Have you ever gone through a process where it becomes hard for you to digest certain foods? This can lead to having very unpleasant physical reactions because of it? It could easily mean you are going through food intolerance and food intolerance symptoms are many.

In recent times there has been a definite surge in such cases where people feel they are suffering from food intolerance. But exactly how many people have this condition is not certain.

The symptoms may be pointing towards something entirely different.

So in this article, I want to share with you some of the leading causes of why someone may be having this condition.

Food intolerance is becoming common. Many people may not even know they have it though. It is essential that you know why it happens in some people and how to control its existence.

Let’s look into all the details of food intolerance symptoms.

Food Sensitivities

understanding food sensitivities

This relates to when you are having issues you are not even aware of. Food sensitivities may not be life-threatening but they can certainly lead to major issues in the body.

In most cases they are also not immune-mediated.

So you have to see and make sure you are digesting the right kinds of food.

That will keep your health in a complete check.

Enabling you to know what are the differences between food sensitivities and food intolerance allows you to have a complete control and management of this issue.

They are actually more common than food allergies also. So how this works?

Basically certain kinds of foods will be triggering an intolerance in the digestive tract. It is when your body is not able to break the food properly.

And when that happens your body will be reacting to the food and how it actually breaks down. Example lactose intolerance is something in which the body is not able to break down the lactose properly.

This is a sugar which is found in dairy products.

Some of the leading issues one can have include:

  • You will not be having enzymes the right kind which helps in digesting the food particles properly
  • Having strong reactions to food additives or even preservatives
  • There can be pharmacological factors as well including sensitivity like caffeine and other chemicals
  • There will be certain sensitivity issues as well that too when looking at sugars which cab lead to extreme reaction and problems

When talking of food sensitivity, there can be several symptoms and issues which can relate to digestion as well. These include:

  • gas and bloating problems
  • diarrhea can become common and worsen with time when handled well
  • constipation is also common
  • cramping can happen too
  • nausea becomes a common problem that can escalate if not taken care of in a timely manner

How They Differ from Food Allergies ?

This is basically relating to how your immune system acts as a body defense mechanism. It stops the invasion of bacteria, fungus as well as other common viruses.

However if you are having a food allergy, then your immune system may trigger your brain to identify it as an invader.

That means you will be needing to react to certain antibodies which will be aiming to fight against it.

Did you know that many food allergies are considered as an immune-mediated reaction to the food you are eating.

This is actually quite a common reaction which can cause several issues in the body.

The thing about food allergies is that they can even be fatal. Hence they are more serious than food sensitivity.

Food Intolerance Symptoms

drinking milk

Some of the major food intolerance symptoms of food allergies include:

  • Getting skin reaction like hives, swelling and even itching
  • You may even have anaphylaxs which means having breathing issues, including wheezing issues.
  • Cramping can also happen which just gets severe with time
  • It is most likely you may suffer from shortness of breath too
  • Chest pain can become severe. So much so that you may be suffering from breathing problems as well.
  • In some cases it is quite possible that you may be suffering from a swelling in the lungs. This can again prove to be quite painful for you, causing you to have breathing issues which only get worse with time.
  • These are just some the common conditions that you may have and will make you instantly suffering from the way.
  • Headaches can also become one. They can get severe with time. And it can actually get worse in certain states and worse in others.

Now let’s look into the leading causes for this condition.

Why Am I Suffering from Food Intolerance?

Food intolerance is a common condition. It is when your body is not able to digest food properly.

And that can make your condition more sufferable.

You will be definitely having  a limited digesting property. That means there are limited digestive enzymes.

They lead to a high sensitivity which comes in eating certain food items.

So it all comes down to what you are eating.

There are many food items which can make you sick and leave your health in far worse condition than it was earlier.

Some of the food items you should be consuming which will be leading to your health getting impacted include:

  • milk
  • gluten
  • food colorings
  • having food preservatives
  • sulfites
  • other compounds like caffeine can also worsen your condition

Types of Food Intolerance

There are various food intolerance types which you should be knowing of. While we have talked about the range of food intolerance symptoms you may be having, it is important to identify how there can be variation in the kind of food intolerance you may be suffering from.

Lactose Intolerance 

This is basically that time when your body is making use of digestive enzymes which is breaking down the food.

But if a person is not having these enzymes then they cannot digest the food properly and that can cause issues.

In case the lactose remains in your digestive tract, it can lead to several issues including having stomachaches, as well as bloating and even diarrhea.

Fructose Intolerance 

fructose intolerance

This is basically a sugar which is present in fruits, vegetables as well as honey. It can also be available in certain food types.

The intolerance can also happen because there is limited enzymes which is going to cause fructose intolerance.

Like the common food intolerance symptoms we have shared, these are also common in fructose intolerance as well.

When someone is suffering fructose malabsorption in which sometimes there is a protein missing which is allowing you to absorb sugar from intestine. And this is far more common.

Gluten Intolerance

This is basically the kind of protein which occurs in cereals including that of wheat, barley as well as rye.

It can include pain, bloating as well as other issues like feeling nauseous.

You will also be having some addition symptoms aside from food intolerance symptoms, like brain fog, headaches, joint pain, as well as anxiety.

Food Intolerance Vs. Food Allergy

So there are some conditions which are common. And some not as much. Food intolerance symptoms are those which are actually going to be longer.

We mean longer than having to suffer from food allergy symptoms.

When food allergy results from an immune system reaction, to a probably even a specific food.

The food intolerance can also lead to a condition where you will most likely be having issues in which your immune system is likely more affected.

This means that even a little food can trigger a condition which is causing you to suffer from severe allergic reactions.

It is common for a person to have both of these conditions which is going to be making your health worse.

So it is important that you know of the difference.

Only when you do will you be able to know how to treat the condition in an effective way.

These are small elements that matter. You should be knowing how to manage them well. As that will lead to certain results.

The Diagnosis

So now that we know there are several issues. In most food intolerance there is basically a trial and error element to work on.

This means you are keeping a food diary. You have to keep a record of what you are eating.

And what kind of symptoms do you get for it.

After which you are noting all the food intolerance symptoms you might be going through.

That allows you to pinpoint what are the conditions you are suffering from. And how you should be combating them.


managing your food intolerance well

This article was a complete overview to understanding food intolerance symptoms and conditions. This is important to differentiate it from what is food allergy.

And that allows you to be able to judge how to handle it well.

Only then will you be seeing results which are long-term and also helpful and allow you to have a good handle on your condition.

All of these elements mean your condition is better and will be manageable in the rightful way.