Many people go through the stressful state where they stay up for hours. Plainly put, it becomes very tough on them to actually get a good night’s rest. There are so many things and concerns piling up on their head. And sometimes you need a little help, a nudge to bring on a better sleep. Something like showering before bed is known to actually help you in plenty of ways.

It is actually a really good way to end a very long and stressful day.  A natural means really where you aim to regulate the body temperature.

But you may be wondering- what does that have anything to do with sleeping better and longer?

Well, we would be looking into the details of that too.

In this article, I want to highlight and talk about what it means to have a good, long shower before calling it a day. And whether it really actually helps or not.

So let’s start:

The Body Temperature Concept

Many people associate and consider sleep as being a major source of a healthy body and mind.

But how do we get there?

While for some, it is super easy to just tuck in and get the deep sleep, for others it can definitely become a major hassle.

And one which will be needing a good boost to make it all better.

So how do we do that?

One way is to take on shower. And experts suggest warm showers will do the trick.

As I told you earlier, you are working on impacting the body temperature in the process.

It is one of the leading ways which actually plays a role in how your sleep-wake cycle actually works.

Did you know that the human body is one which has to adapt several ways to make sure its body temperature is coming at its core level. And when you are impacting it by showering before bed, it will be essentially showing results.

These results can go long-term and allow for you to take on a complete benefitting setting which is very effective.

Now I want to talk about all the benefits that you can get when you adapt this habit.

Showering Before Bed Benefits

benefits of hot shower

There are several ways in which you can ensure your health is great. A nighttime shower is definitely going to be making a major difference.

It is something you need to incorporate in your daily routine to gain maximum benefits from it.

When you are looking at ways to make it an extremely soothing and awakening experience for yourself, you have to look at ways in which it will be make you feel healthier.

The one thing you get is definitely the feeling of being clean right before going to bed. How it helps is allowing you to remove any excess body oil and dirt on the body.

This also helps in removing the sweat residuals from the body.

There has been plenty research done on this topic that suggests that you can get plenty of benefits- be it hot or cold showers.

But many people swear by and suggest that hot showers are actually more benefitting for your body.

This is because it also plays on the element of removing the sensation of tiredness that you are getting though.

Now let’s look into how hot showers are going to be impacting your body and your sleeping patterns.

Effects of Hot Showers on Sleeping

the truth about hot showers

One thing you need to know is that hot or cold showers are both really impactful when it comes to having a good night’s sleep.

We will now talk about the scientific aspect of it.

When we are able to tuck in for the night, you will notice that the body actually plays a major role in making the body warm.

It aids strongly in stimulating the blood flow which leads to the hands and feet feeling warm as the body heat is able to escape through quickly.

There has been considerable research also on how it matters that you take on hot baths at least an hour or three before bedtime.

This will definitely be aiding towards a sound and better sleep.

You can definitely see an improvement in your sleep. I also wanted to highlight how taking a bath before going to sleep is going to be aiding in combating colds and flu.

This is because you are going to be inhaling the warm steam. And when you do so, it impacts and helps to improve the condition of nasal congestion.

Now I want to highlight how cold showers is going to impact your sleep.

Cold Showers and Sleep Effects

is cold shower healthy?

When we talk of cold showers, they too play a major role in optimizing the body temperature so as to regulate the sleep patterns.

But the kind of effect it has is going to be different. And many mixed results and reports are given for the same.

While it is quite common to hear how athletes actually immerse themselves in cold water for about ten minutes which leads to a core drop in body temperature.

You will also be getting fewer nighttime arousals. And this will then be leading to having a deep sleep that allows you to rest well for three hours or more.

However the results of the research are still not completely proven.

In some cases it has shown that showering in bed by taking cold showers is not really helpful.

This is because the cold water’s stimulating properties.

It also raises the levels of cortisol as well as norepinephrine.

This means you will most likely be having a higher alertness level as well as you will be having to go through the same effects as when you are drinking caffeine.

There is also speculation that this will be leading towards you having a higher and more effective metabolism. As well as having a stronger immune system.

So which is better?

Let’s find out:

Cold vs. Hot Showers: Which is Better Before Sleeping?

There has been ample research on this topic to determine which kind of showers is going to be better for you.

According to research, warm showers provide you a better sleep.

They prepare your body better when it comes to taking in complete rest.

So if you are planning to sleep soon and want to boost your sleep and make it better, it is wise to make use of a warm shower mechanism.

The steaming hot water allows you to feel completely rested. There have been reports on how the hot water helps you.

It brings major and dramatic changes  to your blood pressure.

But what is the best time frame in which you should be taking your complete rest. Make sure you are taking a bath at least two hours before you sleep.

This will definitely be regulating your body temperature and making y0u feel completely rested.

It is also a completely natural way of seeing results which allow you to immerse in a steamy shower, that will be completely washing your stress away.

The Bathing Basics

taking proper baths

Did you know when we talk about baths, they actually differ quite a lot from showers. This is because they will be changing your body temperature faster.

It is because it comes with a stimulus that impacts your whole surrounding body.

You can also make use of bubble baths. This will be forming and giving you a layer of insulation that is going to be keeping you all warm and covered.

Make sure you are completely covered in bubbles as this ensures your health is well taken care of.

But again it all comes down to ensuring that you are not bathing at odd times. You shouldn’t be bathing way too close to your bedtime.

This will mean that there isn’t time for your body to be cooling down before you hit the snooze button.

It can also lead to reverse effects which can become problematic for you.


how it impacts your sleep

Showering before bed is becoming a common norm that people are adapting. According to experts, this has plenty of benefits on your body.

That is of course if it is done right.

You need to ensure that you are doing so in a proper manner.

When you are taking hot showers, it can add and has plenty of benefits to your health. Not only does it make you clean removing dirt, sweat and oil.

But it is also a really great way for you to have a good control on how your sleep quality happens.

In this article we looked into ways in which it will be stimulating your sleep by regulating your body temperature.

This in turn allows you to sleep well and have a better pattern. And that leads to a quality and better lifestyle.

We also looked into the impact of having cold showers before sleeping. As well as how it stands against hot showers. As well as which is the better choice overall and what factors to consider before picking one.