A healthy lifestyle pertains to your oral health as much as it does to your physical health. If you are neglecting it for some time, it is high time you include some healthy lifestyle tips in your daily routine in order to have better teeth.

Thus, use your time in a day to invest in forming daily habits while taking care of your oral health.

While these may be initially difficult to maintain, you will get used to them over time.

This article discusses the Healthy lifestyle tips you need to start following from today so that you can eat better with your teeth for a long time.

healthy lifestyle tips brushing

Healthy Lifestyle Tips Regarding Brushing Routine

It is mandatory to brush daily.

But that’s not it!

You need to brush your teeth properly.

Keep the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and move it in small circular motions.

Do not rub it harshly on your teeth vertically or horizontally, gently move it across all your teeth.

Rubbing harshly can lead to enamel erosion which in return puts you at risk for cavities and other oral health problems.

Moreover, brushing this way helps to remove the plaque properly.

In case it does not, it hardens to form tartar.

Later this results in gingivitis and gum disease.

Hence, brush twice a day and that too gently in circular motions.

This brings us to…

Never Skip Brushing at Night 

You are pretty tired after a long day.

It seems very lucrative to skip your oral hygiene routine and gets directly in bed.

However, this will bring more harm than good!

You will wake up with bacteria and plaque on your teeth accumulating overnight.

This will make your teeth more susceptible to cavities and decay.

In fact, brushing teeth is if not more, equally important as brushing in the morning.

Don’t Skip The Tongue 

While you are brushing, remember to always clean your tongue too.

You can use a tongue cleaner separately or use the back of your toothbrush.

Without cleaning your tongue, there is a chance you smell bad when you speak.

Plaque accumulates on the tongue, hence, you need to clean it properly in order to get rid of the bad breath.

Only brushing your teeth will not cut it.

Thus, you should brush the tongue too if no separate cleaner or scraper is present.

Another important aspect of the brushing routine is flossing and using fluoride toothpaste.

More on that below!

flossing properly

Flossing and Brushing Properly

Brushing requires toothpaste and one of the best choices among them is to use fluoride toothpaste.

While you may be tempted to try whitening toothpaste and others for fresh breath, fluoride toothpaste should be your staple.

It fights bacteria and plaque in order to prevent cavities.

Hence, it is a crucial aspect and one of the life tips you should inevitably follow to maintain healthy teeth.

Something that plays an equally important part in your oral hygiene is flossing teeth regularly.

Brushing will remove the debris and plaque accumulating on the surface of your teeth.

However, dental floss works differently.

It reaches areas where the brush cannot access i.e. between the teeth.

Hence, in order to clean your teeth completely, you definitely need to accompany flossing with brushing.

Cleanliness is incomplete without it.

It helps to remove the plaque as a result, there is less inflammation in the gums and lower chances of gum disease.

It is not only about cleaning your teeth but also not letting any plauqe hardening to tartar in places the brush cannot reach.

Therefore, besides brushing, one of the lifestyle tips to incorporate is to floss properly.

Though, there is one hindrance.

Flossing is not as easy.

Therefore, people will prefer to skip this step altogether.

Need a tip? We have one!

Switch to other means of flossing such as water flosser or interdental brush.

These are easy to use for people with dexterity problems.

Hence, elderly with arthritis and Parkinson’s disease usually do not have to worry about not using the floss properly.

Moreover, children lack dexterity too so oral irrigators are a simpler option for them to use rather than trying the dental floss.

Now,  you know how to go about your oral hygiene routine, find how to keep teeth healthy all day.

healthy lifestyle tips, drinking water

Healthy Lifestyle Tips Regarding Drinking

Drink Lots of Water

A drink that you should increase in your daily routine is water.

Drinking water is not only a necessity but drinking more is beneficial for your oral health.

It promotes saliva production.

Saliva washes away most of the stuck food particles and bacteria on its own preventing cavities.

When was the last time you kept tabs on how much water you drink?

You should usually drink eight glasses of water daily.

Moreover, drinking a glass of water after a meal will help to wash away the residues of sticky and acidic foods before you brush.

Drink only one glass of fruit juice and smoothie

You should aim to reduce your sugar consumption.

In case you drink fruit smoothies or juices, you may think natural sugars aren’t bad anyway.

Well, they are not bad in the form of milk and fruit.

However, when you blend the fruits, the sugars release from their structure.

Thus a smoothie and juice contain a higher amount of sugars than the fruit itself.

If you habitually drink juice or smoothie just limit it to once a day and that during mealtimes.

This way the excess sugars will pass through with the saliva.

Limiting Alcohol and Staining Drinks 

Alcohol can gradually erode the enamel.

This can result in cavities later and also there is a greater risk of mouth cancer due to the consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Hence, reduce the amount you drink in order to protect teeth from damage.

What’s more, limit the consumption of staining drinks.

These include coffee, tea, wine and soft drinks.

If you want to keep your teeth whiter then avoid drinking them as much as you can.

Since coffee and tea are your caffeine booster, a morning cup may suffice your need.

eating crunchy foods

Tips For Food

Eat Fresh and Crunchy Foods

There are tons of processed foods in the market.

Yes, they are quick and convenient but not the most healthy.

Eat only fresh and crunchy fruits as well as other food products.

Let your children eat crunchy vegetables and fruits too.

These are rich in fiber that works like a toothbrush for teeth.

Hence, stop giving them mashed and softened foods, rather get their jaws and teeth working so that they are stronger.

Rather give them a balanced diet of starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes and bread.

As well as add proteins such as beans, fish, eggs and meat.

Limit intake of fat and sugars.

Eating lots of starchy foods isn’t great for health either hence limit that too.

But most importantly eat lots of crunch vegetables and fruits to get a good nutrient intake.

Decrease your Sugar Intake 

Sugar is behind most of the problems happening in your mouth.

It can cause cavities by eroding the enamel.

One way to stop that is to limit your daily sugar intake.

Set restrictions on what you eat and drink on a daily basis, such as:

  • chocolates, toffees, cakes, biscuits
  • sponge pudding
  • honey, jam and marmalades
  • dried fruit
  • sweet sauces
  • sugary drinks that include juices, soft drinks, milky drinks
  • putting table sugar in tea and coffee
  • icecream
  • syrups

There are lots of sugars in all of these and we consume that on a daily basis.

A healthy tip would be to cut it down to 10 percent of your daily calories.

Besides these, there are other healthy habits to include in your life.

More on that below!

maintain oral hygiene

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Adopt and Avoid


  • Going for a dental checkup routinely
  • Use a mouthwash occasionally

Visit your dentist after every 6 months.

Get checked for cavities and other oral health problems.

If you keep up with your routine appointment, a larger bill will not be waiting for you at the other end.

Plus, what’s better than having healthy teeth that last you a lifetime.

When it comes to taking care of your teeth at home, occasionally use a mouthwash too.

Brushing and flossing are absolutely necessary, however, maintaining cleanliness can always incorporate an additional step.

Use an anti-sensitivity mouthwash or an antibacterial one to get rid of the plaque.

You can also use them to freshen your breath.


  • Smoking
  • Foods that stain teeth

Smoking along with alcohol poses a risk for mouth cancer.

But that’s not it!

Smoking is one of the culprits behind gum disease.

It will also turn your teeth yellow and result in bad breath.

Therefore, you should try to quit both smoking and alcohol in order to reduce its effect on your teeth.

Along with that refrain from eating foods that discolor teeth.

These include eating foods such as berries, using balsamic vinegar or soy sauce in dressings etc.

These will prevent your teeth from turning darker.

However, if they already are, consult your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment.


Using these healthy lifestyle tips for teeth you can incorporate the good and avoid the bad habits.

Once you are used to this lifestyle, you have better teeth and fewer problems with your oral health.

So don’t wait till you have any visible problems rather follow these tips from today.