It is quite possible that you may be having a kind of skin infection which makes your skin itchy and scaly. This is usually called fungal infection of the skin. This can make your skin really irritated. And you will be getting an irritation which cannot cure with creams at all.

The thing about fungal infections is that it can happen to anyone at any time. And they also appear on different parts of the body.

For a sports figure, it can happen as athlete’s foot. A baby can suffer from a thrush. And a woman can easily have a vaginal yeast infection.

So there are quite a few names with which you can identify this condition.

It is when microorganisms are recognizable because of their cell walls called chitin.

Different types of fungi are actually causing different fungal infections. In most cases, it is not found inside the bodies.

What happens is that they can colonize and they will continuously multiply. When that happens, you will notice that they are spiraling out of control.

In this article, I want to share and talk of ways in which you can identify a fungal infection.

So let’s start:

What Is a Fungal Infection?

This is that kind of infection which can be contagious. It is actually quite possible that it will spread from one person to another.

So in such cases , it is possible you will catch it from the infected animals as well as any contaminated soil or surfaces.

In case you are developing any symptoms, it is best that you make an appointment with your doctor. And have it checked out.

A fungus is actually a very tiny organism. It is like a mold or mildew. That means it can form or happen anywhere. Even in the air or the water.

And it is very easily found on the human body as well.

When we talk of fungal infections, it is something which develops easily on your skin.

And if it is developing, it will be actually getting worse. So much so that it can even turn into a rash. That will then further change into an itchy sensation.

So let’s now look at how it can develop in people and who is at most risk of it developing on your body.

Who Is At Risk?

When it comes to having a fungal rash, anyone can develop it. There are superficial infections which are forming on your skin and nails. It is likely to impact about 20% of the population out there.

Example athlete’s foot is something which is common. And this can happen to a healthy person anytime at all.

You may also be at high risk from this infection happening in case you are suffering from:

  • A weak immune system
  • You are taking high-dose antibiotics
  • If you have excessive weight
  • In case you are suffering from diabetes, that can also play a role
  • Trying on a new skincare product can also make you prone to such a condition
  • Experiencing incontinence may lead to you suffering from this as well
  • Sweating heavily can be a leading cause
  • Pregnancy can cause this. As it is one of the leading side effects

What Fungal Infection of Skin Look Like?

A fungal infection is something which looks bright red. It is going to be spreading around a large area. There are some common characteristics which mark it.

These will be including:

Having a color which is actually pretty intense at the border

The scale is more intense as well

You will notice that the smaller and more defined lesions are forming at the edges of the area.

It is now important that we highlight and speak of some of the different types of skin rashes you can experience.

Different Fungal Infection of Skin

There are actually different kinds of skin conditions you can suffer from. It is important that you identify and know of them.

One major thing to know is that fungal skin infection is called as tinea. So this can come in different forms.

Let me share some common kinds which can happen to anyone:

Athlete’s Foot 

We have already covered this one. It is actually the most common kind of fungal infection. The condition can easily spread. And it usually happens when people are walking barefoot in public bathrooms.

What happens?

You will notice that the skin in between your toes is turning white. And it will slowly start to peel. Athlete’s foot will lead to your soles also getting affected. Blood blisters can happen.

Nail Fungus 

So this as the name suggests is basically the kind of infection in which you will suffer from common foot issues. It actually impacts the toenails.

Pretty soon the toenails will be tuning yellow and thick. Also they are prone to breaking quite easily.

Scalp Ringworm

This is the kind of condition in which the rash starts forming. It is actually more so common in children. There are some common side effects which are associating with this condition. In majority of the cases, it would mean that you will start losing hair.

With the right kind of treatment, you will be able to handle and get a solution for this condition.

Preventing Fungal Infection of Skin

Now that you know of the kinds of fungal infections and skin issues you can suffer from, I want to highlight some of the ways in which you can assure that you are getting a good treatment of the same.

If you are not careful enough, it is quite possible that the condition can come back. Even after the treatment.

In many cases the recurring infections will happen due to genetics as well as other developing infections.

So it really helps if you are able to adapt ways in which you will be controlling as to how the condition is developing.

These simple steps will help you in the long run. I want to now give you a quick rundown on how you can ensure ways in which preventing a rash are possible.

Let’s get into what these ways are:

Good Foot Hygiene 

It really helps if you are keeping your feet clean. So make sure you change your socks often. Also wash your feet regularly.

You should be avoiding shoes which are made of plastic. Skin icing is an option to explore.

Also make sure you are not walking barefoot. That is especially true when you walk into places that are wet.

In case you have an ingrown nail, make sure that you are looking at ways in which your ingrown toenail will be well taken care of.

If you are looking at a fungal infection of skin, and are prone to such conditions, make sure you are not using the same kind of clippers. That too for healthy nails and again on infected nails.

Using Medicines 

Sometimes the best way to combat this condition is to make use of a cream. Make use of the medicine when you are getting proper prescription for it.

Your healthcare provider will also recommend that you make use of the complete course. Only then will you be able to make sure that it is going to make a difference.

Also you can speak to healthcare expert who will be looking at ways in which the antifungal cream should be made use of. In most cases you should be applying it regularly to see results.

When to See a Doctor

Sometimes it becomes necessary that you have a doctor see and treat your condition. While most rashes are not serious. Some become serious overtime.

In that case, it becomes necessary that you get a proper diagnosis of the reasons for the underlying conditions.

You will be needing to call your doctor if the following conditions persist. In that case, it is important that you get a professional opinion on the same.

The major things you will have to look into which will need professional assistance are:

  • Is the condition developing over your whole body
  • Did it start suddenly?
  • How fast did it spread and how can you make sure where did it start
  • How painful is your skin condition?
  • The blistered and infected condition can also get worse with time if not handled in a proper manner
  • How often is this conditioning worsening with a fever


Fungal infection of skin is common. There are various kinds that can take place. In this article I shared some of the common fungal infections that can happen.

Most of these infections are such which you can control. There are many ways in which you will be able to prevent them when you are following simple guidelines.

You can apply these simple methods and you will be able to see how they will allow you to combat and control the condition. In this article I am speaking of ways in which you can ensure it is not just getting treated.

But also ways in which you can combat and prevent it completely.

Such kinds of infections are common. They can happen to anyone. But the good thing is, you can prevent them properly. Learn ways in which you will be to keep safe from them.