What part of your body helps you to digest your favorite foods and look great in pictures? Your teeth. Your teeth are indeed an important part of your smile. They help you chew foods like crunchy apples or yummy pizza. But to maintain pearly white teeth, brushing and flossing are essential. But you also need to visit your dentist Dubai regularly to keep your teeth healthy and strong. 

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Let us learn more about what happens at the dentist’s office. Dentists diagnose and treat problems with patients’ teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth.

What Do Dentists Do?

As you might be aware, dentistry is a vital part of your overall health. Yet many people skip out on visiting the dentist for their checkups and cleanings. The primary reason for this is that a lot of people lack the understanding of what dentists do and why dentistry is so important. 

There are different fields of dentistry all having their unique purposes. To understand what a dentist does, it is best to at least have a basic understanding of the two fields of dentistry, and why they are so vital.

Fields of Dentistry

Dentistry is not just one thing. Instead, there are different services, and there are different fields of dentistry for those services. Quite similar to the difference between a surgeon and a general practitioner. 

They are indeed both doctors, but they specialize in different areas of healthcare. Similarly, two very common fields of dentistry are important to understand what dentists do and why dentistry is so important.

General Dentistry

A general dentist specializes in general dentistry services such as checkups, cleanings, and other routine and preventative services. Visiting a general dentist is necessary for your ongoing oral health. 

If you have not visited your general dentist in the last six months, it becomes all the more important that you do so. Your general dentist will help treat and diagnose a variety of oral health issues before they become worse. Without visiting your general dentist for routine checkups, you have a higher risk of losing your teeth, major infections, bone loss, and even oral cancer.

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In addition, your general dentists also perform in-depth cleanings that simply are not possible with at-home care alone. This will stop bacteria from building up and causing decay and infection. 

Make sure to visit your general dentist at least every six months for a cleaning and checkup. This will help to prevent major oral health issues and ensure that your teeth and gums stay clean and healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Another important and popular field of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. In contrast, most cosmetic dentistry services are purely aesthetic like teeth whitening, dental veneers, and Invisalign. Other services can make a lot of differences like losing your teeth, bone loss, gum disease, teeth crowding, and more. 

If the teeth damage has become too severe for a general dentist to handle, your cosmetic dentist will perform restorative procedures to save your tooth, and overall oral health.

You might not need to visit a cosmetic dentist regularly. But make sure to set an appointment with your cosmetic dentist if your general dentist recommends you do so. This will help ensure your ongoing oral health and the appearance of your smile.

What Does a Dentist Dubai Does When You Visit the Clinic

Your dentist is a doctor who is specially trained to care for teeth. When you visit the dental clinic for a checkup, your dentist will look at your teeth and gums to check to identify any problems. Your dentist will also make sure your teeth are developing properly as you grow.

Hence it is important to visit your dentist every 6 months to ensure you are taking good care of your teeth and that your teeth and gums are healthy.

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Dentistry is the field of medicine that involves the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disorders and diseases of your oral cavity and its surrounding areas.

In simple terms, dental science or dentistry is the branch of medicine that deals with oral cavity problems, particularly in the maxillofacial area i.e. the jaw and facial area.

What Happens at the Dentist’s Office?

After you are called inside, you will go inside the exam room and sit down in a big, comfortable chair that is like a huge recliner. The dentist chair will have a place to rest your head and lots of room for you to stretch your legs. 

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The chair makes you feel comfortable so that the dentist can examine your teeth. Next to the chair may be a little sink with a cup that you would use to rinse out your mouth as your teeth are being cleaned. During the dental exam, your dentist will clean, floss, and check for cavities in your teeth.

You need to see your dentist for preventive checkups. This is what you can expect:

1 Dental X-rays

Routine dental X-rays are frequently taken when you visit the clinic. They can easily reveal cavities between your teeth, the health and height of the supporting bone. X-rays can also reveal the position of developing teeth in children.

Though there are many types, your dentist will decide which X-rays will give the best diagnostic view to treat your teeth. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), a dental hygienist may take an X-ray.

2 Oral Examination

During a routine checkup, your dentist can do many things even asks, like cavity fillings and more. Your dentist will closely examine your teeth and look for basic oral hygiene concerns and areas that need to be addressed

3 Scaling and Polishing

It is strongly recommended that your teeth be routinely cleaned to keep your gum tissue healthy and prevent periodontal disease. Your dentist will use instruments to scale off any hardened plaque. After that, they will polish your teeth with a special paste to remove the stain and finally polish the enamel.

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4 Fluoride Treatment

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry or AAPD recommends topical fluoride treatments for children to strengthen their tooth enamel. Especially during the years when they are most prone to cavities. Fluoride treatments are also helpful for adults to deal with situations that increase the chances of tooth decay.

5 Sealant Application

You will find most decay in children occurs on the chewing surface of the back molars. In such scenarios, your dentist might suggest sealants for these teeth. The procedure is painless and simple. The sealant material will act as a protective barrier against bacteria and food particles, which can last for several years.

How Are Teeth Cleaned and Checked?

One of the people you may meet at the dentist’s office is your dentist or dental hygienist. Your doctor will check your teeth and give them a good cleaning.

Your dentist Dubai will look inside your mouth to make sure your teeth are growing properly, and your gums look healthy. While you sit on the dental chair, a bright, overhead light will shine down into your mouth like a giant flashlight. With the help of this bright light, your dentist can get a good look inside your mouth.

Your dentist then cleans and polishes your teeth, using tiny dental tools like a tooth scraper, mirror, and special toothbrush. The tooth scraper will help remove plaque from your teeth. 

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Plaque is a sticky, thin layer that coats your teeth and contains bacteria that grow on your teeth over time. If this plaque is not removed from your teeth, it can cause a cavity. A cavity is a decayed, or rotted, part of your tooth.

The next important thing is brushing and flossing. Your dentist Dubai will brush your teeth using special toothbrushes and toothpaste. This toothbrush has a small, round tip that moves around and around to clean your teeth completely. The toothpaste might taste similar to your own toothpaste at home, but it might feel a little grittier – almost like sand.

Then they will floss your teeth and demonstrate the proper way to brush and floss your teeth at home. Flossing in the right way involves using a piece of waxy string called dental floss. The floss will get in between your teeth and remove food particles that your brush can not reach.

Dentist Dubai: Why Choose Us?

Dentist Ahmed Clinic is designed to provide good ambiance and exceptional hospitality to our patients making dental care a premium yet affordable experience in Dubai. Conveniently located, our clinic is easily accessible, and you can reach the clinic from any corner of the city. 

Our team of dentists is experienced and highly trained and often spends quality time with you in understanding your dental needs to provide you with detailed evidence-based treatment plans. Moreover, we offer excellent package deals and affordable pricing to fit your pocket.

Our experienced dentists, trained nurses, and skilled technicians extensively adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to providing high-quality, personalized dental care following international treatment protocols in Dubai.

At Dentist Ahmed Clinic, we feel strongly about protecting your oral health and your smile. Our team takes delight in treating our patients like the individuals that they are. We endeavor and ensure providing tailored dental care in a relaxing environment. 

Apart from routine dental treatments, the clinic offers cosmetic solutions to enhance your smile through Invisalign,  Metallic Braces, Dentures, Root canal Treatment, Teeth Whitening, and Hollywood smile to name a few.

Dentist Ahmed Clinic in Dubai now offers high-quality and comprehensive dental care for all age groups, including infants, children, and young adults. With a team of highly skilled pediatric dentists combined with the compassionate dental staff, a safe and comfortable atmosphere is created to make each child’s visit fun and educational from beginning to end.

Do you need to visit a dentist Duabi? The answer to Yes. If you are not currently visiting a general dentist for a routine checkup every six months, you need to do so today. Schedule an appointment with a general dentist at Dentist Ahmed Clinic and make sure you continue to see us every six months for ongoing services.