One of the most awful smells which act as a strong repellent are body odor. This is basically a mix of not just your sweat but also the bacteria on the body. And with time body odor changes due to the changes in hormones. Preventing body odor is something everyone aims for.

It all relates to the kind of food you eat, if you are suffering from any kind of infection. Sometimes if you are taking on any medications, that can also impact the condition.

Serious health complications can also cause severe distress.

This unpleasant smell can be stronger in some people as compared to others. We all know what is sweating . It is basically a way in which your body is regulating its body temperature. When the sweat which is odorless is mixing with bacteria, there can be several issues that can happen.

In this article we will be looking into all the details relating to body odor, and ways to manage it well.

So let’s begin:

What is Body Odor?

what is body odor

In its simplest terms, this is when sweat is mixing with bacteria. While sweat itself is not going to smell, when it is mixing with bacteria then a strong stink can happen.

In some cases it can also smell kind of sweet.

But usually it is more so around the smell of sour, tangy onions. And this is very off-putting in any case.

While there can be some cases where a person does actually sweat a lot but they don’t have a strong odor.

Sweating is really just the secretion of the body fluids through your sweat glands.

And if there is not a strong case of bacteria formation on the skin, chances are you don’t have body odor.

What Causes Body Odor?

Before talking of ways to prevent body odor, it is important to highlight what are the causes of this condition in a person.

See when bacteria on the skin is coming in touch with the sweat, it is going to be reacting in some way.

This is a fact- our skin is actually covered with bacteria naturally. And sometimes you can have odor which smells good, and sometimes one which smells bad.

In other cases, it can be completely odorless as well.

There are several factors due to which this can happen. And this includes and relates to the kinds of foods we eat, the hormones and medications which can take over.

Also a condition in which a person is sweating excessively can take over.

And this will be leading to far more complications in a person. Leading to someone having sweaty palms and feet.

Some other relating factors which can cause you to have body odor include:

  • Exercising heavily and not taking showers afterwards
  • Stress is taking over
  • Anxiety attacks can make you suffer from this condition
  • Overweight person can also get impacted
  • Sometimes genes can also play a strong role

Why Does It Smell Bad?

Another question that arises is how sweat smells. In most cases, due to medications, supplements as well as the kinds of foods you eat, your sweat can smell horrible.

Remember it is not the sweat here which is actually smelling. It is again the kind of reaction it has with bacteria.

When that is combining with the sweat, the result is you have sweat which smells a lot.

When talking of the various conditions which make your odor even worse is if you are also having some kind of diseases.

This includes if you are suffering from

  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Menopause
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Kidney disease
  • Infections

Someone suffering from these complications may be having more issues with their skin and how it looks and is to be treated.

What About Foods?

onions cause body odor

Also the kinds of foods you are eating is also going to matter. You know how they say ‘you are what you eat’.

So this basically relates to how certain foods are known to trigger more of building body odor as compared to others.

And we are talking about foods which are actually rich in sulfur.

When these are secreted from your body, it will definitely be giving off a really unpleasant smell that can linger on for a longer period of time.

I will now be sharing with you some of the leading sulfur-rich foods. These include:

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Red meat
  • Cauliflower

It is important to know how these can impact your health and make your sting even worse. Adding to it ingredients like caffeine, spices, hot sauces and other elements, and your condition will only get worse.

Preventing Body Odor

Now we come to the topic of how you can prevent the body odor. This means ways in which you can look at treatments when it comes to excessive sweating as well as strong body odor smell.

So when looking at treatment options, a few ways which you can adapt healthy practices are:

Maintaining Personal Hygiene 

This is basically relating to how your skin is to be clean. And you do that by taking daily baths or showers.

That you can also do so by making use of antibacterial soaps.  These are really good and you make use of the areas which need proper and heavy cleaning.

It includes removing the bacteria from your skin on a regular basis.

Also make sure you are keeping your armpits shaved. That means the sweat will be evaporating quickly and there is not much needed to clear off the bacteria in this way.

Besides that, also make use of regular wash clothing and opt to wear loose-fitting clothes which are made out of cotton.

You can also look into ways to reduce the stress levels. While also making use of antiperspirants as that will effectively be taking care of the sweat and its lingering smell.

Make sure you are avoiding smelly foods and this means you are controlling the way the body odor smells against your skin.

Taking Medications

what medications control body odor

Sometimes it really helps if you just take on certain medications. This means making use of small injections like Botox injections.

They work by actually temporarily blocking the sweat glands.

There are also certain kind of prescription medications which help in preventing the sweating in people.

But you need to be careful with the kind of medicines you are taking which is going to be controlling the condition effectively.

Also in some cases, it also helps when you take on surgery to remove the sweat glands completely.

This is especially in cases where you are sweating profusely. And it becomes completely uncontrollable.

In some cases, your doctor will also suggest that you make use of antibiotics. These are really good as they will allow to combat and reduce the bacteria on your skin.

There is actually even a hand-held device that you can make use of. It actually works by emitting electromagnetic waves. And these can work by actually destroying the sweat glands that come under your arms.

Natural Ways to Getting Rid of Body Odor

Now let’s look into some of those natural and effective ways in which you can treat the armpit body odor.

It comes with making use of some of the simplest options. They include:

Making use of baking soda where you create a simple paste with water and apply it on your armpits. You will then let it dry.

Green tea is also a really good option. You just have to place it in warm water. And then leave it on your armpits for a while.

Many people also swear by apple cider vinegar. For you to create this mixture, you just have to mix it with water and put it in a spray bottle. Then spray it on your armpits. The acid works really well in killing off the bacteria.

Lemon juice is when you mix the lemon with water and also place it in a spray bottle. Spray it under your arms. The citric acid works really well as it kills off the bacteria on your armpits.

When to See a Doctor

Now let’s talk of ways in which your sweating and body odor has to be looked on by a doctor. This is when you are sweating way too frequently. And your kids are getting completely soaked.

The sweating is actually taking over your normal activities.

Also if you are sweating while sleeping , you need serious medical attention for the same.

Having frequent skin infections can also lead to major concerns.

All of these are major areas of worries. And you will be needing to have a doctor examination soon to determine all these problems and look for solutions for it.


ways to combat body odor

Body odor is common. Many people have it. However in some cases it can be far more severe. Preventing body odor begins with understanding the condition and looking at ways in which you can analyze how to combat its formation on the body.

It does not need to be extremely hard.

There are simple tactics and lifestyle habits which allow you to have a good handle on sweating and managing it well.

In this article, I have shared all the details pertaining to what is body odor. How it impacts your skin and your life.

The good thing is there are many ways to combat it and control it.