Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are grinding your teeth continuously.

This is a common habit when done occasionally.

As well as the habit of clenching your teeth.

But when you are doing so on a regular basis, there is definitely something wrong and needs to be addressed.

This is what we call bruxism.

While this I may tell you that doesn’t cause any problems of heavy dental concerns to your health but it is still a nasty habit.

And if you damage your teeth heavily, chances are you will also face further oral health complications.

So it is best that you address this issue and have it solved before matters get out of your hand.

One such solution is called making use of a night guard for bruxism.

In this article, I will be hitting upon and sharing details on what is bruxism and how you can make use of night guards to have it solved.

So let’s begin:

What is Grinding and Why People Do It?

what is grinding

Grinding your teeth is something that has been coming off for a very long time. Many people have been doing so before you and chances are many will continue doing it afterwards as well.

It is an age-old habit in which people get into clenching their teeth when they are in a state of stress or anxiety.

It can set onto you without a warning and the habit kicks in when you are sleeping.

The concern usually happens because of  teeth which are not in perfect shape, especially crooked or missing teeth.

The condition also is common in sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

Now you might be wondering how does one even know if they are suffering from this condition or not. However if you feel you have a certain headache or your jaw feels out of place, it is best that you have it checked out.

The reason probably is that you are suffering from bruxism.

When you go to the dentist, two things he will look out for are if your teeth are wearing out in an escalated state and if your jaw has tenderness due to unexplained reasons.

Now I want to talk about teeth grinding or bruxism is a habit which can cause issues in the long run:

How Teeth Grinding is Harmful

Let’s talk about how teeth grinding is a habit which in the long run can become a major thing to worry about.

If you are clenching and grinding your teeth for a long time, chances are you will have fractured, loosened teeth.

Adapting a chronic grinding condition would also mean that your teeth will continue to tear down. When this happens, there are a few teeth treatments you may have to opt for.

These include having bridges, crowns, root canals and even implants done.

If you continue to grind your teeth without any treatment, you can also suffer from teeth loss.

Sometimes the jaw tenderness can get worse and you may suffer from conditions like TMD/TMJ.

Some people also suffer from a state where their facial structure also can change.

So now that you understand the long-term harmful effects of bruxism, I want to let you know how night guard is a very useful solution to look into:

Night Guard for Bruxism

So now that we have understood how bruxism affects your life, let’s now talk about how night guards are helpful in this condition.

What are Night Guards?

making use of night guards

These are basically a product which are worn at night ( hence the name). It is a properly fitted elements that holds the purpose to keep your teeth and jaw into a proper alignment while you rest during the night.

Now don’t be confused, as night guards come by other names too. They are also called mouth guards, dental guards as well as bite splints.

Their main objective is that they create a safe barrier between your teeth.

How Do Night Guard for Bruxism Work?

So how they keep your teeth protected is whenever you start to clench your teeth, the night guard aims to actually reduce the tension and pressure.

It also works hard in giving cushion into the muscles of the jaws.

This is important to reduce the pressure on your teeth and keep them safe and protected against misalignment.

The main objective of the night guard is that it provides strong cushioning. The cushioning allows for your teeth to remain protected especially the enamel.

If the enamel starts to erode, the inner structure of your teeth is exposed and this leads to further complications.

This cushioning is also important in keeping the jaw and face pain to a minimal amount.

So it is best to invest in night guard. While some people may take time to actually get used to it, but in most cases, from the kind of benefits you get from it, the adaptability can be taken into account and worked around.

Right, so now that we have a good understanding on bruxism and how night guards are important. I want to talk about how there are actually different night guards are available for your choice and perusal.

Let’s move forward on the types of night guards available for you:

Types of Night Guard for Bruxism

Did you know that there are different night guards available at your disposal. You can make use of one which suits to you personally.

Soft Night Guards

These kind of night guards are actually for very mild cases. It is also something you can start making use of if you are kickstarting the habit.

If you start making use of night guards during occasional teeth clenching, chances are you can get rid of the habit before it becomes chronic.

They are actually very comfortable to put on and are easy to be used. They also come at a lower cost than other kinds.

However since they are soft, those with chronic condition can actually chew right through the soft material. Hence it is not very durable and have a very limited lifespan.

Now let’s move onto the second kind:

Dual Laminate Night Guards

types of night guards

This is the kind of night guard which is actually a little more advanced as compared to soft night guards.

How it differs from the first kind is that it is used for those who are moderate to severe teeth grinders.

They are actually soft on the inside but harder on the outside, making it hard for you to actually bite through the material.

So it is a good option to use for heavy clenching as well as grinding. They are also long lasting as compared to the first one. This means they come with a longer warranty.  But again, since they are harder on the outside, it makes them thicker than soft guards.

You will find it harder to adjust around to wearing them often. And if you don’t you will actually not be helping your teeth in the long run. But definitely a better option to look into.

So now let me talk about the final kind of night guard.

Hard Night Guards

The third kind which is known to provide the best protection from clenching and grinding your teeth is the hard material night guards.

The biggest difference is, is that they are made from acrylic. This makes this type extremely rigid and also durable.

Aside from being used for teeth grinding, they also are a major useful tool for TMJ.

These kind of night guards are very durable, they are sturdy and very handy when it comes to keeping the teeth from shifting out of place.

Also it comes as no surprise that they have the longest warranty.

So why aren’t people opting for this kind of night guard in the first place?

That is because it comes with its own set of cons.

The main one being that this is the thickest kind of night guard you can actually use. It can be very uncomfortable to use and that too on a regular basis.

There have been major complaints on how they are difficult to sleep in and it takes ages for you to actually get comfortable in.

Another thing is that since these kinds are actually customized by your dentist looking into your dental impressions, they can be very expensive.

But when it comes to protecting your teeth from erosion and loss, they are your best bet to keeping your teeth in mint condition.


combating bruxism

So there you have it. Just when you hit your deep sleep, your muscles begin to relax. This also includes the muscles in your airway.

When this happens, there is blockage of airflow which leads to your jaw tightening and your teeth begin to clench without your knowledge.

Bruxism is a common cause of concern, especially when it develops and causes complications to your dental health.

While there can be various methods to treat bruxism. In this article we specially talked about just one of the major kinds of treatments.

Night guard for bruxism is effective and there are various kinds to choose from. Learn what suits you best and adapt it into your routine to protect your teeth in the long run.