A perfect smile contains all teeth in complete alignment inside the mouth.

Though, if you did not take care of your baby teeth then your adult teeth probably didn’t grow to become perfect.

Preventing you from smiling to your heart’s content because your imperfect teeth show.

Hence, you will need dental procedures to bring out your unhindered smile.

This article is for you if you cover your smile in front of people.

Keep reading to know how you can smile confidently!

veneers for perfect smile


Dental Procedures to Get a Perfect Smile: Veneers and More

If you do not want to replace a tooth and cover all of it, then your best option is to go for dental veneers.

Veneers only cover the front of your teeth.

A veneer is applied individually to the tooth and it can be partial or full.

Partial veneers only cover a part of your tooth that is broken or chipped.

It is a good option if you only want a veneer on one tooth.

Full veneers get on all of your teeth to give them an even look.

Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and weeks later when the veneers arrive they will apply them to your teeth.

Traditional veneers required extensive procedures, however, new ones will only remove your enamel so that they stick on your teeth properly.

You may be wondering that if they remove your enamel then your teeth will be prone to oral health diseases.

Actually not because the veneers help protect the teeth.

They go only on the outer surface of the teeth and can last as long as 20 years and the procedure will be done within weeks.

In order to get a perfect smile veneers are your option to have perfect smile teeth without an extensive procedure.


Another alternative to veneers is dental crowns.

However, they cover your entire teeth rather than just the front part like veneers.

They can hide discoloration and the bad shape of teeth while also strengthening them and preventing them from breaking.

It can also restore a broken tooth.

Moreover, your dentist may use it to attach a dental bridge.

This brings us to…


If you have one missing tooth then crown and bridges can help fill that gap.

dental bonding procedure



Your dentist bonds certain materials on your teeth directly.

Porcelain and resins are used to bond enamel and dentin.

They fuse together and create a strong structure that holds your teeth together.


If you have more than one missing tooth then you will require dental implants.

They are an anchor for the new teeth at the upper and lower jaw.

Implants hold the crowns and bridges firmly in place and provide roots for them to stick to.

Moreover, they last quite a long time so you will not have to worry about repeating the procedure again.

Hence, smile to your heart’s content with these restorations.

woman getting braces procedure


Braces Procedure

If you thought about perfecting your teeth, braces would have come to mind.

But does the visual of wearing heavy metal braces with brackets and braces put you off?

Maybe that is the reason why you still do not have aligned teeth.

The good news is that there are other less visible options such as ceramic braces and lingual braces.

Ceramic braces do not use a metal wire but a transparent one.

Whereas lingual braces go on the back of your teeth rather than on the front.

Hence you do not need to worry about having those metal-filled teeth for a year.

You will follow up a year of braces with a year of teeth retainer.

If you get permanent retainers then you will have them on for life otherwise, you can wear removable retainers for a year consistently.

As soon as you remove them, you will be able to smile to your heart’s content unhindered.


Besides braces, you can get clear aligners also known as Invisalign.

They look like clear retainers but function differently.

Aligners help to align your teeth back in position over a period of one to two years.

You need to readjust them in order to exert pressure on your teeth.

These are clear so they do not affect your appearance and you can go by your days normally.

Take care of your clear aligners so that they don’t stain.

You will have your best smile as soon as you remove them.

teeth whitening before and after


Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth also hinder people from smiling.

The yellowness in your teeth is probably due to the food you consume.

Habits such as smoking, not taking dental care of your oral hygiene, and eating sugary foods also contribute to this yellowness.

In wires cases, the yellow can turn to brown giving you unappealing teeth.

This can adversely affect your confidence and self-esteem.

You will find yourself covering your smile more often because you are afraid of how your teeth look.

A simple solution to this is teeth whitening.

Book a teeth whitening session with your dentist to clear yourself of these doubts regarding your yellow teeth.

It will hardly take 2 hours before you have your pearly whites.

A zoom teeth whitening treatment can give you up to 8 shades of whiter teeth.

Follow the treatment with good oral practices and try to form good habits that will not stain your teeth again.

Be careful of what you eat and drink for the next few days.

Also, prevent your teeth from staining by avoiding bad oral habits.

This way you can retain your white smile for longer.

Though, many people may not understand why there is a need to smile widely.

If you are one of those, keep reading below.

health benefits of smiling


Importance of Smiling

People who think that their smile is imperfect, also tend to smile less.

Get a perfect smile by following the above dental procedures because smiling has social as well as health benefits.

If you smile less then you are making life difficult for yourself.

The Health Benefits of Smiling Include: 

  • Low heart rate

Smiling decreases your heart rate and calms you.

It can reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease and stroke.

Laughing also decreases your blood pressure.

Hence, your heart health benefits from smiling.

  • Changes Your Mood

Smiling releases neurotransmitters and endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine.

This helps send the brain the signal that everything is well.

Hence, the body goes into a state of happiness.

It also works when you fake a smile.

Your mood will instantly lift up and also your stress will decrease.

If you are unsure about it, try it right now.

Smile while you are reading this article.

Did it brighten up your mood a little?

  • Its Boosts Immunity

The function of your immune system improves whenever you smile.

Hence, you may want to smile a little more before you feel that flu coming.

The functionality of the immune system becomes better because a smile indicates that you are relaxed.

This strong immunity will also help you live longer.

Smiling adds years to your life hence, whenever you hesitate from smiling, remember that this may mean you can get better immunity to fight diseases and you may live longer.

  • Decreases Pain

Smiling not only releases serotonin and endorphins but also natural pain killers.

When in pain, smile a little wider and see how your pain decreases.

These chemicals and neurotransmitters also make you feel much better.

Therefore, reducing the experience of pain altogether in your body.

perfect smile benefits


Smiling Benefits

Smiling generally has an impact on your mood and on your attitude.

If you smile more then your attitude becomes positive too.

This positive attitude drives you towards success.

Team leaders and people in leadership are usually those who smile more often.

As it generates a sense of security and confidence.

You look more approachable if you smile than if you frown.

It is easier to talk to you and communicate with you if you tend to smile more.

Hence, it helps you to make and maintain contacts in the long run.

Also, smiling is contagious.

If you smile in a room full of people, the whole room will be smiling in no time.

This leaves a good impression on people.

Though, you should also figure out why you smile so less.

Is it your teeth, or your problems?

Smiling can help change your mindset and make it more positive but it is not a solution to your problems.

Faking a smile will temporarily lift your mood but only a genuine smile will help you live longer.

Hence, it is important for you to figure out why you are distressed enough to not smile properly.

As you now know smiling can elevate your mood and bring you happiness.

Also, it has numerous social and health benefits.

So whenever you feel down, try to smile a little to lighten the burden off your shoulders.

So Summing Up

If the reason behind not smiling is your imperfect teeth then it is high time that you get a dental procedure.

Life is too short to not live fully and smile half-heartedly.

A baby’s smile is precious and you should keep smiling that to your heart’s content as you grow older.

These dental procedures hardly take longer than a year or less to give you a perfect smile for your entire life to flaunt confidently.