We talk about often how important it is to brush your teeth. That with how flossing and rinsing is important too. You should be doing all of the same as often as possible. This should come with using antiseptic mouthwash. If you don’t your teeth will continue to deteriorate and it

It is what helps in keeping your teeth clean for a longer duration. Tartar is a major health concern which is rapidly becoming common. It is something which damages your teeth drastically. The problem is, despite brushing your teeth, it can happen that there is still bacteria left in your mouth.

On its own, it will not be very hazardous. However, if this combines with proteins and any food elements left in your mouth, it will start to form into a plaque.  This is a very sticky like substance which actually covers your whole gum line. If you will not get quick treatment on the same, it will lead to even more problems.

This includes tooth enamel and even heavy cavities. So the problem lies with how your teeth will get impacted when the tartar continues to build on your teeth. In this article, we will be talking about tartar, how it impacts your teeth, treatment and prevention tactics.

So let’s start:

Spotting Plaque on Teeth: Early Signs

remove plaque on teeth

Tartar is something which when gets severe turns into plaque. Plaque is what makes your teeth pale yellow. It is important to maintain your teeth and keep them in mint condition. This is why you should be getting professional cleaning done regularly. Spotting plaque is not as difficult. Your dentist can make use of what we call dental mirrors. This procedure should not be done at home by yourself. You will need professional cleaning. It is by scraping off the plaque. The dentist make use of dental scaler.

You will need to make sure that you adapt flossing and brushing on a regular basis. By doing so, you can get better teeth and healthy set of teeth.

How Does It Get Worse?

Plaque is a major concern. It can lead to even more issues and concerns. You will need to be taking certain steps and precautions to ensure that you will get ride of the plaque in a proper manner. If you don’t take care of your plaque, it will develop and lead to even more problems and concerns:

Cavities: There are issues that will lead to your teeth getting even more affected. The acids in the mouth will be producing bacteria which leads to even more plaque in the mouth.

Gingivitis: This is a major issue and concern when it comes to gum diseases. The condition can lead to the accumulation of bacteria. It will cause inflammation of the gums.

Bad Breath: Plaque is a major issue. It is something which develops when you are adapting poor dental hygiene. Aside from causing bad breath, it is also a major health dilemma.

Tartar’s Affect on Teeth and Gums

tartar on teeth and gums

Tartar is a major health concern. When it forms on the teeth, it becomes hard to remove it completely. This is because it is a very stubborn material on your teeth. And despite trying to floss or brush, it continues to form and harden on the teeth.

When this happens, you will face cavities concerns and even tooth decay. At this point, it becomes hard to have it removed completely. Also overtime, the condition will lead to further gum diseases like gingivtis. Again, this is an advanced health concern which will need your complete and due attention.

Otherwise it becomes worse with complications. It can even get worse and there can come a point where pockets will begin to form between the gums and teeth. This will get infected by bacteria. This is when chemicals from your body try to fight wit the bacteria. But when they mix, they will actually damage the tissues and bones.

This will further get worse, up to the point where you may be having heart diseases and even more complications with your health.

Before anything else, let me just hit upon how you can adapt strong prevention tactics. This will include:

Prevention of Tartar Buildup

When talking of tartar in the mouth, you need to first realize how the tartar is hard to get rid of. So it is best that first you try to remove the plaque which is building on your teeth. Plaque is actually what leads to the hardening of the tartar. So it is best you take precautions.  You should be adapting daily dental hygiene practices. This will include brushing and flossing.

Some other steps to follow for the same include:

  • Brushing twice a day-This includes brushing with an antiplaque toothpaste. If it contains fluoride, that is even better. In some cases, in order to remove the plaque completely, you should also make use of a electric toothbrush.
  • You should also be flossing at least once every day- This is because it will be cleaning between the teeth to help remove the plaque and takes care of cavities buildup.
  • Also ensure your snacks are not those which lead to plaque or tartar buildup. You should try putting a limit to the amount of sugary snacks and beverages you are having. In case you do eat something sweet, it is best that you brush and floss your teeth right after.
  • Aim to get regular dental checkups and professional cleanings- This should be done every 6 months. If you are suffering from dental issues, then it is best to visit your dentist for a proper and professional cleaning.

So now that you know of some major prevention techniques, I want to talk about some natural means of how you can remove tartar in a natural way. This will include:

Removing Tartar- By Natural Means

removing tartar

While tartar is troublesome and can lead to various issues and concerns within the mouth. Turns out there are some great ways in which you can have it naturally removed as well, right at your home. This includes using some simple materials like:

Use Baking Soda

Make use of baking soda. This is essentially very effective. You can make the process even more effective by shaking the baking soda onto a wet toothbrush, and brush it softly for a good few minutes. Also you should leave the soda on for a few more minutes before brushing it off completely.

This is actually quite useful in neutralizing the harmful acids. And it comes from elements which include sodas. Aside from killing bacteria, it is also really effective in whitening the teeth.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is also very good and useful when it comes to taking care of your tartar. It is when you will be mixing white vinegar into a warm water. This is almost like a mouthwash. You can use it once or twice in a day. It works great in removing the tartar from your mouth. Including that of that builds on your teeth and gums. It is actually quite a simple formula to make. You will just be needing two tablespoons of white vinegar. Some people swear by it. How it works great in killing the unwanted bacteria.

Use Orange Peels

This is a major way which many people use. You make use of the orange peel to rub onto your teeth. You will be using orange peel form the inside. While you can make use of this method, you can also mashed bits of the peel also. You can use it while mixing it with water. It actually makes for a paste. You can consider it as a toothpaste also and brush your teeth with it. Orange actually has antimicrobial properties which make it really good for killing the microbial growth.

Why Important to Prevent Tartar Buildup?

You might have heard how important it is to take care of tartar. It makes your dental hygiene care even more essential. Once the tartar will remove, it will ensure that your teeth are in good condition.  The problem with tartar is that it will definitely be attracting plaque. It also makes cleaning hard right at home. As the condition of your teeth continue to deteriorate, there are some other issues which will begin to set in. This includes having tooth decay, having bad breath. And having serious forms of gum disease


Dental hygiene is not something to worry about. It is something you can adapt to ensure your teeth are in optimal condition. Your teeth’ condition is only in your hands. You need to adapt good hygiene practices to ensure they are well-taken care of and do not turn into bad teeth. If you don’t, plaque buildup can continue and this will lead to even more complications. You have to know ways to adapt your dental hygiene practices otherwise your teeth’s condition will continue to deteriorate. Tartar teeth can be very harmful for your health. However make sure that you are adapting ways to implement good practices. It all falls into your hands how you handle it.