Have you ever suffered from a condition in which your eye or both are turning pink. Also they seem itchy and irritable for no reason? Rubbing it just makes it worse and there may be some discharge from it as well? This is what we call a pink eye and it is important to know what it is before talking about pink eye treatment.

Also know as conjunctivitis, pink eye is actually a common infection. It is when there is swelling in the eye over a very thin and transparent membrane which is lying on the inner surface of the eyelid.

It also covers the white part of the eye.

This means that when you have a pink eye, you are necessarily suffering from what we call as having inflammation. And this is what makes the color of your eye as pink or even red.

In this article I will share all that you need to know about having a pink eye, pink eye treatment and why it is important.

So let’s begin:

What is Pink Eye?

understanding what is pink eye

This is a horrible inflammation or infection which is going to be lining the membrane of your eyelid. It is what is covering most of your eye and it lines the eyelid too.

When these small blood vessels get inflamed, it makes them even more hard to look at. It is basically how the whites in your eye actually start to appear in a red color.

Pink eye usually happens due what we call as a bacteria or even a viral infection. In some cases, a person may be having an allergic reaction to them. And that is what causing them to suffer from this condition.

In most cases, the condition can be very irritating. This will make you want to itch and rub it in, making it even worse.

So it is best to leave it to the medical experts to have it treated.

Now let’s look at the symptoms before we see how pink eye treatment works.

Symptoms for Pink Eye

The most common kind of signs that suggest you may be suffering from a pink eye include the following. It is best if you are able to know of these and identify them in advance:

  • Firstly you will notice that one or both of your eyes are having redness
  • There is definite itchiness in them. This is because you are rubbing it in. And the more you rub it, the far worse it gets.
  • You will be feeling something gritty either in one or both
  • If your condition is not improving, it may get far worse and you will be having a major discharge from your eyes.
  • It can get far worse, you will be forming a crust which is going to make it hard for you to open one or both eyes
  • Tearing is also a common concern. It happens especially in cases where you will not be able to not able to function properly

Is Pink Eye Contagious?

So this is something people often ask and wonder about.

If I have a pink eye, will I be passing on the germs to others too?

The thing is there are several bacteria and viruses which can cause this condition to worsen and spread very easily.

This is why pink eye is definitely contagious.

In case you are getting this condition due to bacteria then changes are it will be spreading further as the symptoms remain visible.

You will notice that the symptoms remain persistence even 24 or even 48 hours after the condition has gotten worse.

When that happens, you will have to start taking antibiotics to combat the condition. If you don’t take serious precautions soon, it can spread even further, making your health worse.

So how does the germs and bacteria carrying this condition spread?

Ways Pink Eye Spreads

Pink eye is a condition which if you don’t combat soon, will cause you to suffer from several issues and concerns.

The problem is its germs can spread very fast.

I will now share some of the leading ways in which this condition can worsen.

From transferring of the bacteria by simply touching of hands, it can also spread from the hands of the person who has the infection to the hand or it can move from the eye as when you are touching of the infected to the eye of the other person.

You will also notice that the condition can worsen and spread with something as simple as touching the contaminated surface.

This will be easily transferring the germs and making people far sicker in the process. The person who has pink eye infection can easily spread it when they touch other surfaces and people who are touching these surfaces.

It can also be due to careless habits like when you are making use of some unclean and old eye makeup.  This makeup should not be shared and has plenty of contamination with bacteria and viruses.

One integral element to know and understand is how did someone get a pink eye in the first place?

This means you need to identify the causes for it.

How Did I Get a Pink Eye?

Getting a pink eye is common. It happens to many people every day. But when it comes to getting treatment for this condition, you first need to know how you got it.

This means while the symptoms may be similar, the cause is not.

So there are actually a few signs which suggest and help in determining why you had the pink eye in the first place.

It can be either bacterial or due to an infection.

Which is the reason for your condition depends on a few factors:

Age of patient- the pink eye in adults is usually due to viruses. The same condition can happen in children due to the onset of bacteria.

Ear Infection-in case you are suffering from an ear infection, that can cause this condition to progress in your body. That is also true for children who have bacterial conjunctivitis.

People who also are suffering from discharge from the eyes as well suggests that their pink eye is due to a bacterial infection.

In case you see a color or some tint in the eye where the white part is, that suggests that this a is a viral infection. Especially if the color of the tint is somewhat salmon.

That in itself is a major cause of concern that needs immediate attention. You should be knowing why is this happening to your eyes. And ways in which you can combat its state.

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When to See a Doctor

how doctors may treat it

While in many conditions it is best that you let the condition run its course before you treat it, in others it is best if you see a doctor.

There can be serious eye conditions which is leading to you suffer from this condition. While in some cases they may be causing you to suffer from eye pain, in others you will feel that there is something stuck in your eye.

Like having a foreign body feeling. This is what leads you to having a blurry vision as well as suffering from light sensitivity too.

These are the advanced symptoms you may be facing . And when you do, it is best that you have urgent care for the same.

In case of those who wear contact lenses, they should stop wearing those completely. It is especially true in case your condition even worsens over time.

So just let it be. And make sure you are taking the treatment in a better way. Including what the doctor is prescribing you to handle it well.

Now let’s get into the details of pink eye treatment.

How is Pink Eye Treatment Done?

So now you know you have a pink eye, what will you be doing about it?

First of all you have to know the reason for its occurrence.

For example a pink eye happening because of bacteria means you have to make use of antibiotics to fight it.

This means also using eye drops, ointments as well as pills. It is essential that you make use of ointments that are getting into the eye as well of kids. Also have a diet with probiotics.

Within a week you will see that the infection is improving.

Whereas for pink eye due to virus, you have to wait it out. It can last for up to 2 weeks as well before the condition fully resolves.

However you can make use of cold compresses or you can use artificial tears which will be helping in relieving the condition fully.

Sometimes it can happen due to certain irritating substances which get into the eye. In that case, you have to rinse the eyes making use of warm water.

If there are some issues caused from allergies, then you will be needing to treat it with prescription or using over the counter eye drops.


Pink eye is common and there can be plenty of reasons as to why it may take place. Having a proper pink eye treatment is also important. Make sure you are first identifying the reasons as to why it is happening and then looking at ways in which you will get the treatment for the same.