If visiting the dentist makes you feel nervous, you are not alone. More than one-third of the population has dental phobia. Unfortunately, it is this phobia and fear that can cause you to neglect your oral health, leading to severe complications. If you are wondering how to get affordable yet high-quality dental care, then there is a solution for you. Are you looking for a specialist for your needs? Are you looking for an affordable and top-quality option? Do you know what a dental clinic is? A dental clinic houses all of your dental needs under one roof. And that includes the doctors and specialists. Dental clinics are less expensive, and they offer other benefits too.  

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Do not worry. Your dentist would not take it personally if you are nervous. They do their best efforts to make your experience as enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable as possible. 

In this article, we take a look at how modern dental clinics are transforming into warm and friendly atmospheres for their patients. So that you do not hesitate, in fact, look forward to your next visit to your dental clinic. 

Importance of Dental Clinic for a Positive Lifestyle

Dental care is very important for a positive and healthy lifestyle. It is a fact that maintaining good dental hygiene is vital to living a positive and healthy life. If you take proper care of your health, it can provide you with peace of mind. As is the case with all medical treatment, preventative care can not only save you time and money but also reduce your stress.

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Oral health can affect your life in ways that are often taken for granted. Your mouth can indicate signs of infection or disease before you experience other symptoms. It is commonly overlooked.

Prevent Serious Health Complications – The complications from a lack of dental care can be more serious than gingivitis. There is a close link between gum disease and heart disease. In addition, gum disease can also lead to a risk of preterm childbirth in pregnant women. Additionally, almost all systemic diseases have some kind of oral component. These include oral cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Increases Confidence – Remember that a lack of dental care can become visually apparent over time. Tooth decay and gum disease, in the long run, can lead to the yellowing of your teeth, loss of teeth, bad breath and tooth damage. These kinds of cosmetic problems can not only impact your confidence and make you feel insecure about your appearance. Hence regular dental care and visits to dental clinics can prevent much of this damage, and existing damages can easily be repaired.

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Avoid Costly Procedures – You should get regular checkups and cleanings done though they might seem like an unnecessary expense. But if you skip them, it could lead to costly procedures. For example, a simple and inexpensive tooth cavity left untreated can grow and might require a costly root canal or cap.

Dental Care at the Dental Clinic

Even before your appointment, your dentist will plan out ways to make your visit less stressful. This applies to each patient. For instance, if you are annoyed by being put on hold or calling to make an appointment. Your dentist would allow you to make your appointment online. Meaning the services are customized as per the requirement of their client, keeping in mind their convenience. 

Modern dental clinics today make each moment of your dental visit memorable. From the entertainment and comfy seating in the waiting room to the décor, their goal is to make you feel at home.

Once you are ready to start with the procedure, the room is properly set with all the devices and accessories needed for your procedure.  

Modern Equipment at The Dental Clinic

In the past, dental equipment was bulky or uncomfortable to use. As technology advances, dentists today are using better options in their clinics to make dental visits more accessible and pleasant for you. Here are some of the latest developments.

1 Handheld X-Ray Devices

You might be familiar with wall-mounted x-rays, which are scary to use. Today handheld x-ray devices make it possible for your dentist to take x-rays without leaving the room. These devices are very convenient to use. Your dentist can take a perfect image of your teeth without having to retake the dental x-ray several times. Your dentist can take the x-rays at any angle because the x-ray device is lightweight. The device is especially beneficial for pediatric, fearful, or patients with special needs. 

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2 Intra-Oral Camera

Gone are the days when you have to open your mouth extra-wide so that the dentist can see what is going on. With intraoral cameras, your dentist can get a clear sense of what is happening in your mouth. They can also view it on a large screen. As these cameras are small, you do not need to open your mouth too wide.

Not only are intraoral cameras more convenient, but they can help to detect dental problems earlier. Most importantly, with the help of these cameras your dentist can educate you about the issues by showing you exactly the affected teeth. This will help you understand why various treatments are necessary, and you will be able to be more involved with creating a custom treatment plan.

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CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) is a new method of creating ceramic restorations. CEREC uses 3D computer-assisted design with which your dentist can create your crowns and veneers. It has shortened the wait time. You do not need to wait for days or weeks while a dental lab makes your crown. In a modern dental clinic your dentist will use CEREC technology to design and mill your new crown while you sit in the dental chair during one visit. That means that you do not need a second visit, thus saving your time and money. 

4 Composite Resins

Do you know that in the past, dentists used gold or amalgam for fillings or other dental restorations? The color and shiny texture of these resin materials made dental work fairly visible and noticeable when you open your mouth.

Today dental composite resins are much more common in tooth fillings and other dental procedures. Dental composite resins are tooth-colored restorative material used to replace your decayed portion of the tooth structure. The good news is that they are practically invisible and match with your natural teeth, be it color or texture. Its esthetic appearance is the main advantage why it is used extensively over the conventional dental amalgam.

5 Digital Impressions

In order to make a crown or other oral devices, such as retainers or Invisalign – your dentist needs to make a mould of your teeth by taking a digital impression. If you have ever had an impression done in the past, you would know that your dentist would put a sticky material in a tray. Thereafter, he places it in your mouth until it hardens. This process leaves a gooey residue around your lips and teeth.

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It is all because of digital impressions; your dentist can easily take 3D images of your mouth with a small wand. And directly see them in real-time. These images are much more accurate and helpful for your dentist to create a treatment plan in just a few minutes. These digital impressions save dentist’s and your money and time, but they are more accurate.

Dental Procedures at The Dental Clinic

When your mouth is healthy, and you do not have any issue – you should probably get a cleaning and exam done every six months. Depending on what your dentist finds during your exam, they will recommend a treatment plan. To take care of problems, you will likely need to come back sooner. 

If you have cavities, you might need fillings to close up before they get larger. For more serious tooth decay, your dentist would use a crown to cover and surround the core of your damaged tooth, keeping the root in place. This dental cap is cemented in place to look and feel like your real tooth. 

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Cosmetic veneers, bonding and shaping, can improve the appearance of any of your broken and discolored teeth. Ask your dentist about the various options for improving your overall smile.

To start healing gum problems, scaling and root planning help to clean the sides of your teeth below the gumline. This helps your gums to tighten up around the roots. You might need X-rays every six months to check your progress.

If your dentist finds any kind of infection or swelling in the roots of your tooth, you might need a root canal. This treatment involves opening your tooth and cleaning the inside before closing it back up. 

In case your tooth is badly damaged or missing, your dentist might recommend implants or bridges. Implants are screws made of titanium metal that are laced in your jawbone and act as anchors for crowns. Unlike removable dentures, these long-term replacements stay for long. They work and look like your natural teeth. Bridges fill the gap between missing teeth when anchored to healthy teeth on each side or to implants.

Your Modern Dental Clinic in Dubai

It is all because of the new equipment and processes available in dentistry today. Patients today have many options and advantages in their treatment than what was available even just a few years ago. If you are looking for a modern dental clinic where you can receive the best care, we invite you to visit us at Dentist Ahmed Clinic

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The team here in Dubai are committed to providing you with the highest level of quality dental care. Our friendly staff will help you with your inquiries and provide you with any information necessary for you to make an informed decision about your dental treatment. Emergency appointments are also available. We use state-of-the-art dental technology and keep in mind the safety, comfort, and convenience of our patients. Moreover, we take special care in taking infection control measures. We are a dental clinic in Dubai delivering exceptional dental care. 

If you are looking for the best dental care possible in Dubai, schedule your appointment online or give us a call today!