This is one of the most common conditions. It happens to many men. It is what we call androgenic alopecia. A more common name for it is male pattern baldness. It is when people begin to lose hair quite often. But why is it becoming so common? I want to talk in detail about how this condition happens. And how does it effect your life? It is actually a very natural part of the aging process.

But if it is common, that doesn’t mean people are actually adapting to this condition. It can actually become vey upsetting for some people. When you are losing so much of hair, you will definitely be impacted in psychological ways.

When you are suffering from hair loss which happens due to unexpected reasons, it will definitely affect your life in major ways. In some cases, you will also need some medical attention to combat the condition.

I want to talk about everything that you need to know when it comes to combating and handling the male pattern baldness in a healthy way.

Read on to know everything:

How Baldness Happens?

the stages of male pattern baldness

Losing hair can be emotional and affect anyone. This is especially in the case of those who are young. When they begin to lose hair, it impacts their confidence and has many health issues as well with it.

Now let’s talk about how the major causes for this condition. The three main factors for the same include your genes, as well as your age and any hormonal issues with the same. However the main reason for the same usually is how your hormonal levels can change overtime.

Your genes are also a major reason for the same. Some of the factors which impact your health are how your family history impacts your health. The way it actually impacts your health is that they will be impacting the small cavities in your skin. This is at the base of your hair. It is what we call the scalp hair follicles.

With time what happens to your hair is that it will start to get shorter. The speed of the same continues to increase. It goes to the point where you will notice that your hair continues to get even finer. It will happen until there is no new hair growing on your head.

This also depends on where you are from. Some people are more likely to suffer from this condition. This is definitely in the case of those who are living in the States.

The Truth About Hair Growth

Did you know that every single hair on your head actually has its own growth cycle. This means it has a time for growth and it also will fall at some point. But what happens in male pattern baldness, you will notice how the growth cycle will actually begin to weaken even. So much so that the hair follicle will even shrink. This means that there will be even shorter finer strands. The major disadvantage with it is that you will notice that there is no new hair growth in it.

What about inherited male pattern baldness? Well this condition is one in which you will be not facing any side effects. However baldness is something which can actually lead to even more complications. This includes certain sicknesses. Among which having illnesses like cancer, flu, stomachaches, can all cause you to become even more severely sick.

Who’s at Risk?

When it comes to male pattern baldness, it can happen to anyone. However it is more so common in those who are in their teenage years. But it can happen in your adult age too. This is also something which relates to how your genes also plays a major role. When you have men relatives who are also bald, then you also have high chances of developing the same condition. It is actually even more so when you have relatives who are suffering from baldness and fall in the maternal side of the family.

Losing My Hair- Is It Always Male Pattern Baldness?

can you control the baldness?

In many cases you will lose hair. But that doesn’t mean it is always male pattern baldness. In some cases it is temporary and is getting triggered due to some health condition. You will face the hair loss for some time but it is possible that the hair will grow back again.

However when it comes to losing hair at the temples or at the crown of your head, you will suffer from male pattern baldness. This is when you will get even a single bald spot. With time, you will notice how your hairline will also begin to recede. It forms to an M shape. In some cases, the hairline will actually continue to go low. It happens so for many cases. Up to the point where you will also start to lose your complete hair.

The Psychological Effect

Facing loss hair can impact your health drastically. It makes you lose your confidence. You will be suffering endlessly with it. It puts you in distress can cause you to shun away from social gatherings as well. It makes a major impact on your health and lifestyle. It is definitely something that can make you unhappy.

So here’s the thing- treatments are available for this condition. We will talk about certain techniques on how to address the hair loss condition.

You will like to know how there are certain techniques which actually work! Let’s begin:

Techniques to Addressing Hair Loss

Medical treatment is something which is necessary in certain cases. It can impact your condition as well. Some of the major issues with this condition is that it is something which can even worsen with time if not taken care of in due time.

It makes for how your health will get impacted. Learn how you can still try to get an impression of how you have a fuller head of hair. It is not something which is not unattainable. This is how it works:

Hairstyles Matter

How you style yourself matters. It is basically relating to how men who have very limited hair can actually hide away the baldness in creative ways. You can actually ask for your hairstylist to create amazing looks. There are some amazing cuts you can make out. It actually gives the illusion that you have a full look of hair.

Wigs that Work

Wigs work great. They help to hid off your hair issues. If you are not comfortable with wigs, you can make use of hair weaves. These are amazing and natural. As they are completely sewn into your natural hair. This might be expensive but it also works great in the long run. The biggest advantage of this hair weave is that you are able to make use of it as it is always staying on.

You are even able to do major activities while wearing your hair weave. This includes swimming, showering as well as while sleeping. You are not able to get a feeling of discomfort when you are continuously wearing it. The only disadvantage you will face with this is that it is not sewn again when the hair growth begins to happen. This sewing process is also one which can damage your natural hair.

Hair Transplants

This is something which can act as the last resort. It is when you have the funds to be able to get a proper treatment. It is actually invasive and also an expensive treatment.  The hair transplant is a major procedure. It is basically a process in which you remove hair from certain areas of your active hair growth. It gets into transplanting them onto the areas of thinning or balding areas of scalp.

Counselling Helps

It is one of the major ways in which you can combat from this condition. When you are going bald, it is basically a major change which you are suffering from. You will be having concerns when trying to accept how this change will actually impact your life. It is best if you start taking counselling. In certain cases, the change will also lead to issues with anxiety. You will have low self-esteem, depression can take over you. You will also suffer from certain emotional problems. These will also lead to long-term disadvantages.

So this is definitely something you should be knowing of and understanding the condition.


the hair loss

Hair treatment is something which helps you to combat the male pattern baldness. It is a state which can impact not just your health but also your social life. It can make you depressed. However the good news is, you can still manage a good life despite suffering from this condition. In this article, I spoke in detail how you can still lead a happy life despite suffering from hair loss. It is not something which impact you in major ways however you can ensure your life is complete when you adapt certain techniques. Ensure your health is complete when you have complete knowledge on managing this condition.