How many of you out there have a sweet tooth? This basically relates to getting something sweet at all times. There are so many ways in which you can satisfy that sweet tooth. You can aim to consume something which is munchy, crunchy or just plain a dollop of pure chocolate.

Sugar is the major culprit when it comes to your dental health. It is known to cause various kinds of harm to your oral hygiene. It is actually the main culprit which causes you to have tooth bacteria, plaque and eventual tooth loss.

You will also need to have various dental treatments done to ensure your teeth are in optimal condition. This can include procedures like root canal treatment. And other dental applications which not only cost you money but can also be painful to endure. So isn’t it better to take care of the problem from the root and take proper care of your teeth. You can play a major saving role by skipping your sweet tooth cravings.

But how to do that?

In this article, we will be talking about all of that. So let’s begin:

Why Do I Get Sugar Cravings?

getting sugar cravings

This is the question everyone is asking. When you have that morning croissant, don’t you crave for another one two hours later? When you drink an orange juice, don’t you feel like having a cola a few hours later? Especially if it is extremely hot. The weather plays a role too.

This is proven. When you are consuming your sugary snacks, you will be likely to crave even more sugary snacks. It is something which does not satisfy you soon. And you want to keep on eating and eating. Your sweet tooth is like a void which just can’t be quickly filled like that.

Whatever sweet you eat, it will satisfy your appetite for just a while. But there is no way it fills your stomach. So with so much negative points to it, why cant we control reaching  for that chocolate bar?

The Truth About Sugar

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, don’t stress too much. This comes naturally. For years, the ways to satisfy your sugar cravings keeps on evolving. Due to the kind of variety and options we have now, we are definitely spoiled for choice.

Did you know some researchers have discovered how if you eat certain food types, it actually acts as a rewards system. This means when you are in a bad mood, and if you give in to your sweet tooth, it will actually satisfy your taste buds in a certain way.

You will feel fulfilled and there is a positive impact on you. But here’s the catch. This kind of feeling and satisfaction is actually short-lived. The concept of having a sweet tooth is definitely interesting.

You are basically wanting to have something sweet to block out the bad memories and bad situations from your life. Be it stress relief, having comfort or looking into overcoming tiredness, your sweet tooth aims to get your mood uplifted in some way.

But the point to understand here is that sugar cravings is natural. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry too much about it. Many people do. Cravings for sugar means having a small pleasures and distractions.

However it is something which you can readily manage if you play your cards right.

I want to now talk about how you can identify what kind of sugar craving is hitting you. When you can diagnose that properly, you can have a better handle on how to curb those sugar cravings.

What Happens When I Get Sugar Cravings

combating sugar issues

The first step is identifying what happens when the sweet tooth hits you. This is possible when you can identify the kind of hunger hitting you:

Stomach Hunger

This is the most common kind and easy to handle. It means you are not craving sugar. You are just simply craving good. It is a sign that your body needs to fulfill its appetite.  It comes with symptoms of having an empty/gnawing feeling in the stomach as well as feeling fatigue as well as easily irritated.

Mouth Hunger

This kind of hunger is stimuli-based. When you see a certain action being performed in front of you, it triggers within you the sensation to have it. If you have a packet of chips being opened, you would want that. If you smell chicken roast in the kitchen, you will suddenly feel pangs of hunger.

Heart Hunger 

This kind basically associates with a memory in your brain. You think about it and you want to eat it as it is associating to a certain memory or event which you are thinking about. It can set into your mind suddenly. And when you consume it, you don’t feel happy and satisfied. Instead a sense of shame of guilt takes over you.

It is important to identify what is actually happening in your brain to get the proper diagnosis for it. Only then can you find the ultimate solution for it.

So now I want to talk about some effective ways to curb your sugar cravings

Amazing Ways to Control Sweet Tooth

The major thing to understand here is to control your sugar cravings even before they set in. This is not as hard as it may seem. You can do it with a focused mind and dedication. Check out these great tips on how to curb your sugar wants in interesting, practical ways:

Plan a Diverse Meal

It’s pretty simple. Eating the same kind of food options can become very boring. You need to bring some variation to what you serve on the table. Your food should include items from all food groups. This will help you to eat a balanced meal and have your taste buds enjoy variation. You need good healthy fats as much as you need fiber and protein. This will give a boost to your energy levels and help you full and satisfied for longer time periods.

Avoid Skipping Meals

So this is probably the oldest trick in the book to lose weight. However it can do so much harm to your diet. When you skip meals, your body then needs some quick and fast fuel. And to do that it will aim to get something sugary to satisfy the hunger pangs. The plummeting blood sugar can be controlled with a quick sugary snack. But it does not provide long-term solutions.  So it is best if you prepare proper well-balanced meals.

Hit on Natural Sugars

hitting the natural sugars

As I said earlier, having these kinds of cravings isn’t always wrong. It is natural to want some sugar. And guess what? You can satisfy the sweet tooth with natural sugar cravings. Instead of wanting to eat a candy bar, what you can do is grab a trail mix of different dried fruit as well as some chocolate to go in the mix. It hits the spot and can keep you happy and perky.

Hydration is Key

Sometimes all that you needed was to get a glass of water. Staying hydrated can give you many benefits. You need to drink water often as sometimes your sugar craving is nothing but your need to quench your thirst. So before you actually reach for a candy bar, drink some water, or even a natural beverage. It might hit the spot in a better way.

Get Your Z’s

There is nothing simpler. Sometimes all you are suffering from is sleep deprivation. Did you know that experts have pointed out how the amount of sleep you are getting actually relates with the way you are craving sugary items? This means that while you didn’t get a good night’s sleep however you need to have a productive day. And in order to do so, you will want to hit on the caffeine and some sugar. This is quick solution to an energy boost. But for long-term, healthy effects, it is best to take in your complete resting hours.

Give In To Your Cravings

Now this may sound weird to some of you. But the best solution sometimes is simply to not deny your sugar craving. If you are craving chocolate, get yourself one piece of your favorite bar and savor the taste. It is not always best to deny your desires. Give in but me mindful. So have a small sliver of that cake instead of consuming the whole thing. Remember, make smart choices. And ensure you adapt proper teeth cleaning.

Indulge in Sugar-Free Candies

Sometimes when you have a sugar craving, it is fine you get into something sweet and fancy. But make sure it is not one loaded with sugar. When you are having sugar-free snacks, you can give in to your cravings but you are doing so with controlled tactics. Also if you consume food items which are taking longer to digest. This keeps you fulfilled for longer durations without you having the need to indulge in sweetness ever so often.

Remember- it all comes down to you making smart decisions. Sometimes the most tough decisions can actually work with the simplest of solutions. Get your control and good handle on it.