This is probably one of the most common things anyone does. Anyone can get tired and there is no harm in admitting that. But what about excessive yawning causes?

That is definitely up for argument. It is not common for a healthy person to be yawning way too much.

See yawning in its simplest form is actually an automatic body response.

It happens because tiredness is taking you over. And that is a simple way with which your body is reacting.

But what is there is some serious underlying condition to why you are yawning uncontrollably.

So in this article I want to look into and speak on ways in which you have to determine why you are yawning so much.

How serious is this condition. And major ways to identify the symptoms, get a diagnosis and get the treatment.

The solution happens when you identify the problem first.

So let’s begin:

What is Yawning?

In simple words this means when you are having an involuntary process in which you breathe deep, filling the lings with air.

It is actually quite a natural process.

Most of the time it is happening because you are tired.

And this is like a natural response of the body.

While some yawns are actually short, others can last longer. Most of the time it is followed with watery eyes, as well as stretching.

You will also be taking on audible signs too. But again all of this falls into normal and regular yawning conditions. You need not be alarmed about those.

While fatigue and boredom are two of the most common reasons for someone’s yawning, it is also possible you will be going through this because of some other ailments.

And this is the reason behind excessive yawning. It can suggest you may be suffering from a serious condition. Which is why you need to identify your yawning style to get a complete understanding on it.

Now let’s look into why it even happens?

Excessive Yawing Causes

There are plenty of reasons why someone may not be able to control their yawning. While the reasons are varied. I want to share some of the leading causes for why you are not able to control your yawning.

These are:

Having a major crisis of drowsiness. This is keeping you drained and very tired.

Sleep disorders are common. They can happen for a range of reasons. And it is quite common for you to experience sleep apnea with them. This causes you to yawn uncontrollably.

And when that happens you will most likely be suffering from other issues like depression and anxiety.

These are going to lead you feeling even more worried and stressed.

Sometimes the issue can be far too serious. You may be suffering from bleeding in or around the heart.

When that happens, it becomes even more evident that there is a serious condition which needs complete care and awareness.

Some of the far more serious reasons to look at include:

  • Having a brain tumor
  • Suffering from a heart attack
  • Epilepsy can cause you to have major concerns
  • Multiple sclerosis is also quite common
  • Liver failure may lead to major effects
  • You will notice that your body is not able to control its temperature

This is when you need to set an appointment with your doctor to know the concerns and ways to combat it.

It is not always easy. But it is needed. So to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment in this regard.

The main thing is if you are not feeling overly tired or drained, then there must be a reason behind it.

So it is best for you to understand why it is happening and get a complete picture on the situation, before you decide on getting treatment.

Other Causes

Sometimes taking in way too many medicines can cause you to suffer as well. This is because with medications, it is common to suffer from fatigue and drowsiness.

The common medication which causes yawning include serotonin, antihistamines as well as taking on pain relief medications.

In case you are suffering from depression, that too can lead to several health scares.

If you see a person is yawning frequently, without any other symptoms, depression can be a major cause.

This is again better understood if you are going to get a proper diagnosis from the doctor on the same.

Stroke is one of the most serious and scary reasons as to why someone may be suffering from this condition. This is because yawning helps in the regulation and reduction of the body’s core temperature.

It is quite serious and can have horrific impacts. So it is essential you understand the excessive yawning causes from the doctor.

And now we will look into its diagnosis episode.

The main thing is to know and identify the reasons. If you are doing it so in the right manner, the results are plenty and endless.

Emphasizing on the need to get a proper treatment, yawning is a leading cause and sign that there may be something not right. Excessive yawning causes will only be possible when your doctor will be doing a proper diagnosis.

Diagnosis of Excessive Yawning

Yawning is a sign that something isn’t right. That is of course if you are yawning because you are tired or drowsy.

Your doctor will determine the reason for your uncontrollable yawning.

They do so by ruling our some of the sleep issues that may be excessive yawning causes.

Once that is done, they will then make use of an electroencephalogram. This is an EEG which is a test that gives effective results.

It is basically a way in which they will be measuring your electrical activity in the brain.

This is the best way to diagnose the way it is impacting the brain.

Sometimes a doctor also looks into an MRI scan. That is great in showing results too. This kind of treatment works on anyone who is yawning profusely. This is because it suggests you need to get a proper treatment.

It works by producing really good and detailed images.

They help doctors to understand and visualize how the bodily structures come together.

Using these kinds of detailed methods is important as they will be diagnosing and also looking at some of the serious concerns like tumors as well as multiple sclerosis.

Getting Treatment

So you now know why you are yawning after getting a proper diagnosis from the doctor.

The next question comes as to how to get treatment?

In case it is the medications which is causing you to yawn uncontrollably, you have to make sure you are then speaking of getting the medicines changed.

They may suggest that you lower the dosage or change the medicines completely.

In other cases, it is best if you get a proper check with the doctor on what medicines you are taking.

If this is happening because of a sleep disorder, then there are some really effective sleep-aid medications that can help in this regard.

They will be allowing you to have a more peaceful sleep. This technique does not show results right away. But with time, you will notice there is a rest pattern to follow.

Some of the best ways to see results is:

Using a breathing device– this allows you to feel completely rested. There are plenty of those out there. Make sure you do your thorough research to know which one works for you best and how?

You should be exercising on a regular basis. That works great in reducing high stress levels.

One of the leading ways it helps is when you follow it up with a regular sleep schedule. Doing so keeps a good check on your health. And allows you to set your own sleeping pattern that helps with your health too.

In case you are yawning way too much, it is basically a sign that there is some serious medical condition which needs your complete awareness.

It can be anything from epilepsy to kidney or liver conditions. So it is best you get a complete checkup and clear the air.


Yawning is common. Many people do that. It is more so common in those who are of age. This is because they can easily get tired and the process gets to them.

You should be looking at ways how it is making an impact on your life.

If the yawning is something which is happening despite you not being lazy or drowsy, it is best that you get a proper diagnosis from the doctor to know the reasons.

Only then will you be getting a proper treatment for the same.

In most cases, it can be due to a serious underlying condition.

It is best that you get a complete checkup to know why it is happening to you.

That will in itself serve you to get an understanding on how it is going to allow you to get a complete perspective on the matter.