Going to the dentist can be hard for anyone. This is because it is overwhelming for a child or even an adult to get their teeth checked or cleaned.

Some people are not comfortable to  have their teeth cleaned. It makes them extremely nervous or tense. So much so is the experience overwhelming that you may endure the pain for days but will not be comfortable going to the dentist for the same.

However don’t worry. If you are one of those who is going through the experience, you are not alone. Many people actually go through the same. This is what we call having a phobia. Many people don’t want to go through the hassle of getting the treatment.

They will feel extremely worried and overwhelmed by the same. But for those people who are avoiding dentists like the worst kind of plaque. Don’t worry, for you sedation dentistry is something which will easily take of this fear.

Sedation dentistry is something which can be used for anything, be it simple procedures like having a teeth cleaning or even any invasive procedures. But the way in which it is adapted, all depends on kind of fear and its severity for which it is being used.

In this article we will be covering everything you need to know about sedation dentistry.

So let’s begin:

What is Sedation Dentistry?

understanding sedation dentistry

This is a kind of dentistry which actually uses some kind of medication which will help the patients to relax during any kind of dental procedures. It is done to make the process simpler and better to handle.

It is a process through which you try to help the patients to actually relax during the dental procedures. This kind of dentistry is also called ‘sleep dentistry’. You may be wondering why is it called that?

Simply because it relates to the way in which you get relaxed during the procedure. And it does not become overwhelming for you. Because you are not thinking too hard on it. But this does not mean that you entirely fall asleep during the procedure. It simply means that the patients going through it are in a sedative state, allowing them to go through the procedure without much hassle.

Level of Sedation

Now let’s talk about the level of sedation you will be getting in this.  Not two patients will be getting sedation dentistry in the same manner. This usually depends on the procedure for which you will be needing it. If it is complicated and painful, then it is likely you will be going for a high and deep level of sedation.

However for simple procedures, you will be going for a minimal sedation level. So here’s looking into the different levels of sedation:

Minimal Sedation

This is the state in which you are completely awake but you are also in a very relaxing state of mind. For the minimal kind, you will be getting a pill. You take it least one hour before the procedure will happen. One type is called the inhaled minimal sedation. In this you will be breathing in nitrous oxide. It is also known as laughing gas. It is when this gas will combine with oxygen and you take it through the nose by wearing a mask. But this gas stays effective for only a little while. Then its effects will start to wear off very quickly.

Moderate Sedation

It is also known as conscious sedation. This is the type in which you may feel you are slurring words when speaking. But in it you are not remembering the whole procedure as it went. You will also be getting this moderate sedation by making use of IV drip.

Deep Sedation

This is the one in which you are actually on the edge of your consciousness. But you are also in a state in which it is not very hard to wake you up if needed. You will be getting a sedative drug which actually goes through the vein. This means it will go to work quickly. It is also one which the dentist can control properly.

General Anesthesia

getting general anesthesia

This is the kind in which you will have the complete procedure done in a state of complete unconsciousness. It is the kind of state in which you don’t know what is happening around you and you are completely in a state of sleep. For complicated procedures, this is the kind you would opt for. Your doctor will give you medications that will make you completely unconscious. In this state you cannot be awakened unless the effects of anesthesia wear off.

However when deciding on the kind of sedation you will need or will receive from the dentist, it all comes down to how strong an unconscious effect you will  be needing. When you are under general anesthesia, it is not possible for you to stay awake. Did you know that effects of anesthesia will wear off if you use reverse medication.

But in regards to the kind of sedation you receive, it is possible that you will also leave local anesthesia. This is a numbing medication that works great on the site on which your dentist will be working. It helps to relieve the procedure which is causing you any kind of discomfort.

Now let’s talk about for whom is this procedure effective.

Who Can Have Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation is something that can be done for anyone. It really depends on who the person is who will be taking the sedation. If they have extremely high fear or anxiety then your dentist will suggest this procedure.

So this process is highly appropriate for those people who:

  • have very low levels of  being able to tolerate the pain
  • it works well for those who are not able to sit in the dentist’s chair for long duration of time
  • people who have very sensitive teeth will not be able to cope with this process well
  • having a bad gag reflex also happens
  • for those cases for whom large amount of dental work is needed

In certain cases, your children will get sedation. This is especially in the case of those who are worried and terrified of going to the clinic. So much so that they get worried and don’t want to cooperate with the dentist for even the simplest of procedures.

In many cases, the pediatricians are trained in a way to get the children oral sedation. This oral sedation can be done so while being given in small and controlled amounts. Also how much is safe to be administered in the child’s body is such that it depends on the age and weight of the child as well.

Now let’s look into if your dentist is well-adapt to performing the sedation process.

Can Your Dentist Perform Sedation

Many often ask this question. Most dentists actually have the skills to perform what we call the minimal sedation. As not much skills and specifications are needed in mastering this kind of sedation.

However a small amount can actually go for what we call deep sedation. For this you need what we call the accreditation of the Commission of Dental Accreditation. However a dentist anesthesiologist is one who can actually go for all the levels of sedation. They also have the expertise and approval to apply anesthesia for both children as well as adults.

So how is this procedure performed?

The Safety and Process of Sedation Dentistry

using a safety procedure

Did you know that there is always some risk involved when taking in anesthesia. It is usually the safe choice to adapt. But this has to be done through experienced dentists. But when it comes to people with certain disabilities, like being obese, they must be properly examined by doctors before the sedation is done on them.

You should make sure your dentist is completely trained to carry out this process. There are a few major things you should imply to ensure the process is done in a complete and proper manner. This will include:

  • Before the process, the dentist will review your case to know of your medical history.
  • It is important to determine if you are an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry.
  • Also you should make sure that you speak of your age and health to ensure you are the right candidate for this process.
  • You should ask your dentist how much training they have and how many sedation procedures they have done through the years.
  • Also it is important you should know clearly about all the risks associating with this procedure. This means you have to be clear on what kind of issues and complications you can face.
  • Your dentist will also have to monitor your vital signs during the procedure.
  • In this process, make sure your dentist’s office also has proper oxygen supply and artificial ventilation. You will need this and drugs in advance so as to reverse the sedation process and its effects if needed.

Sedation Dentistry is an effective process for those who are scared of proper dental treatments. You should adapt it in cases where you are too anxious to go to the dentist-be it children or adults. Provided that safety measures are intact.