When we look at ways in which we can assure that our health is well is to willfully adapt ways in which we aim to keep it well-nourished. And doing so is possible when you aim for adding very benefiting elements into your diet plan. On such thing is called MCT oil.

Now most people may not be aware of what exactly is MCT oil. This is actually a kind of supplement which comes from a type of fat.

That fat is known as medium-chain triglycerides.

It is essentially very important for your health. The MCT molecules are actually even far smaller than any other kinds you may be eating.

This kind of fat is actually very easy in digestion too. And the reason is that the MCT molecules quickly get into your blood stream. As they do, they will be quickly converting into energy for long-term use.

In this article I want you to know all there is to know about MCT oil. How do we use it, its benefits to our health and why you need to add to your diet today.

So let’s start.

What is MCT Oil?

what is MCT oil?

In simple terms you can call it as the kind of dietary supplement which gives you a major health boost.

It is made of many, many MCT fat molecules and this is the good kind of fat I am talking about. The kind which you are going to benefit from when you are adding it into your diet.

Many people who are trying to lose weight also consider adding MCT oil to their diet. It is a major way in which they will be getting a boost.

The kind of boost you need when you are aiming to work out and make your body stronger and healthier.

Some health experts also suggest that this kind of oil is also going to help in your cerebral development.


It is shown to give a major boost to your ability to think properly and give your memory a boost.

In some cases it also helps those who are suffering from dementia.

Where Do They Come From?

This is one of the main questions people often tend to ask.

As you may know fats are actually made of a range of carbon atoms.

And when we look into the fats that are there in a person’s diet. It is usually in the amount of 13 to 21 atoms.

We call them as long-chain fatty acids.

When you compare it to short-chain fatty acids, these will be coming to about 6 or less carbon atoms.

So the MCT means when there is a medium-chain triglycerides in between.

You can easily find them in coconut oil.

The major difference between this kind of oil and others is that this is something which is going directly into the gut from the liver.

And from thereon, they will be used as a major source of energy.

They are the healthier kind because the energy you get from this is going to be directly used as energy.

So there is no form of fat store in the process.

Uses of MCT Oil

combating weight loss

Many people often wonder and ask how is this used anyway? Is it really going to be making much of a difference to my health.

Well, to know that, first you need to see some potential ways in which MCT Oil is going to be helping you.

People take this because:

It is going to help in weight loss goals. The major way it is the best kind of oil substitute is that it focuses on and ensures your weight loss.

Another thing with which it stands out is that it is going to be helping in controlling your appetite. Your need to constantly consume food is curbed.

When you take a good amount of this oil, it builds your stamina. And it gives you a major energy boost.

How does that help?

It will allow you to exercise more often. Keeping you energized for the long run.

One of the leading ways in which it manages your health is that it helps with inflammation.

Does it Work?

getting major results

There is still a lot to be done and studied to determine how true is this kind of information really when it comes to using MCT oil.

But the thing is it does help. However the extent to how it is helping you is still not as clear.

Sure it is possible that you will storing less fat and feeling fuller for longer when you are replacing LCT with MCT.

But when you aren’t hungry, you will not be eating a lot.

It does however shown that when you are adding MCT oil into your diet, it is going to be raising the energy you need for your muscles.

And that means you will get a major boost in your strength especially if you are weak or an elderly person.

Also there has been research which is suggesting that with MCT, your body is going to be making ketones.

And this is the major energy source that your brain needs.

When it comes to fungus treatment, MCT oil also shows it helps in soothing the skin in infections.


Because it will be working as an antimicrobial. And that means it will be breaking down the bacteria as well as any virus walls causing problems.

MCT Oil Benefits

the benefits of MCT oil

Now that you have a really good idea over what is MCT oil and how do we use it. As well as what do we use it for.

I am now going to break down the many MCT oil benefits and advantages.

So there are actually quite a few health benefits that come with this.

The following I am sharing are some of the leading incentives which is making people add MCT oil into their diet.

Check them out and see if anything relates and works for you.

Memory Boost

This is one of the main reasons why someone wants to add MCT oil in their diet.

It is essentially a leading way to make your brain function better.

Also research in relation to Alzheimer’s disease suggests that it can help in combating the condition to a certain extent.

But more research has to be done in this regard to be certain.

Yet, when it comes to the elderly, those who are taking this oil suggest that there is a slight better functioning of the brain as well as the thinking ability is getting a good boost.

When you are making use of ketones instead of glucose, the benefits are majorly and can be quickly sensed.

Energy Boost and Endurance

This is another thing that MCT oil is helping you with.

It is going to be boosting your memory and allowing you to endure longer hours of working without getting tired.

Many studies show that when you are consuming food which is rich in MCTs, it will definitely be allowing you to feel like athletes and work out for longer hours.

The high-intensity workout is real. And when you allow your body the nudge to keep on striving hard, you will be getting major results.

The evidence is still limited but it shows that you can get things done when you put your mind to them.

Cholesterol Control

So one of the major things to know is that MCT oil is also a great boost to controlling high cholesterol levels.

They help in protecting your heart.

You just need to ensure that you are consuming coconut oil as this combats the bad kinds of oil and allows for your health to be better and protected in the long run.

As it turns out, it is also a really good kind of oil when we see how it is improving blood sugar levels.

This is essentially true when it comes to controlling your diabetes.

So just making that kind of change and getting this update allows for your health to be well-protected and managed.

But remember, this kind of oil is only used for cooking.

You cannot assume or make use of it in any other way.

That will not be giving you the complete results that you need to ensure your health is well looked after in the long run.


should you consume MCT oil?

MCT oil is new but it is definitely interesting.

There is major research and views on how you can get the best of it.

In this article, I wanted to talk about and cover all that you need to know about MCT oil.

Including how do we make use of this oil, the kind of ways it is going to help you and the advantages overall.

Where there is still more research needed in this regard, the fact is MCT oil is still popular.

Why its benefits are still being explored, one thing is certain is that there are not disadvantages to using it.

Making that kind of distinction is going to allow you to get the best for your health and longevity.