Many people use oral piercing as a way to self-express. It is basically relating to how you will be creating this look which may look dangerous to your health. And the fact of the matter is, it is still something which is not very hygienic. Oral piercing risks are plenty. It all comes down to how you will be managing it. Many people consider oral piercing as a major style statement.

In today’s time, it is becoming a major trend. People from various backgrounds are making use of this now even more than ever. When we talk about oral piercing, it can also include tongue, lips and even cheek. There has been an increase in the same among adults as well as adolescents. In this article, I will be talking about how oral piercing risks can be plenty. There are various complications associating to it. Your dental hygiene matters a lot and how this relates to oral health will be explained in detail.

So let’s start:

Trend of Oral Piercing

Body piercing is very common. Some people consider it to a common trend. It is very dangerous to your health. Did you know that there millions of bacteria in your mouth?  When you are doing mouth piercing , it is possible that you may be suffering from swelling and infection in the mouth.

This can become extremely dangerous to your health. It will lead to your airway getting tighter. And when that happens you will also feel like you are choking. Also this jewelry can possibly break into your mouth and cause you to suffer from internal injuries.

Also in most cases, what happens is that you will crack a tooth if you are biting down too hard on that piercing. And sometimes what can happen is your jewelry can hit against your teeth which causes severe damage to them.

Oral piercing if not done at the right place can cause several infections. It can also lead to several serious infections which will make problems for you and these cannot be fixed right away.

Oral Piercing Risks

understanding tongue piercing

Let’s now look into some of the possible side effects you will be suffering from if you get oral piercing done. These can include:


The biggest issue that can happen is there is buildup of bacteria. When this bacteria is not controlled, it can complicate things and lead to even more infection. You need to look into how to control the spread of infection. It is most likely to get impacted by the infection as the piercing can get infected before it even heals properly. You should also avoid touching the mouth jewelry with your hand. Also make sure you avoid tobacco products. Just make sure you are keeping the infection level at bay.

Life-threatening Diseases

This is basically relating to the kind of unhealthy consequences you will have to suffer from if you are not making use of sanitary needles. If you are not keeping your hygiene levels in check, you will be contracting several diseases. These will be including Hepatitis B as well as Hepatitis  C.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

There is yet another issue with oral piercings. They can cause several problems to your teeth. The jewelry can actual chip and fracture your teeth. Also if you have placed crowns or caps, they will be causing damage to your teeth. So it is best that you take care of the broken tooth in a proper manner and ensure it is kept in proper hygienic condition.

Injury to Gums

As it turns out, jewelry can also harm your gums. This is because there is several soft gum tissue in the mouth. And if you wear jewelry, it can lead to you having receding gums. When that happens, your teeth will become prone to several problems. And this includes decay as well as periodontal disease.

Prolonged Bleeding

In some cases, you might be having a blood vessel which is actually punctured. This can happen in cases where your oral piercing is not done from a safe place. If that is the case, it will result in heavy bleeding. And it can cause severe blood loss.

Pain and Swelling

These two are the most common side effects of oral piercing. In some cases, if you are getting heavy swelling, it is going to be closing the airway. As it happens, it basically becomes hard to breathe. In most cases, if you are suffering from too much pain, it is best that you consult your doctor and get the proper treatment.

Now let’s look into other aspects relating to oral piercing.

The Duration of Oral Piercing

harmful impacts of oral piercing

It is important to look into how you can keep your oral piercing safe and clean. This will be done by practicing oral hygiene and you need to keep your mouth safe and secure from infection. It is important that you keep in check the signs of any pain and problems. And this you will be able to do so if you are going to be keeping a proper dental check.

Now I want to talk about how you need to take care of your oral piercing in a proper manner so to ensure that it is not infected.

Caring for Your Oral Piercing

While health specialists still suggest that you should not be getting oral piercing at all. It is best that you visit a trained professional and get to know that they will be using sterile instruments. This controls and manages the changes of infection in a better way.

When you are going to a professional, you will be able to keep the cleanliness factor in order. Also I want to talk about and making a checklist on ways in which you will be able to take care of your oral piercing :

  • Do not play with your jewelry. Also do not rotate it in any way.
  • It is considered extremely unhygienic if you are chewing on your fingernails or nail biting
  • Avoid putting anything in the mouth. Like a pen or straw as this has plenty of  germs which will be going directly into your mouth
  • Some people will be placing tips of the glasses into your mouth
  • Anything which is unclean, when going anywhere near your lips will cause you to suffer from several health concerns
  • Make use of a soft bristle toothbrush. And aim at brushing your teeth twice in a day.
  • You should be completely avoiding eating foods and drinks which are going to irritate your piercing. This includes food items which are very salty and spicy.
  • Making use of a saline soak is also very effective. However make sure you don’t use them too much. Twice a day is going to be sufficient in itself.
  • Also if you are using anti-inflammatory remedies, they will be helping and combating the swelling and pain.
  • Many health experts also suggest that you avoid going to swimming pools. Especially if your piercing has not healed properly as yet. This is because the bacteria can enter your blood stream. This can cause further complications in the body.

A Few More Tips

understanding how to care for teeth and oral health

Now I want to look into and talk about how once the piercing is healed, you have to make sure that you remove the jewelry whenever you are eating or sleeping. Also if you are getting into any sports, you should be removing your jewelry for the same.

Know this that if you have certain kind of piercing, it is very important that you keep a strong check on aftercare. Practicing good oral hygiene is very important in general. You should be brushing your teeth twice in a day. Flossing is very important as well.

Be sure to keep your teeth in mint condition. You can also make use of antimicrobial mouth rinses and tongue scrapers too. Your regular cleanings is very important. It keeps your pearly whites in absolute perfect condition.

It all comes down to keeping your oral piercing in proper state. And the major way of doing so, you will have several hygienic practices in order which will allow you to remain healthy and fit.

You should be looking into and accessing all the risks associated with getting an oral piercing.  Oral health is very important to manage properly. You will have to  see what is you skin condition. Oral piercing of the tongue, lips and cheeks- it is basic form of body art.

There are several complications which can take place. This includes swelling, as well as infection and scarring. Tongue splitting is also quite common and can lead to several complications.


This is one of the most common trends which everyone is wishing to adapt. However is it really something worth the risk? In this article, I shared all the major oral piercing risks you should be knowing of. It can cause several complications and risks into your system. Make sure you are aware of those to ensure your health is in its optimal condition. Otherwise you can suffer from complications which will become hard to overcome.