Have you ever felt a sharp pain in your stomach? Abdominal or stomach cramps are a major source of discomfort. Understanding stomach cramp causes is what we will be taking about.

It is basically a feeling of pain that you get between the chest and the pelvis.

When looking at abdominal pain, it can vary in severity. Sometimes it can be mild. And other times, it becomes extremely excruciating.

There can be certain diseases and inflammation issues which makes it hard for you to identify why are you suffering from this excruciating pain.

While sometimes the symptoms can be resolved quickly with just basic treatment, other times you will have to go through some rigorous treatment for the results to show.

If your pain is very severe and long-lasting than it will be requiring medical treatment.

In this article, I am going to be sharing with you all the details relating to stomach cramps- the causes, there may be several stomach cramps causes and we will be discussing them in detail here.

So let’s start:

What Are Stomach Cramps?

abdominal pain causes

Having digestive issues is common.

There are many reasons as to why you may be suffering from abdominal pain.

The discomfort and any irregularities you may be having in any organ can relate to certain issues. This will be leading to you having stomachache which just does not go away.

Discomfort and irregularities are common. The abdominal pain refers to issues which relate to organs:

  • stomach
  • kidneys
  • liver
  • small and large intestine
  • the appendix
  • pancreas
  • gallbladder

The abdomen actually has many core muscles and this will be handing to and will emphasize how your organs may get affected.

And since there are so many different organs which get affected in the process, it means there can be different reasons and causes as to why you may be suffering from it.

Let’s check out what these can be:

Common Causes of Stomach Cramps

understanding your suffering

Having stomach pains is common.

It can be caused by a range of reasons. And some of these include:

Stomach Flu

In this instance, the stomach pains happen because you feel instances of nausea, vomiting as well as loose and even blood-filled stool.

And this is usually happening due to a regular pattern.

Bacteria or viruses,  these are leading causes of issues. If you are feeling the symptoms are going to last even longer, then this means that you have some serious illness which needs attention.


This is also a common issues. It is when bacteria buildup is high and it is causing the food to breakdown even faster.

This means it becomes intolerable.

When there is an increased pressure of gas happening in the intestine, it is coupled by you suffering from sharp pain.

And this causes for you to suffer from even more tightness and even more abdomen clutching.

There are several foods which can cause you to suffer form gas concerns.


This basically relates to when you are not able to digest food properly. You will likely be suffering from this condition as it relates to certain foods and types of food also.

The abdominal pain is actually going to relate to symptoms which include gas, having nausea, suffering from IBS as well as having irregular bowel movement.

Symptoms will also be including suffering from cramping and even bloating.

Acid Reflux 

Some of you may be have this sensation where the stomach acids actually travel backward.

It is so severe that you will be feeling it coming right up onto your throat.

This also comes with a very strong burning sensation,

And you will also feel very heavy, accompanying pain with it.

So acid reflux can lead to even bloating and cramps.


This is also associating to why you may be suffering from stomach cramps.

This vomit causes for the stomach acids also to travel backward. And when they do, they will be causing you to suffer from irritating tissues.

This makes your abdominal muscles even more sore.

Learning of the reasons may allow you to have a more stronger control on the symptoms. And what will make your health even better.

Other Causes

inflammation can cause abdominal pain

While the above suggested are some of the very common causes of you suffering from a stomach cramp, there can be more reasons for it too.

Here’s looking into what those can be:

Food Intolerance 

Sometimes your body is not able to digest food properly. This means it will be breaking down using stomach bacteria.

And in this process, you will suffer from gas release.

However at times, there are large amounts of undigested material which is also present. And this leads to a high amount of gas production.

And when that happens, you will have uncontrollable pain and even more pressure.

It is best to look into the food chart and understand what foods you can consume and what you should not.


This is yet another reason for why you may be suffering from food concerns. It happens when you have a lot of waste collecting in your bowel.

And this will lead to you feeling immense pain.

Crohn’s Disease 

Have you ever had certain ulcers and wounds which are not healing properly on their own? This is going to be causing persistent pain in your stomach.

It will also cause you to suffer from bloating, indigestion as well as severe weight loss.

In such cases, it is best that you get yourself checked from a doctor to analyze the situation and what kind of treatment works best for you.

Pulled or Strained Muscles 

Sometimes carrying out simple activities can put major strain on your body. It can cause you to suffer from heavy pain.

Many people actually even carry out certain abdominal exercises which will be causing you to suffer from stomach cramps.

Menstrual Cramps 

Sometimes the issues can be as simple as suffering from menstrual cramps. This means you will be feeling a sense of inflammation and abdomen pain taking over.

It will also lead to you having bloating issues, cramping as well as constipation. Which just wouldn’t be going away on its own. And you will need to perform certain relieve mechanisms to make it better.

Stomach Virus

This is quite common. It relates to when you have a certain flu virus.

It can cause you to suffer from a stomach virus and it happens when you will be sharing food and also kitchen utensils.

Also the virus can take hold when you are eating or drinking unsafe food as well as drinks.

Some other symptoms you can look into include:

  • Having a watery diarrhea
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Throwing up continuously
  • Having muscle aches
  • Very strong headaches
  • Low-grade fever is also common

While there is no actual treatment, you can find some relief in the condition when you are able to take care of the dehydration impact.

This includes avoiding to eat solid foods.

You can include the following in your diet which is crackers, toast, jell-o, bananas as well as rice.

Having Food Allergies

Among the various stomach cramp causes, having certain food allergies can impact your health too. These happen because your body’s immune system confuses a healthy element as being harmful.

And then it tries to defend itself from that.

This will mean you will be getting major allergic reaction.

Some of the most common kinds of food items which can be confused as food allergies will include:

  • Shellfish and certain seafood. These can cause you to suffer heavily as seafood is also very common.
  • Nuts are considered as the most common food type which causes you to suffer from allergies. And there are many kinds of nuts which can cause you to react.
  • Fish is also a common cause of having allergic reaction.
  • Eggs and certain dairy products can impact your health.
  • Milk is also common cause of feeling health concerns and issues.

Getting Checked by the Doctor

In most cases, stomach cramps is something which is quite common. In many conditions you will likely be suffering from stomach pain.

Usually the cause is not very serious and can be taken care of.

These will be through simple habits like resting well and remaining hydrated for long hours of time.

Medications are plenty. You can get instant relief.

While sometimes the pain can be sudden and some can be long-lasting. But when your pain is not subsiding, it means you have to see a doctor and seek due medical attention.


This lecture was a complete overview on making you understand what are stomach cramps, why are they common and ways in which you can ensure they are well-taken care of.

Your health matters and this will be providing you with a complete overview on why you should be looking into ways on how your stomach cramps is taking precedence and how you should be ensuring that you can identify why your pain is heavy and causing you severe pain which is uncontrollable.

This article is detailing some of the leading causes of abdominal pain.