When it comes to looking our absolute best, we go to extreme lengths to make sure we have skin which is radiating and looks its absolute best. There may be a ton of different methods and processes out there which promise you skin which looks amazing, but then most of this comes at a hefty price that you need to pay. But there’s one thing which can be done without the need of  a lot of protocol and it really gets the job done. I am talking about skin icing.

Have you heard of this technique?

You must have tried the tactic where you actually put your go-to-products in the fridge so you can enjoy it in its cool way, but skin icing literally means making your skin cool. It is actually a very well-known skincare treatment which yields great results.

People have been using it for several years and in this article, I want to talk in detail as how it actually provides such amazing benefits to how you feel and look.

So let’s dig into it:

Why Skin Icing is Popular?

skin icing makes your skin radiant

Our skin is heavily exposed to many external factors which make its quality and appeal become less. Thanks to facing such sheer sun exposure, having to suffer from air pollution, adapting very unhealthy eating habits, among other things have taken the life out of our skin. This has led to our skin becoming very dull. Also add onto it the stress levels we have to face and suffer from, our skin is definitely facing the brunt.

This includes having to suffer from issues like:

  • Early onset of wrinkles
  • Dull skin
  • Having dark circles
  • Acne
  • Fine lines formation
  • Puffiness
  • Among other skin-related issues and problems

People then go to great lengths while trying to invest in products which seemingly will solve the skin-related concerns. However there is no guarantee for that. However when to comes to solving most of these issues or at the very least combating them, you can try out skin icing.

There are some major benefits that come with applying ice on your skin. But we will talking about those later. First I want to share with how what is the right way of applying ice on your skin. It also matters how you are conducting your beauty regime. If you are not adapting the skin icing method in a proper way, the benefits may not be as great.

Right Way to Apply Ice on Skin

  • There is not some major skin tactic with which you have to make your skin look glowing and bright. You can simply just put some ice cubes in a clean and thin washcloth and then smoothly rub it on your face.
  • What some people do is that they also try to freeze different kinds of health fruits and vegetables like tomato pulp, and aloe vera, or cucumber in ice trays and then make use of these on the face. It is a definite boost to the treatment and also adds onto the nutrients take-in.
  • But there is a catch- you should not be applying ice to your face more than once in a day.
  • This also goes if you have very sensitive skin. In that regard, it is best if you make use of cold compress so to make sure there is no damaging to your skin.
  • Also the treatment should not be a very prolonged. Skin icing on your face should be done for less than a minute. You will be able to reap the benefits completely in that time itself.
  • Always massage and rub the ice cubes in circular motions. This is effective in itself and you will be able to enjoy fresh looking skin in no time.
  • In some cases, you will be having very sensitive skin in that circumstance, it is best that you don’t make use of this technique especially if you are getting a burning sensation and a discomfort.

Skin Benefits from Skin Icing

learn the benefits of skin icing

Flawless skin isn’t hard to gain. It all comes down to how you are taking care of your skin as even with these simple measures, you can look outstanding. Now let’s talk about the benefits of skin icing in detail.

Hits on Inflammation:

This is quite understood. When you are involved in accident, you will notice swelling especially if there is an injury. In such cases, your doctor basically instructs that you apply ice on that region.

This is the same when you are using skin icing for facial reasons. If you are suffering from inflammatory skin conditions like acne, then this cold therapy works wonders for you. It helps to control the effect of inflammation on the skin, allowing you to look better and feel better.

Reduce Pore Size:

This is yet another important advantage of making use of skin icing. It is basically a method in which you are actually aiming to reduce the way your enlarged pores are looking. It also works great in unclogging pores. This happens because they have been exposed to a lot of dirt and sebum. When you are applying skin icing, y0u are actually working hard to make your skin look smoother and better.

Exfoliation of Skin:

Thus treatment is also effective when it comes to the exfoliation of your skin. The method actually helps in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. And it also stimulates new ones which makes for a smoother distribution.

Pumps Blood Circulation:

As it turns out, when you get into the effective habit of skin icing, it will also work wonders to how your blood is flowing. This is because the cold temperature actually constructs blood vessels. When it does, it will be helping in reducing the puffiness in your face. This will then lead to making your skin appear healthier. It has even been proven in the health perspective how your blood circulation definitely gets a nudge when you are able to provide your skin that kind of fresh appeal.

Helps in Soothing Blemishes

helps to combat skin conditions

It is definitely one of the most effective ways in which you can be treating blemishes. Not only ice will be helping in reducing the swelling but it also helps in reducing the redness that comes with pimples. It also helps in making your skin less irritable. Also when you are actually icing your face, it gives a major boost to how you apply antibacterial agents and soothing creams. As it turns out, it also helps with combating your levels of fatigue.

Skin Icing – Using More than Frozen Water

So as it turns out, it doesn’t have to be ice always. When we are looking into creating effective facial treatments, you can also make use ice cubes which consist of other ingredients too. This can be aloe vera and even green tea or ginseng tea.

This leads to you getting a facial treatment which provides a range of benefits to your skin, making it even more vibrant. Now let’s talk about the various advantages you can get from them:

Using Aloe Ice

This relates to how aloe can make your skin even more vibrant as it has many healing powers and can actually help in treating your sunburn as well as combating acne issues. Even if you don’t have any frozen aloe, you can actually apply aloe gel on your face and it will provide an intense and effective ice facial.

Green Tea Ice

You can also make use of green tea cubes which not only provides the benefits of applying ice on your face, but is really effective as it also then consists of virus and bacteria killing properties added to it. Make sure you are using it in the right manner to ensure its complete effectiveness.

So looking into the endless benefits of it, you should know by now how ice facials are extremely important to how you look. They are definitely a health fad and some ways in which they stand out is that:

  • Inexpensive, skin icing is a miracle for your skin when done right .
  • There is not much of complication involved in it. You can easily get it done and reap its many benefits.
  • You will get to endless ways and possibilities in which you can make your skin look radiant.
  • Considering it is completely natural and organic, there are absolutely no chemicals involved. This means your skin will not suffer from any side effects as well.
  • You will notice how it is actually done in a very practical manner.


As it turns out, skin icing is a fad because of its many and endless benefits to your skin. It is a way to make your skin look absolutely radiant in the simplest of manner. You just need to adapt some simple techniques which will make your skin look so fresh and radiant. Skin icing has been around and in this article I shared in detail all the major aspects to this major beauty technique, how to make use of it and the endless benefits you will be getting from it. Understand how it makes you feel great and allows for your skin to look refreshing in no time!