When you visit your dentist for a bi-annual checkup or emergency, they are bound to ask you some questions regarding your oral health. This will give them clarity over where your problem stems from. At this point, you should refrain from telling dangerous lies to save your integrity.

Your dentist can immediately tell when you are lying.

Thus, it is of no use to delude them into believing something else.

Rather being totally honest will specifically help them find the cause behind your issue and diagnose it.

This article discusses the dangerous lies you should avoid telling your dentist.

Find out more about why you should refrain from telling them.

dangerous lies about drinking soda

Dangerous Lies: I Don’t Drink Soda

When your dentist sees calculus and plaque on your teeth, yellowing their appearance they know you are drinking soda or acidic foods plus drinks.

Hence, this acid can wear away your enamel gradually.

This protective layer on your teeth corrodes away due to the acid.

As a result, your teeth become more sensitive and prone to cavities.

Your dentist can see it in the form of stubborn tartar, decay and whether you are facing tooth sensitivity.

Therefore, there is no need to lie.

Rather come clean to them about it.

It is possible that you do not drink sodas but are drinking tea, coffee, eating acidic foods such as lemons and oranges too often.

Let them know if you think you are eating or drinking something in excess.


Reduce the amount you drink sodas.

They not only contain acids but also sugars.

Limit other sugary drinks such as fruit juices too.

Whenever you drink any of these, choose to drink through a straw, sipping in intervals.

Also, drink a glass of water immediately afterward to wash away the sugars lingering in your mouth.

dentist examining mouth

Lying About Eating Sweets and Drinking Alcohol

Similar to drinking soda, eating lots of sugary foods will make your teeth susceptible to cavities.

Hence, if your dentist can see tooth decay and a cavity, they know that either your oral hygiene is amiss or you eat unhealthy foods.

Therefore, if you habitually munch on sugars like gummies, candies and sticky toffee there is no use in hiding that from your dentist.

Your weaker enamel will show through and they can gather that you are lying to them.

The same can be said for drinking alcohol.

Alcohol does not directly weaken your enamel but it dries your mouth.

A dry mouth originates from a lack of saliva.

Alcohol hinders the functioning of the salivary glands.

Hence, saliva production drastically reduces inside your mouth.

Saliva is the first level of defense in your mouth.

Its lack results in bacteria and food particles not washing away from your mouth.

Thus, resulting in cavities by wearing away off the enamel.

What’s more, is that alcohol has a distinct smell.

If you drink quite often, your dentist can immediately tell that thanks to the smell and your oral health condition.

Hence, there is no use lying to them.


If you are a heavy drinker, you may need help to quit.

Quitting alcohol is the best option for your oral health and general well-being.

Alcohol can lead to oral cancer, hence quit when you still have the opportunity.

dangerous lies about smoking

Dangerous Lies: I Do Not Smoke At All

Lying about not smoking? Not a good idea!

Tobacco can stain your teeth giving them a dark yellow or brownish color.

However, they can be lighter or darker for some.

Moreover, calculus accumulating because of poor eating habits and oral hygiene will also result in a similar darker color.

But there are other ways to confirm that you have been smoking. Such as the smell from your clothes.

If you are a regular smoker, your clothes will probably smell too and it is not hard to detect that smell.

That said, your dentist may not pay attention to the smell as much a the nicotine stains on your nails.

The stains are a sign of smoking so do not get caught lying shamelessly.


If your dentist asks whether you smoke or not, admit to in case you do.

They will immediately advise you to quit because smoking is injurious to your health in several ways.

It can cause periodontal disease, tooth loss and decay among other oral health problems.

Moreover, it can cause oral cancer and lung cancer.

Remember that neither smoking nor chewing tobacco or any other form of tobacco is good for your health.

Therefore, your dentist will suggest you quit.

Plus, they can also guide you on how to deal with your addiction for instance by chewing nicotine gum.

You can also use the CDC’s guidelines to quit smoking completely.

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dangerous lies about flossing

Lying About Flossing Daily

You may be definitely brushing once a day to remove your morning breath.

Plus, if you are extra careful, then you are probably keeping up with your nighttime routine.

However, there is still a chance of skipping flossing.

In order to remove plaque from in between your teeth and below your gums, you need to floss once daily.

If you are deluded that brushing cleanses all the plaque then well, no it does not.

Brushing teeth removes the bacteria present above the gum line.

Flossing does so below the gum line and your dentist can clearly see that.

Inflammation of gums due to gingivitis and that worsening to gum disease can easily tell your dentist that you are not flossing.

Ignoring flossing daily means that you are ignoring your gum health.

However, it may be true that you are not exactly, ignoring flossing but doing it incorrectly.

Let your dentist know how you perform it so that they can guide you about it rightfully.

Do not keep skipping it.


Start flossing once a day.

Discuss with your dentist if you are doing it the right way.

Use up and down motion after guiding the floss between your gums.

It gets rid of stuck food particles as well as plaque.

What’s more, you can ask your dentist if you can use some other dental tools such as an interdental brush or a water flosser.

This is especially useful for people with braces or those with dexterity issues.

grinding teeth

Dangerous Lies About Not Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth grinding stems from stress or misalignment.

It can erode your enamel gradually making your teeth more prone to cavities.

Moreover, it can greatly impact your quality of life.

If you are going through headaches, neck and jaw pain then it is possible you are grinding teeth without your knowledge.

Yes, that’s also possible!

Maybe you are not lying about not grinding teeth but you are not aware of it, to begin with.

This is nocturnal teeth grinding or nocturnal bruxism.

You can grind your teeth in your sleep without being aware of it.

Nonetheless, it damages your teeth by eroding the enamel.

Hence, your teeth look rather worn down and your dentist can tell that immediately.

Furthermore, your canines can also appear flat which gives away that you grind teeth.

Hence, if your dentist says you grind teeth, there’s no need to resist that.


Listen to them and hear what they have to say about it.

You are probably grinding in your sleep without knowing.

Your dentist can give you a mouthguard and give advice over controlling stress.

dental pain

Lying Over Feeling Pain

When the dentist checks your mouth and performs any procedure whether it is tooth extraction, scaling or filling, do not hesitate in telling them that it hurts.

Your dentist should make the procedure comfortable for you.

Lying will not help in reducing the pain.

Thus, whenever they ask if it hurts, there is no need to save your self-esteem and pride.

Rather go ahead and tell them that it does because they know!

You may ask how?

Well, your eyes can’t lie.

Usually when in pain, humans tend to clench shut and flinch their eyes.

Also, your legs will tighten and so will your tongue.

Your body responds by going into a defensive mood.

Thus, it is not at all hard to tell that you are feeling pain.

So spare this lie.


Let your dentist know openly that it hurts.

In this way, they can look for solutions to ease your pain.

They may apply a topical anesthetic or take a break.

You can also discuss this beforehand, ask the dental clinic if you should take pain medications right before you begin.

being truthful to dentist in procedure

Being Truthful to Your Dentist

Your dentist will not judge you, hence it is no use lying to them.

Telling these dangerous lies can result in more pain and ineffective treatment.

Rather, letting your dentist know will make way for better treatment.

There is no need to fear that you will be scolded or judged because you do not maintain good oral hygiene.

Rather your dentist will guide you about it in order to prevent poor oral health in the future.

Other than that, do not lie about forgetting your way when you are late only because you are actually anxious.

Discuss with your dentist if you are anxious.

They will help you relax and bring you into confidence with regards to the procedure.


There is no need to tell dangerous lies to your dentist because they can worsen your oral health.

When you go for your checkup tell your dentist honestly if you have been ignoring oral hygiene.

They will take care of the rest!

So next time when you visit your dentist, do not lie to them about anything.