There is something known as being overweight. It means when you are having excessive body fat.

But what about obesity and what are the leading obesity causes?

It is something which is alarming, scary and on the rise.

A complex condition, it relates to when you are having body fat which is also triggering and causing other complications.

This includes issues like having a risk of other diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, as well as complications which can cause even cancer.

This in itself is shocking.

You need to be aware so to have something done about it.

In this article, we will be targeting and hitting on what are the major reasons as to why someone may be suffering from obesity.

And how this condition impacts your health on a larger scale.

Also ways in combating its spread, risk factors and what kind of complications can arise from it if not treated in a timely manner.

So let’s start:

What is Obesity?

what is obesity

Before discussing and understanding what is obesity, let me first talk about what is body mass index (BMI).

This is basically when you are measuring the weight and height which is in direct relation to the body size of a person.

BMI is a measurement mechanism which takes into account how much should a person’s BMI be, in order for us to declare them as being obese or not.

When looking into the BMI of an adult, if it is coming as over 30 or more, then it means that the person is obese.

And being obese is extremely dangerous as it will trigger and cause other relating problems.

However there are still some limitations to making use of this metric s it might consider muscular athletes as being obese if they have a high BMI, when it could just easily mean that they are muscular and do not have extra weight or flabby skin.

Now that you have an understanding of what is BMI and how it relates to measuring a person being overweight, I am now going to be talking about the leading causes of this disease:

Obesity Causes

Why is a person- a child or an adult obese?

There can be several reasons for this.

You can suffer from this condition due to several genetic, behavioral or even metabolic reasons.

In its most simple sense, you will be suffering from obesity when you are taking in more calories than you are burning them.

When this happens, after a while you will start piling on those extra calories and when you do, you will be excessively gaining weight.

But here’s something you should know- not all causes are such which you can control. Having a sedentary lifestyle and consuming too many calories is not the only reason why someone will suffer from this.

We will now look into some of the most common causes of obesity. They include:

  • Genes- you will likely suffer from this condition if you have it in your genetics where your body is not able to effectively process the food you eat into energy.
  • In some cases, something like growing old can actually lead to you having less muscle mass. And this will in turn lead to you having a slow metabolic rate.
  • Sometimes you can simply be gaining weight because you are not getting enough sleep. This will be bringing hormonal changes in your body.
  • And when you are not sleeping properly, that means you will continuously be feeling hungry and also want to crave high-calorie foods.
  • Pregnancy is one of the leading reasons as to why a person may be gaining weight.
  • If a person gains too much weight in a pregnancy, chances are they will not be able to shed that weight completely. This will be leading to obesity in a person.

Health Conditions- Leading Obesity Causes

medical conditions due to obesity

Sometimes it is something like suffering from health conditions which can cause you to suffer from obesity.

Some of the leading health conditions which can trigger obesity concerns include:

  • PCOS- this is a polycystic ovary syndrome which creates an imbalance of the female reproductive hormones
  • Cushing syndrome is when you will be having very high stress hormones in the system
  • Hypothyroidism is what we call as a condition in which the thyroid gland is not producing enough hormones and it essentially leads you to feeling sick
  • Osteoarthritis is also a condition in which you feel body pain regularly. When this happens, you indulge in less activity which causes you to have an inactive lifestyle
  • This will in turn lead towards obesity and gaining weight.

So who is more prone to this condition?

Well, now we will talk about those:

Risk Factors in Obesity

There can be several reasons as to why you are more prone to having this condition. Let’s look into some of the most common ones:

Family Influence

You may actually inherit genes from your parents where your body fat is getting impacted and is getting distributed in uneven ways.

Hence genes is going to be playing a very important role on how your body converts food into energy.

This is a condition which runs in the family.

It does not happen so just because of the genes you have.

Also it is something which can trigger if you are also not adapting good, eating habits and are not leading an active lifestyle to lose that extra weight.


overweight people

Simply put, sometimes your own choice of diet, activities and living is going to be making a difference.

You need to ensure you are leading a healthy lifestyle as this will be allowing you to feel fit and look great.

Some of the poor choices people make without even realizing  include:

Having a poor and unhealthy diet- due to our incredibly busy schedule, it becomes so easy for a person to take on high calories without even knowing it.

Not consuming healthy fruits and vegetables is going to be playing a major role in keeping you healthy and fit. Avoid consuming too much junk food.

Also you should look into how high-calorie beverages actually impact your health in a major way.

There are lots of liquid calories which people consume thinking it is still better than food calories but there are actually ‘hidden calories’ which you are not familiar with.

This is especially true in case of carbonated drinks and alcohol.

And one of the leading issues is when you adapt an inactive lifestyle. Having a sedentary lifestyle is also one of the major ways in which you will be piling on the pounds.

It does not require much for you actually do daily exercise and remain active.

Even simply walking  for half an hour is going to be making a major difference. Researchers have suggested that sitting in front of the screen directly associates with gaining weight.

Age Matters

Sometimes obesity can trigger in a more prominent way depending on the age. A person who is above 40 years of age will not be able to turn their food into energy in an effective manner.

This is because their metabolism slows down and you wouldn’t be able to convert this into energy in a proficient manner.

Also because the muscle in the body begins to decrease as you age, you will be gaining more weight.

Hence lower muscle mass will mean there is a decrease in metabolism.

This will be changing how your appetite works and lead to a rise in weight.

If you remain inactive, this will in turn lead to you piling on the calories.

Adding to it feeling stress, these things impact how your weight is piling up. Make sure you are adapting an active lifestyle as it will ensure your health is well-looked after.


People who suffer from obesity will also have certain complications . These are serious health problems and can include:

  • Heart disease
  • Suffering strokes- it can take on a person of any age
  • Type 2 diabetes can also take on effect
  • Certain cancers can also happen
  • Digestive problems also become common
  • Sleep apnea is a common condition which can take over
  • You can also suffer from severe covid-19 symptoms which can cause for you to have severe corona symptoms


the many complications of obesity

Obesity causes are many. It is a health condition which is on the rise. It is something which many people suffer from on an annual basis. In this article I looked into what are the leading reasons for someone to suffer from obesity.

Having excessive weight is concerning as it can lead to several other complications in the body.

These can be troublesome and can even lead to further problems if not treated in a timely manner.

It matters how you take care of your health.

In this article, we not only talked of the leading obesity causes, what are the risk factors, complications that can happen.

It is a wakeup call for you on how just adapting an active lifestyle may help you to keep yourself safe from any complications that can arise, simply because you are piling on those extra calories.