When it comes to the use of fluoride, there are still a range of misconceptions surrounding this mineral.

This article is basically hitting upon fluoride-facts vs. myths.

We will talk about all that you need to know to separate what are the true facts about this element and what false stories you have been hearing about it.

The main question pertains- is fluoride even good for my teeth?

Well, now is the time to find out.

Aside from listing out all the true elements about this condition, we will also debunk all the underlying fictional bits surrounding it. I will also explain what is meant by fluoride and its major role in the protection of the teeth.

So let’s begin:

What is Fluoride?

using fluoride

In its simplest form, fluoride is basically a mineral which you can find in your bones and teeth. It is also naturally embedded in other materials like:

  • water, although the amount is low and you generally need to combine this with another source to reach your ideal intake of fluoride
  • soil
  • plants of specific kinds
  • rocks and minerals

However it’s main purpose to fulfill is to protect your teeth’s enamel.

Let’s say it out loud: fluoride has the ability to protect your teeth from building cavities.

For years, dental experts have been emphasizing its usage in improving your dental health. While there are those who strongly advocate against its usage, there are still some who suggest that this kind of mineral proves to be very helpful for those who are especially experiencing teeth deterioration.

When it comes to their dental usage, fluoride can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the most common ways in which you will use them are:

  • in toothpaste form
  • through the use of mouth rinses
  • as a supplement however this can only be done when administered from your doctor

In those cases where you are experiencing too much of cavity concerns, your dentist can also recommend you make use of mouth rinse which has a higher amount of fluoride.

Other Uses of Fluoride:

using fluoride for teeth health

I also want to look into how fluoride, besides its dental application, is also a very useful mineral in other ways. It is used for:

  • medical experts make use of medical imaging scans.
  • this is especially true for PET scans
  • fluoride is also used as a cleaning agent. It has amazing cleaning properties, with highly qualified components when it comes to cleaning different surfaces and areas
  • also, many people may now be aware of this fact but fluoride is also very useful in making materials like teflon, steel and even aluminum products

So now that you have a good understanding of what fluoride is, we will now talk about the true factors relating to this condition:

Facts about Fluoride

Let’s now talk about some of the hard-core facts relating to the use of fluoride. It actually serves you in the long run. Allowing your teeth the chance to make use of fluoride-infused products, gives your teeth the chance to become stronger as you age.

Hence it is important you are clear on the various facts about fluoride as this will allow you to adapt them especially in your children’s life in their earlier ages.


Fluoride is an element which occurs naturally. It is especially true in case of its presence in water. However while it is true that there is fluoride in water, it is not enough which actually protects the teeth.

Interestingly it is available in all kinds of water supplies, but it is not in abundant amount.


Fluoride through the years, has been recognized as a major nutrient which is very benefitting to the health of your teeth. It is also very useful if you drink water which has good levels of fluoride. Couple that with dental flossing , and your teeth will be in perfect order.

Some health experts suggest that it is one of the major elements that is used to improve the health of your teeth. However this does not mean that it can pass of as a medication.


Fluoride is a very cost-effective method when it comes to keeping your teeth in optimal condition. It is especially useful when it comes to keeping your teeth safe from tooth decay. It is known that if you include fluoride in your diet, chances are you will be able to save yourself from major dental bills and concerns later in life.


checking the features

It’s uses and safety features are applicable to everyone. This is a leading fact. If you make use of fluoridated water to brush your teeth, chances are less that your teeth will be suffering from tooth decay.

However that doesn’t mean you should depend on fluoride solely for your teeth’s protection. In fact, when it comes to children’s dental health, pediatricians say that you need to combine this practice with other health conditions to ensure your child’s teeth are well-protected.


If you make use of enough fluoride in your childhood, chances are your teeth will be well-protected in your adult years too. Having fluoride in your diet allows for the enamel to continue to strengthen your teeth even in your adult years.  It has been proven that children who drink fluoridated water have stronger teeth which allows them to fight tooth decay in a better way. It is key to have fluoride in your dental care to ensure aging and dental health are progressing in the right direction.


It is also important to note that this is proven to be extremely helpful in not just children but also babies. Doctors have ensured that no such recommendations to avoid the use of fluoridated water in infant formula have been signaled and cautioned, allowing it to be used in babies who are not already suffering from any health risks.


Through years of study and analysis, involving leading medical experts from various parts of the world, have ensured that it is indeed safe and effective in its dental usage. However the reports do not confirm it as a leading ingredient when it comes to fighting against an existing dental concern.


Children should not swallow fluoridated water as it can actually lead to mild fluorosis. This is the only harm young users can attain from the use of this mineral. Children should follow proper guidelines. This ensures that children are taught to spit and not swallow this mineral-enhanced water.

Now that I have given you a good overview on some of the leading facts about the use of fluoride, I will now talk about some of the leading myths.

Myths about Fluoride

addressing the myths

There are a number of myths surrounding the use of fluoride. That is especially true in the case of its presence in water supply.

The thing is you can actually go online and conduct your own proper research to determine what is true from what isn’t.

It is important that you know the effectiveness of this mineral and what safety measures are reached when making use of this mineral.

Here I am listing out some of the most common myths relating to the use of fluoride in dental hygiene purposes.


If a person drinks fluoridated water, they will definitely develop fluorosis. However that is not the case as children are more likely to develop fluorosis and that too in rare conditions.


Fluoride usage in children is extremely dangerous. However that again is not true as if children are taught to use it properly, they will gain more benefits than problems as it strengthens the teeth enamel.


It is expensive for you to adapt fluoride in water as a regular means to keep your teeth healthy. But the fact is adding fluoride in your diet and lifestyle is actually the least expensive way when it comes to prevents your teeth from decaying and loss. It is certainly the better option that tooth extraction, which is the last resort.


If you drink water with fluoride, you will likely suffer from cancer. This is far from true. Numerous studies ensure that having fluoride in your diet will not increase your chances of suffering from cancer and other conditions like diabetes, heart disease as well as kidney issues.


Fluoride also increases your chances of being subjected to autism. However from extensive research and study has shown that there is no evidence of how autism and its chances of happening increase if you include fluoride water in your diet. If you are autistic, or chances exist on being on the autism spectrum, it is likely relating to mental concerns than diet intake.


It isn’t a natural mineral. And yet, as I have mentioned earlier, fluoride comes naturally in different elements especially in water. This makes it as a readily available element for your teeth’s health, allowing it to strengthen your teeth.


If you use fluoridated water, it does not have an impact if your teeth decay. But using anything which has fluoride not just water, helps to make your tooth’s enamel strong. That’s why dentists encourage that you use products with fluoride in them, including tooth pastes and mouth washes.


If you are using water which has fluoride, you don’t need to use toothpaste with fluoride. But if you actually combine the both, you hold higher chances of protecting your teeth from decaying.