and it escalates to more dental problems.

So avoid the same by making regular dental cleaning appointments which remove bacteria and food residuals in places which you cannot reach with your toothbrush.

Prevention of Gum Disease

combating gum disease means regular dental checkups

We have already talked about how we need to steer clear of gum diseases by ensuring we are keeping our teeth and oral hygiene in optimal condition.

And this too requires a professional eye as sometimes we can miss out proper cleaning and need professional cleaning to avoid any further complications.

One of the major and harmful gum diseases you need to look out for is the gingivitis.

At first it can start off simple and it comes with several warning signs too.

If you have gums which are starting to swell and bleed, it means gingivitis is kickstarting.  This is when your gum disease can be cured and corrected even.

However if it advances, it can form into periodontitis which actually means you will suffer from teeth and bone loss.

You need to avoid this development. As if your teeth and gum have advanced to this stage, you will then need advanced treatment options even surgery to correct it.

Avoid Bad Dental Habits

your dentist will inform of bad habits

One of the major advantages of dental checkups is that it allows you to understand what kind of bad dental habits you need to get rid of.

You may not even be aware of it, but there are some simple habits you have kickstarted which are actually causing a lot of harm to your teeth.

These include:

  • chewing on ice
  • jaw clenching (bruxism)
  • teeth biting
  • teeth brushing in incorrect ways
  • smoking excessively
  • eating junk food
  • eating sticky sweets
  • consuming high caffeine

The above are just a few of the bad habits you may have intentionally started.

So the problem is that they may seem small  but actually they pose a major threat. They can advance into even bigger problems.

Hence it is best that you maintain regular dental visits to ensure your teeth are in good condition.

Your dentist will inform you of how these habits are extremely dangerous and harmful and how you need to fix the damage they are causing.

If you don’t setup  regular dental visits, chances are you may not even be identifying properly where the problem is lying.

Dental Checkups for Beneath the Surface

Sometimes an overview won’t help. The teeth may be in a lot worse condition if we look through an x-ray to see what is happening beneath the surface of the mouth.

There are certain conditions and issues which cannot be diagnosed properly without x-rays.

And x-rays allow the dental professionals to better understand the problem in hand. This is usually arranged in your 6-month visits.

It is essential to understand that pain isn’t a diagnose of a problem. It is when the problem has escalated further and there is no turning back from it.

Bottom Line

It is essential not just for your health but also your time and money to integrate regular dental checkups.

This ensures that you are looking after your health in a proper manner.

If you don’t do so, chances are your condition has worsened and it can lead towards complicated treatments and even surgery.

Hence it is best you set up timely dental visits so that the dental professionals can point out trouble in duly manner.

Also for those who already have certain bad habits adapted, the dental professional will let them know in advance what kind of treatment and visits they need , to ensure it is taken care of as per the health and condition of the teeth.

In case you are visiting your dentist in more than a year, you will be needing proper x-rays along with full dental examinations to get a complete picture of the teeth and its state.

If otherwise you don’t, you would only come when there is pain. And usually when there is pain, it is led by teeth removal or any other complicated surgery.

Remember, the health of your teeth and good, sound oral health is in your own hands. Keep active and keep your dental appointments in priority.