Have you ever heard of tick bites? This is something which actually happens to mostly your pets. Especially when you see them scratching a lot and getting agitated. There is a pretty strong reason for them to feel it this way. Ticks are actually tiny, little blood-sucking creatures which will completely leech onto you and will become very hard to remove.

So how big are they? Well, they are actually quite small in size. But mostly they are about the size of a pin’s head and can be as large as a standard pencil eraser. However do not get fooled by their size. They are coming from the family of arachnids, which means they can be very dangerous too.

The problem with ticks is that, as they continue to take in blood, they will continue to grow and get bigger. When you look at ticks, they will become the size of marbles as this is when they have the most blood in them.

Sounds pretty disgusting right? But that is how they are. However in this article, I want to give you a compete overview on ticks, tick bites and how to get rid of them. Keep your furry ones safe as this information will serve to be very useful for you.

So let’s start:

Do Ticks Bite People?

ticks can bite people too

Before other discussions, you might be wondering as to how does ticks relate to people. Can they bite people? These tiny, blood-sucking creatures like to stay in areas which are warm and moist.

So this means they will be easily moving around your body. And sometimes they can easily migrate to where your hair is including armpit region. The problem is, it is not always easy to point out if you do have a tick on your body or not.

They will attach themselves to your body and begin to suck in blood. This will continue on for quite a while and you will sometimes feel just a mild discomfort. Other times, the pain will be more distinctive.

This tick can continue to stick onto you or your pet for even 10 days. It will only remove itself when it is completely full and will suddenly just fall off.

Now let’s look into the major symptoms of what it is to have a tick bite?

Symptoms of Tick Bites

The symptoms basically relate to how your body will react to a tick bite. Sometimes the bite is harmless. And when it happens, there are no major symptoms. But in other cases, the tick bites can be allergic. Which means there are certain ways in which your body will react to it.

Now here are some of the most common reactions to having been bitten from a tick:

  • You will feel sudden pain
  • The area will begin to swell. It starts from the small point where the tick bit you and will continuously spread far and wide, covering a large area
  • Sometimes, a person may also suffer from a strong burning sensation
  • This burning sensation if you do not get treatment, will continue to spread and get even worse
  • In some cases, you will even suffer from the formation of blisters
  • Those with weak immunity also complain of having difficulty in breathing
  • This breathing issue can get even worse with time
  • If you are feeling light-headedness, that too can signify as a sign that you might have been bitten. But this does not only relate to tick bites

While these are some of the common concerns, there is known that ticks can also carry several diseases with them. In such cases, the problems and complications you face can get even worse with time.

Complicated Symptoms

identify the symptoms

When we talk about the problems and concerns which arise from the complications relating to tick bites, it is certain that they will get even worse with time. So you need to realize how to take care of your skin. And notice these kind of complications before they get even worse.

Some of the more complicated symptoms which arise when a tick which is carrying a disease bites you:

  • Having red rash appear
  • The rash can be small in size or it can spread and go over the whole body
  • You will notice that there is stiffness in your neck
  • In some cases you will feel nausea
  • A headache is also common
  • Weakness in the body which will not just go away
  • There is definite joint pain
  • Achiness will become even more common
  • In some people, there are sudden chills in the body
  • These can get worse and you can also come down with a fever
  • Nausea is also something that can take over
  • You will likely suffer from swollen lymph

So how would you know what does a tick bite is?

Identifying the tick bite

Many people get confused as to what makes up for a tick bite? Turns out it is quite easy to identify. The major aspect is that it will continue to stick to your skin for many days, usually till 10days. While many of these kinds of ticks are harmless. Sometimes there may be one which is prone to carry a transmit disease. This can harm you and cause problems in your body.

So now that you have a good understanding on how do these ticks attach to you. And what are the symptoms you need to watch out for. Let’s now move onto the question: where do they live? Knowing this help you to remain aware of the kind of places you can attract ticks.

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Ticks- Where Are They Living?

ticks live in damp areas

Before attaching themselves to your body, you must be wondering where do these ticks actually exist. Well as I said before, they like to be in areas which are very moist. So this means, they are hiding in grass, trees and even shrubs.

So this means even if you are out at a picnic, or you have taken the kids to the park. Chances are you may have a tick attach itself to your body or to that of your pet’s. So even if they are on your pet, if you are holding your furry mate, they can easily move from their body to yours.

So it is definitely not advised that you hold onto animals in damp places. Best is for you to spray them with a friendly insecticide when you go home. Just to make sure that something extra didn’t attach itself to it.

Now I will move onto the question- how do you get treatment?

Yes, that is the good news. Even if you have tick bites, you can get them treated. Read on to learn how:

Getting Tick Bites Treatment

treatment from tick bites

The first thing to know here is that your ticks can be removed. Yes that is the good news. All you need to do is make use of certain tools to remove them completely. These are the simple steps you will be following:

  • Get yourself a set of tweezers. Then hold onto the tick as close to the skin as possible
  • Then you have to pull straight up and apply a little pressure to move it away from the skin
  • Next, keep a steady pressure and don’t bend or twist the tick
  • After this, you will have to look at the bite site
  • This is needed to make sure you didn’t leave any bite parts behind like the head of the tick or its mouth
  • Once the bite site is clear, make sure you clean the area
  • Drink ginseng tea to ease the pain
  • You will do so, by making use of hand sanitizer and applying on the area treated
  • Then make sure you properly dispose off the tick
  • Make use of a sealed container to place it in

While this is a quick, home treatment which you can do yourself. Make sure you are visiting your doctor afterwards to see how the tick area is affected. And your health care expert will make sure that this tick did not have any diseases or any complications you should be aware of.


When it comes to having various skin bites, this article provided you complete insights to understanding what are tick bites. These blood-sucking creatures will not only latch onto you but as it turns out, they can harm your pets too. Hence it is important you identify what they look like. And if you do get a tick bite, be sure to look out for the common symptoms. Some ticks have complicated diseases which leads to even complicated symptoms to watch out for.

In this article, I shared all the details you need to know about how you can get really good treatment right at home from tick bites. But this treatment does not mean you are completely in the safe zone. In most cases, you will be needing to visit your doctor, to make sure the tick was not carrying a transmit disease.

Tick bites are most common in summer, especially when you are wearing baring clothes which are also loose. Take your safety precautions to ensure you are safe and secure from ticks as are your animals.