If you are looking for a complete smile makeover, then you can get a Hollywood Smile.

Moreover, it is a procedure is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can completely give you a makeover, and light your confidence, beauty, and charisma.

Thus the key focus is to make the appearance of your teeth better and beautiful.

It is a complete prosthetic reconstruction treatment for both jaws using caps, veneers, and sometimes even implants.

Hollywood smile is the placement of a dental crown on all your teeth or the visible ones in both your jaws which means that it can either cover them till premolars or all of them.

Candidates for Hollywood Smile

You are a good candidate for Hollywood smile if you have:

Enamel Hypoplasia: This is a condition in which the amount of enamel is not much.


Enamel Hypo-Calcification: In this condition, the enamel is partially mineralized.

Dental Fluorosis: The discoloration of your teeth due to excess use or intake of fluoride.

Staining of teeth due to the use of antibiotics or other medications

Malformed teeth.

Tooth Erosion in which the surface of the enamel wears off by acids.

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Advantages of Hollywood Smile

People all around the world want to feel better about themselves and are choosing to correct their smiles with veneers.

hollywood smile advantages

Aesthetic treatment procedures are best for providing the best veneers and thus, you can correct a wide variety of dental disorders or conditions like discoloration of your teeth, gaps between your teeth, stains, or discolored crowns or bridges.

Moreover, the advantages are it contains no injections, no drilling of the tooth structure and you will get natural-looking teeth in just two visits.

Let us discuss these advantages.

Permanent White Teeth

Staining and discoloration of your teeth are common people and are due to certain beverages, tea, coffee, or food items that you eat or drink.

Teeth whitening is a common option for getting rid of stains and discolorations, however, it does not last long enough.

hollywood smile 2

The treatment is able to provide a long-lasting white smile.

They can permanently transform your smile with bright and natural-looking teeth.

Gaps and Space Elimination

Some people naturally have gaps and space amongst their teeth. Or some develop it over time as your gums tend to leave the teeth and expose the roots over time.

hollywood smile 1

If you have space and gaps between your front teeth or other spacing problems, then you can get this treatment.


It is a fast, non-invasive treatment for eliminating gaps within your teeth. In just two visits to your doctor, these slim veneers can eliminate the gaps between your teeth, while keeping your original teeth intact.

Teeth Alignment

This is a painless and fast alternative to teeth braces. It offers perfectly aligned teeth that give you a beautiful smile.

Despite the fact that braces are available for adults and teens, most people are afraid of the pain and long procedure of getting them.

Moreover, people who are public speakers, or interested in extracurricular activities are embarrassed by getting braces.

Thus, to have a completely correct smile, you can get an alternative treatment to orthodontics in just 2 sittings.

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Reshaping your Teeth

If you have teeth that are not in the proper or right shape, they can easily divert people’s attention from you to your misshapen teeth.

reshaping teeth

If you are reluctant to get a traditional treatment to reshape your teeth, then you can get this treatment that will not ground or drill your natural teeth.

In this procedure, your dentist will simply place veneers over your original teeth and in most cases does not require teeth removal or the removal of enamel.

Types of Veneers

Achieving a Hollywood smile is not difficult today.

Your doctor or cosmetic dentist before starting the procedure will recommend two types of veneers and it is a custom design.

You can choose between these two and discuss with your dentist the advantages and possible side effects of getting them.

The 2 options of veneers are:

  1. Composite veneers
  2. Porcelain veneers.

Most often people are concerned about which type of veneer is better and long-lasting.

The best way t choose is to consult your identity before getting them.

Let us discuss these types of veneers.

Composite Veneers

These dental veneers are made of an aesthetic composite material. Your dentist, will make your Hollywood smile makeover themselves in a dental clinic or get them done by a lab technician.

The advantage of using these veneers is you can get the procedure done in one sitting. Moreover, if they are chipped over time, they can be repaired very easily.

The composite material they are made of sits on the top of your teeth, thus helping you to reshape your teeth into a more desirable appearance.

They are, moreover, ideal if you have small chips or cracks in your teeth.

Porcelain or Ceramic Veneers

These dental veneers are made in the dental lab, and often take at least 3 visits for the treatment to finish.

They cover your tooth completely and are made of porcelain, however, another option is also available, i.e. ceramic veneers.

For the treatment, your dentist will have to file down the existing teeth in order for the veneer to fit and cover your tooth. The dentist will take impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab to make veneers.

At the same time, till your veneers are made, they will place temporary veneers.

Once your veneers are ready, your dentist will apply them using adhesive glue.

Procedure for a Perfect Hollywood Smile

In the first step, your dentist will assess your oral health, condition of your teeth, and sustainability of Hollywood Smile

Certain issues like severe malocclusions, an irregular bite, and teeth grinding may require orthodontic treatment.


In some cases, patients can get benefits from treatments of Invisalign. However, before the procedure, your dentist will clean your teeth and get rid of any infection you might have.

In case you have tooth decay or gum disease, your dentist will recommend dental treatment for the first, to make sure your teeth are healthy before the treatment.

After cleaning your teeth, your dentist will place the veneers using a bond or glue. In some cases, however, to perfectly fit them they might file down the enamel of your tooth.

After Care

After the treatment, make sure to take care of your dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day. Moreover, regular 6-month visits to your dentist can also help to maintain them.

Your dentist will assess your veneers every year to ensure the veneers are looking great. Moreover, they will advise certain activities to avoid fractures or de-bonding.

You should avoid eating hard food, biting them down, and also should avoid sticky foods.

They are not a sturdy as your natural teeth, therefore, wearing a nightguard can help to protect veneers from potential teeth grinding.

Is It Permanent?

Most often dental veneers tend to last for 5 to 15 years and even a couple of decades.

For some, patients might not need to get a replacement of veneers at all. What makes them different is that the life of veneers or any other dental treatment is how you effectively take care of your treatment after the completion of it.

is it permanent

If you do take good care of the veneers, oral and dental hygiene, maintain a proper dental care regime, and visit your dentist regularly, then most probably, you will succeed the average life expectancy of your veneer or smile makeover.

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Possible Risks and Side Effects

There are some risks associated with veneers in that they can fracture, alter in shade, or de-bond.

Depending on how much filling your dentist did, the natural underlying tooth structure can also become sensitive.

Your dentist will advise on the risks with veneers during an initial consultation. In more complex cases of tooth misalignment, invisible braces can be a more appropriate option.

Hollywood Smile procedure cannot be reversed, so considering veneer replacement costs and affordability is important when choosing porcelain veneers.

Depending on the white shade of the veneers you choose, it may be the case that your existing tooth color does not match.

Therefore, you may need teeth whitening beforehand to enhance your smile.

Alternative Treamtents

Getting a Hollywood Smile depends on whether your oral health condition requires a different treatment.

There is a great range of alternative smile makeover options to choose from. These include invisible braces, composite bonding, teeth whitening, tooth contouring, and Lumineers.

Invisalign is an ideal alternative to the Hollywood smile, suitable with misaligned teeth in need of a teeth-straightening solution.

alternative treatments

Moreover, chipped, fractured, worn, and unevenly spaced teeth are easily restored with composite bonding techniques.

If you have discoloration and staining on your teeth then you can brighten them for that white, healthy-looking teeth.

By using teeth whitening procedures such as Zoom!, Power Teeth Whitening, or clinician-supervised Home Teeth Whitening.

Moreover, Lumineers are a dental and cosmetic solution for closing gaps between teeth and creating a uniform look.

However, treatment may require tooth preparation and may not be an appropriate option for people with complex orthodontic prescriptions.


If you are looking to brighten your teeth and make your smile beautiful, then getting a Hollywood Smile treatment is a great option for you.

Moreover, it helps to fill in the gaps between your teeth, straighten, reshape and align them for the perfect smile you want. Ceramic and porcelain veneers are two different options you can choose from, thus discussing them with your dentist, the risk and pros and cons of getting this treatment can help you choose better.