Have you ever felt sick to your stomach. Feeling nauseous is something which can make you have an awful experience. It can make your mind race and you would feel completely struck and worried.

There are several kinds of reasons and conditions which can lead towards making you feeling nauseous. This can include feeling stress, anxiety as well as certain sickness and infections.

Nausea basically relates to when a person is feeling like they want to vomit. But it is more so like a feeling only. You may feel like you want to vomit but you don’t actually do.

In this article I am going to be talking to you in detail as to what are the most common causes of nausea. How you can identify them and conditions they come in. As well as looking into their symptoms and treatments.

So let’s begin:

What is Nausea?

you will feel like vomiting

This basically relates to when you have this weird sensation in your stomach. It makes you feel uneasy. You can have the urge to throw up but you are not doing so. It is similar vomiting but not actually mean that you would end up vomiting.

Anyone who is experiencing nausea is basically going through the circumstances in which you will be feeling like you need to have some medication taken. That will make you feel better in no time.

Now let’s look into some of the common symptoms of nausea.

Symptoms of Nausea

The symptoms relating to nausea can be different. But they more so relate to when you might be having certain symptoms.

Here are few of the common symptoms you need to look out for:

  • Having a very strange feeling in the chest
  • This includes and is not limited to feeling sick in the upper abdomen or even the back of your throat
  • You will be losing your appetite
  • Having major stomach discomfort is also common
  • Actual vomiting can begin without any major reason
  • You will be having excessive saliva in your mouth when feeling nauseous
  • There is also some contracting respiratory as well as abdominal muscle issues
  • Sweating profusely is also very common

Causes of Nausea

There are some leading causes of why someone might be suffering from anxiety. These can include some or all of the following.

Feeling Stressed

stressed overall?

This is basically relating to when you are going through a whirlwind of emotions. It brings major, physical changes in your body.

You will be feeling anxious and it also comes with when the gut is lined and it works by expanding and contracting as the food is getting pushed through the digestive tract.

However as you are stressed and worried, the food is actually getting pushed through the digestive tract.

The contractions are going to be making your gut’s normal rhythm get heavily impacted. What you can do in this situation is try to take in deep breaths, make your breathing normal.

This in turn will control the situation to a major extent and make it more bearable to manage.

Eating Quickly

This can definitely be one of the leading reasons. Whether you are feeling hungry or just had your favorite food served, eating quickly can lead you to feeling dizzy and nauseous. This is a sensation that can come and go without a warning.

So the fix? It is basically you consuming foods which are high in carbs. Example if you had low sugar for a while, it is best to drink a glass of fresh juice.

Or you can also consume some fresh fruits or even dried fruit. This sugar intake makes your sugar levels normal.

It will also be making you feel better in no time. You should understand how it all comes down to consuming food in a proper manner. Binge eating can cause problems for you too.

This means you will be aiming to not have the blood sugar in your body get spiked up suddenly. Having this happen in your system is not a good thing.

Drinking Water

Sometimes drinking water is just the kind of solution you will be needing. If you are feeling sick then maybe just having some water is something that can help you.

Hydration is the key. You should be looking into ways in which you will be controlling the feeling of nausea. And when you are able to look into how you are feeling fatigue, dizziness and even stomach trouble, then it is best that you care for your health.

Dehydration is actually quite common and it can impact your health in several ways. It means you have low blood sugar which impacts your health significantly.

Medications Impact

intake of medicines can make an impact

What you eat is also going to play a major role in your health. You should be careful with the kind of supplements and over-the-counter medications you are taking.

It can definitely make you feel nauseous. Sometimes when you are popping over-the-counter pain medications are definitely a cause of worry.

In such a case, it is best that you speak to your health specialist and get a complete look into your health condition. Vitamins C and E are actually really good for you. So learn which ones work for you.

Migraine Trigger

Having migraines is a major issue on the body.  But migraines can also make you feel nauseous. In fact it is one of the major side effects that come with it.

Having certain medications taken can also trigger this condition in you, making you feel even more sick.  There are some leading reasons as to why migraine makes you feel less sick.

You should be looking into your diet and what is making you sick before taking on a treatment that works for you. Focus on your mental health as that can trigger headaches too.

Migraine onset is common through various triggers. You need to understand your condition and as your migraine onset subdues, so will the side effects of feeling nauseous.

Stomach Bug Concerns

Sometimes all that it takes for you to get sick is having a case of stomach bug. This basically relates to when you are feeling sick and there may be two main reasons for that.

Either you have what we call the stomach flu. Or you may be suffering from food poisoning . The food poisoning happens when you are actually consuming food which is irritating your GI.

This can be due to when you are consuming foods and drinks which are contaminated.

Nausea is a common issue that arises when your digestive tract is getting impacted. This symptom is quite common and can be handled well when you take the proper condition.

Ear Infection

This is actually something you may not be well-aware of, but if you are feeling that there is pressure in your ear, and you suddenly feel dizzy then you might be having nausea.

The condition is something which you can get treated. It is something which affects you canal as well as your inner ear.  The nauseous feeling happens when the pressure in your ear is different than in a healthy ear.

This sends mixed signals to your brain and this will be making you feel light lighted.

Also it is quite normal that you may be having certain ear ringing but it is a condition which can actually get better with time. You just need to realize how your health can be well-looked after.


sometimes nausea is due to pregnancy

Sometimes it is something as simple as having your pregnancy hormones fluctuate.

Feeling nauseous is one of the most common signs of being pregnant.

Its onset is not fixed. And it usually happens nine weeks of pregnancy. And people may be suffering from this condition for even longer duration of time.

Some people prefer it to ‘morning sickness’ too.

The best way to handle this condition would be to increase the intake of folic acid in your body.

Suffering a Heart Attack

Sometimes feeling nauseous may be relating to a serious health condition. It can actually be a heart attack symptom. While chest pain is the most common symptom of a heart attack, if you are feeling nauseous with shortness of breath and a cold sweat is breaking, then it is best that you get yourself checked by a doctor.

Now let’s look at some general nausea treatments.

Nausea Treatments

These are some of the most common tips which can work in case you are feeling nauseous. They include:

  • Drinking very cold drinks. It makes your condition even better.
  • You should be eating light and brand foods like simple saltine crackers.
  • It is advisable to avoid eating any greasy and fried foods. They will make you feel worse.
  • Also you should not be mixing hot and cold drinks.
  • It is best to drink your beverages slowly.
  • Make a habit to consume foods from all the different food groups.


Feeling nauseous is common. A person may be feeling lightheaded and sick for any number of reasons.

It all comes down to looking at why are you feeling the same and then figuring out the solutions that work best for you. But first you need to look at some of the leading causes of nausea.

This article provided not just the causes but also looked into the symptoms as well as the treatment that works.