You should keep smiling even if you have imperfect teeth.

A beautiful smile not only lifts the mood of the people around you but also shows great health benefits for yourself.

Your smile does not always have to be involuntary, it can be a conscious choice as well.

In order to reap the health benefits from smiling, you should make yourself smile more often.

It works on your mind as well as your body positively.

In fact, it can even make you live and longer and healthier life.

This article discusses the health benefits associated with smiling. Read more to find out why you should smile more often.

happy mother and daughter keep smiling


Reasons to Keep Smiling

The health benefits of smiling exceed your mood and happiness.

Smiling actually affects the way your body, heart and mind work.

Here are the health benefits that should keep you smiling as it is important for your health and longevity.

1. Increases Your Life Span 

Speaking of longevity, a genuine smile that is intense enough can help you live longer.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, not really since it is proved by a study that genuinely smiling lengthens your lifespan.

While it still requires more research, it does seem to be that living life with a happy and positive mood affects your lifestyle and you live it in a healthy way.

A healthy lifestyle can then add years to your life and increase your lifespan.

Though, it applies to genuinely be happy and smiling intensely rather than faking a smile.

However, even a fake smile can do wonders for your mind.

2. Lifts Up Mood 

Smiling is a physical act that creates an emotional response and affects your emotional state by activating pathways in the brain.

Hence, that means you can basically trick your brain into believing that you are happy when you are actually unhappy.

The facial expression can make your brain believe that you are in a happy state.

It can not only improve your mood but also generate positive thoughts.

Smiling releases neuropeptides that establish better neural communication.

Moreover, it releases neurotransmitters like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

They help to make you feel positive and much happier.

This is effective even when you are not genuinely smiling.

Hence, the next time you feel down, remember to smile widely and notice the instant change in your mood.

3. Improves The Function Of The Immune System 

When smiling releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, your body relaxes and your mind changes to a happy state.

Hence, relaxation also helps to boost your immune system.

This also enhances your overall health as it improves your immunity and the functionality of the immune system.

Moreover when you laugh your immune cells and antibodies that fight infection increase in number.

Isn’t that great? You may fight the illness better by smiling and laughing.

Hence, you should continue smiling before seasonal diseases like flu reach you.

It will help to not only enhance your immunity but also improve your health altogether.

patient keep smiling during pain from injection


4. Acts As A Pain Reliever 

Though smiling has other great benefits, it also helps to reduce pain in your body.

How is that so?

This is because it releases endorphins, serotonin as well as natural pain killers.

These help to suppress pain by relaxing your body and improving your mood.

Therefore, you overall feel good and less in pain.

Therefore, smiling and laughing is indeed the best medicine and the body’s natural drug.

5. Relieves You Of Stress

When you are stressed, your entire body shows it.

You look worn down, fatigued and restless.

Though putting on a simple smile can change the way you look under stress.

It not only changes your look but also your mindset, hence it helps in reducing your stress.

When you smile in stressful situations then your heart rate stays normal or at least less than those who are not smiling.

Hence, you keep your stress under control by smiling even in panicky situations.

Plus, you do not need to genuinely smile, a fake smile can also do wonders for your mood and those around you.

6. Decreases Blood Pressure 

Laughing which usually comes after smiling reduces your blood pressure.

Smiling lowers your heart rate especially when under stress.

Therefore, this can decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Laughing will initially increase your heart rate and oxygen consumption but then it will relax your muscles and decrease your blood pressure.

This is why laughing therapies are pretty popular and help in keeping you healthy.

three women reaping laughing benefits


Benefits of Smiling in Your Life

  • It is contagious

Have you ever seen someone smile and have instantly smiled back?

Well, smiling is indeed that contagious.

Even looking at someone smiling can lift your mood and make you smile.

This is how your brain interprets someone else’s expressions, interprets them and then you unconsciously mimic them.

So as soon as you or someone else smile, the person notices their smiles too.

And what’s better than a room full of smiles and laughter to lift your mood.

  • Makes you look more likable and attractive

People generally think that a person who smiles a lot is likable.

A smiley face is much more attractive than people who frown or grimace.

In fact, people also think that you are a positive person and intend to build and maintain relationships with you.

Whereas people naturally push away people who give stern looks.

Furthermore, it makes your appearance better by lifting your facial muscles.

This makes you look younger.

In fact, people think that your age is younger when you smile compared to when you do not.

Hence, smiling makes you look attractive, young, approachable and likable.

woman having a pleasant look in work meeting


  • It contributes to your success

As smiling makes you likable, people also find it easy to approach you.

Not only that, but you also appear more confident if you smile more often.

Therefore, it actually contributes to your success.

If you smile more often, people think that you have a positive attitude and are a confident person.

If you smile during meetings and appointments then you will notice a considerable difference in the attitude of people around you.

In fact, you are also likely to get a promotion if you smile more.

  • It increases positivity

Smiling itself is a positive gesture.

It assures you and the people around you that you are doing well.

Even if you are having negative thoughts, passing a forced smile can change your mind and thinking.

Your brain receives the message that All is Well and that goes across your body too.

Hence, smiling more often can stop your body and your brain from feeling negative.

It can instill positive thoughts, feelings and vibes which can change your mood, thinking and ambiance.

stopping smile


What’s Stopping From Keep Smiling?

While you may know the innumerable benefits of smiling, why is it still hard for you to smile?

People may refrain from smiling because of their unhealthy teeth or imperfect teeth.

You should laugh to your heart’s content as it is not tough to have straight and healthy teeth.

If you stop yourself from smiling because of your teeth then your self-esteem will see a huge drop.

You will be uncomfortable in public and professional settings and will also lose your confidence.

Hence, if you are not happy with the state of your teeth consider these dental procedures:


Teeth braces can fix your underbite, overbite, buck teeth, gaps in teeth, crossbite and crooked teeth.

Therefore if your teeth are not aligned properly or have gaps and are not straight, then you should go for braces.

Braces can take up to a year or two depending on the severity of your condition and your age.

After that, you will have perfectly straight teeth.

However, you will have to wear teeth retainers for another year to fix your teeth in that position.

woman removing invisalign in a dentist's office after fixing teeth



An alternative to braces can be Invisalign or other clear aligners.

Aligners may not be able to fix big issues in your teeth however, they can align your teeth and make them look perfect.

Your aligners will be regularly adjusted according to the new position of your teeth.

This process can also take up to two years or less.

However, since aligners are clear, you will not have to worry about your appearance and can smile more often with them while they work in the background to align your teeth.

Dental Implants 

If you have a few missing teeth then braces and aligners cannot work for you, you will need dental implants.

Implants help to replace your missing teeth with a dental crown by making a root system for your teeth.

You can also use dental bridges for one missing tooth but you will need implants if there are more than one missing teeth.

Hence, implants help to improve your appearance by giving you perfect teeth which will cause you to smile more.


keep smiling widely


If you want to keep smiling then you should be confident in your smile.

No one should hide their smile, especially a sit has many health and social benefits.

You should smile more often and more wholeheartedly to live a longer, healthier life with fulfillment.