To lose weight and look great, people try out different things. Intermittent fasting is one of them. It is basically a practice in which you will be engaging in set periods of fasting.

Also you will not be consuming many calories as you usually do. And when you do that, it will lead to you starting to lose weight.

This kind of fasting has been very popular recently. With people suggesting they have managed to lose a lot of weight through it.

However with the advancement of time, there are different ways and tactics coming out which give great results.

Alternate-day fasting is also becoming a popular way of losing weight. This is where you consume calories every other day. And that too you take care of consuming calories in a limited feeding window.

Now let’s look into what dirty fasting is.

In this article I will be looking into what is this way of losing weight, how it works and the kind of results you get from it.

So let’s begin:

What is Dirty Fasting?

This is basically relating to clean fasting. But you are doing clean fasting by also consuming some amount of calories during the time of fasting also.

It is basically different from traditional or clean fasting as you will not entirely be restricting all kinds of foods from consumption.

If a person is dirty fasting, they will be consuming more than 100 calories during that constricted framework, however that differs from one person to another. While one person would prefer to take on just 100 calories, for others, they can relax it a bit and go even further.

So what kind of foods will people be consuming during their fasting spree? They can take on milk and sweetener in their coffee. And some prefer to enjoy bone broth as well.

These will essentially be making you feel full and also allows for your health to be complete.

Also when talking about fasting, there is no proper definition on how it happens. You cannot calculate or limit the amount of calories you will be taking in the same.

So it works around your own vision and how you wish to keep your health clean and in focus.

Those who follow this diet state that it does not aim for always consuming in the fasting window. However what they do prefer to do is make use of an alternate fasting period.

This means they will be consuming a small number of calories in the fasting window.

But they don’t do this on every day. But it happens in every alternate week of it.

The ones who practice this suggest that it will not necessarily be breaking the fast but also you do not have to starve yourself completely in order to get the effects of fasting.

Is Dirty Fasting Effective?

how dirty fasting works

Now let’s look into and talk about how does this show results, if it does.

This kind of modified fasting allows you to consume some calories during the fasting window.

And while you may be consuming calories, your goal is to lose weight and dirty fasting will be helping you attain that to a certain level.

Because the calories you are consuming are between 50-100 so it is essentially going to lead you towards losing those extra pounds.

Many people also make use of it for the autophagy element. This means you are programming the cleaning of your cells. It is important that you are maintaining a good and healthy cellular function.

This in turn helps in keeping you safe from diseases.

So while there is not much evidence which suggests that dirty fasting is as good as clean fasting but it does work better for certain people.

While some people suggest the zero calorie window is the only confirmation that it actually works, for others having an alternate fasting method proves to be even more benefiting in the long run.

It all comes down to knowing how you can adapt the best ways to see great results and that too when you make use of your own vision and how you will be investing time in indulging in the best tactics to see results.

Tips for Dirty Fasting

So now that we have learned to look and sense how it actually works, I want to give you a quick schedule and tips on how you can make use of dirty fasting.

One thing to know is that this is just an idea on how you can go about your dirty fasting.

It may work for some. For others, they may be having better alternatives to go with.

So check out these major ways:

Adding MCT oil to coffee

So while clean fasting does not allow any kinds of additions to your coffee. But with dirty fasting, you can make use of certain complements.

MCT which is medium-chain triglycerides oil, is known to giving you healthy fats.

Plus it also brings little flavor into the coffee. You can consider it as being a good fat. Many people who follow the keto diet also make use of MCT.

Using Butter 

Some people consider making use of butter in their coffee. This means their coffee will be jam packed with good fats.

It not only brings you good amounts of energy and also makes it possible for you to enjoy your food in a better way.

So you can consider these as really good calories. Which help you to remain healthy.

Sweetening your Coffee 

In clean fasting you do not make use of any kind of sweeteners but in dirty fasting it is okay if you add a little stevia into your drink.

Some people also opt for the option of enjoying monk fruit. This is a completely natural substitute and you can indulge in it without the need to have those calories upon you.

Drinking Diet Soda 

It is also common for people to try to satisfy their taste buds by consuming diet coke. This is not healthy at all but taking it occasionally is fine.

Doing so also helps to curb your cravings for calorie intake.

So don’t completely restrict yourself on such food items.

Making Bone Broth

making bone broth

This proves to be really helpful for your fasting.

What you need to know is that it is a superfood which allows for you to indulge in some good calories.

The calories come from meat and chicken.

Broth is basically going to be made with meat bones. When you are making it with bones and vegetables, you will be straining it and drinking the mixture.

It has a very nutritious and tasty smell. Also it is very delicious allowing you to feel satisfied and full.

Which is Better?

Many people often get confused. Which kind of intermittent fasting is better. Some people feel they are better off with clean fasting whereas others think dirty fasting works better for them.

In both cases, you need to see what is your goal and what do you want to attain.

Some people prefer making use of a trial and error process.

This means they will see and determine their progress and goals.

There might be more flavors and fats the good kind, which can help you to attain your goals.

It is also possible for you to make use of both kinds of techniques.

You can see what works for you and take it upon yourself to make use of it to attain your target weight.

When you talk about attaining your weight goal, it is important to know and distinguish that there are several ways it can work for you. While the metabolism of one person may differ from another’s in a range of ways, it is not certain that you will be burning


People make use of different kinds of diets and fads to lose weight. Some may work while others, not so much.

Intermittent fasting has been gaining a lot of exposure in recent times.

Those who make use of its tactics swear by how good it is. And there are several kinds. You can use clean fasting in which you do not eat at all. While alternative fasting is one where you are taking in calories every alternate day.

The last kind which is becoming popular in recent times is the dirty fasting.

How this differs from others, is that you do not have to completely starve yourself during the fasting window. You can take in something which exists between the calories 50-100.

There are some things which may work while others may not.

In this article we looked into ways on how you can attain amazing results.

Losing weight is different for every person. What might work for one person, will not entirely work for another so it is important to distinguish between the two.

We looked into how to the most popular intermittent fasting methods, specifically what is dirty fasting and how it actually shows really good results.

All you need to be sure of is ways in which it will be giving results and making you look great too.