Have you ever seen marks which can appear on your body specifically your stomach? Most often you have what we call stretch marks.

They can make your skin change its shape.

Mostly it is due to pregnancy or when you are gaining too much weight.

The thing to know is that it is not something which suggests your health is not in order.

Stretch marks are common.

They can happen to both men and women.

You need to know that they will be appearing on any person and how they appear can also differ from one person to another.

Usually these are just thin red or purple lines that appear on your skin.

But they can very well take on a different texture as compared to the surrounding skin also.

In most cases, they will fade away on their own.

But there are some effective remedies you can adapt to ensure to see good results.

In this article I am going to be looking into all of them.

So let’s start:

What Causes Stretch Marks

what causes stretch marks on body

It is common for a person to have stretch marks to appear on a person’s body.

There can be many reasons for it.

However if you are able to know what is causing stretch marks, it also allows you to adapt ways to see some great results in having them treated.

So let’s talk about some of the reasons why stretch marks appear on the body:

  • Having a sudden weight gain is going to be making a major impact.
  • This is especially true in case a woman is pregnant.
  • Also sometimes a child may go through a childhood growth spurt which can happen in puberty.
  • This can happen to any child suffering from this. But do not be alarmed.
  • Also make sure your child also knows it is quite common.
  • And they will be fading away soon enough
  • Pregnancy is yet again one of the leading reasons why someone will be having stretch marks.
  • People also suggest breastfeeding as a common cause.
  • This is because your skin is getting stretched and there is also a change in your hormones.
  • When that happens, it will be weakening your skin fibers.
  • And that makes the stretch marks even more unrecognizable.
  • However make sure you are applying some kind of organic ointment.
  • In some cases, having something like a breast implant surgery is also going to be making an impact on how your health works.
  • For those who go for bodybuilding, they too will likely be suffering from stretch marks.

These are some of the leading causes for having stretch marks.

So where do these really appear?

Let’s check on the leading symptoms for the same.

Stretch Mark Symptoms

When stretch marks are different from old ones.

The news ones are actually a little raised and they may be feeling itchy.

These are also what we call streaky lines and they can come in different colors.

Usually in the start, they are in the color of red or pink.

Then the colors may start to change and come out to be like blue and even purplish.

These are colors which show at what stage a scar may be.

Some of the most common places where these can appear:

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Shoulders
  • Stomach
  • Torso
  • Hips

Now that you know the reasons and places where they can appear, we will now be looking into what helps in removing stretch marks.

Effective Ways to Removing Stretch Marks


Stretch marks can appear on any body but usually it is more prone among pregnant woman.

You should know that removing stretch marks is not very complicated.

It is actually a kind of scarring for which you need to apply certain remedies which will show results.

In most cases, the marks do not completely fade away but they will definitely get less visible.

But here are some major and effective remedies that will help in the appearance of the stretch marks.

So let’s see what these reasons may be:

Vitamin A Boost

Vitamin A is extremely good for you. Retinoids is what we may also refer to as vitamin A. These are going to make your skin seem smoother.

Also you will definitely be having a major youthful glow.

This is actually one of the leading ingredients that you get in topical cosmetic creams.

When you are taking vitamin A either orally or through an extract, you will notice amazing results to your skin.

This includes you will be having amazing skin and even overall appearance is also great.

You will be likely able to do so when you have a diet which is extremely rich in great levels of vitamin A.

A leading food kind is sweet potatoes. This is a major boost to your health. Vitamin deficiencies can cause many concerns.

Sugar Benefits

Sugar in its absolute form is considered as being a naturopathic method.

A microdermabrasion is actually a method which is going to be helping in removing stretch marks.

But then you can see some really good results when you apply a sugar scrub.

So how does that work?

You can make use of this scrub which will help in exfoliating your skin in a great manner.

How it works:

  • Mix one cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of softening agent.
  • This can include either coconut oil or even almond oil.
  • Make sure you mix it well.
  • Then you can add some lemon juice.
  • This is the ultimate scrub mixture to use on your body.
  • Apply it on your body as needed.
  • Do so when you are actually in the shower.
  • Make it a habit to make sure you apply it and scrub it for about 8 minutes.


This is yet another very effective way for taking care of those stubborn stretch marks.

You will be targeting the dermis layer.

This is the middle layer of the skin where the stretch marks form.

So how does this method work?

You will be having tiny needles getting a poke into your skin. This will then lead to collagen production.

When you are having an increase in collagen production, it will be improving how your skin looks.

Also it will be reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

For taking care of the appearance of the marks, it will be important that you take on this treatment over a few months.

This will allow you to see results in no time.

It is also very effective when you are trying to reduce the appearance of stretch marks for darker skin.

Laser Therapy Works

In some cases, it is amazing how you can see great results when you apply laser therapy.

It is actually a very common treatment which can remove white stretch marks.

How the magic happens?

Basically a laser will be penetrating the skin and will be triggering the regeneration of healthy and young cells.

This is the kind of simulation which will be triggering tissues around to heal the wound, while making the stretch marks appear even lighter in color.

Laser therapy is really good when it comes to melanin production.

This is especially around areas which are affected.

They will definitely be activating the pigment and this in turn will be blending your normal skin tone.

A few sessions will definitely be giving you great results.

Potato Juice and Egg White

As it turns out, when you make use of egg whites, it will be showing great results.

They actually consist of proteins and amino acids which help the skin in a number of ways.

The egg white is also going to help in lightening the marks.

While also making your skin tight.

Potato juice is also really good.

It consists of juice which is going to be going to be making your skin appear even lighter.

It also takes care of dark circles and will be removing the skin blemishes that appear.

Make sure you apply it plenty to see the results.

Being completely organic, it is actually really good for your skin.

Coconut Oil

The thing with stretch marks is that they will definitely get better when you make use of coconut oil.

This is definitely making your scars look lighter and more faded as you continue to apply them.

Coconut oil actually has many benefits.

The most common one being it has healing properties.

When you are applying coconut oil onto your stretch marks it will be definitely making your red lines become even lighter and lighter.

Unless and until you aren’t allergic to coconuts, this oil is actually safe to use.



Stretch marks are common and can appear on both men and women.

They can be a nuisance to some and while it is not harmful, they do tend to impact the skin.

In this article, we spoke on what are stretch marks.

How do they appear, their leading causes and most important- effective remedies which can remove them.

These are well-known and are applicable to many kinds of stretch marks.

Make sure you go through all of them as they will be impacting your skin and can also provide you amazing results in no time.