Ask any woman and she will tell you how painful menstrual cramps can be. Going on your monthly period comes with issues relating to pain and discomfort.

But this pain is not common.

In fact it can be so bad and severe that doctors have given it the name of dysmenorrhea.

However period pain is very common. More than half of the women out there are suffering from it.

The menstrual cramps are not a sign of a serious health condition. It is just a side effect that comes with having to suffer from this condition.

Yet the fact of the matter is it is very painful and it disrupts your life in many ways. Even something as simple as going out with friends becomes very hard.

So how do we tackle it?

In this article I am going to be talking about in detail what are menstrual cramps and why treating menstrual cramps the right way matters.

Let’s begin:

Why are Menstrual Cramps Painful?

what are menstrual cramps

This is a condition in which you will be having a high level of discomfort.

You will be feeling extreme pain in your abdomen, as well as your lower back pain.

The muscles of your womb are contracting and relaxing during your period.

When this happens you will be going through certain experiences which includes:

  • nausea
  • vomiting is also common in certain cases
  • headaches can come and go
  • feeling fatigue
  • diarrhea can happen which can be an onset for many year

So why do they happen in some cases and not in others?

Why Some Get It and Others Don’t

People who feel menstruate cramps may be having it for any reasons. Even doctors are unsure as to why they happen in some cases and not in others.

So when are the reasons why you may be having it:

  • The most common reason is that you have a very heavy menstrual flow. This means your period is very heavy and it can last for 7 days. When in most cases, it is usually from 4-5 days.
  • If you had a child, chances are your flow is going to be heavy afterwards.
  • For some the reason is simple, you are under the age of 20 or have just started off your period.
  • In certain cases, it can depend on the overproduction of what we call prostaglandins. This is actually a type of compound that exists in the body and can influence the womb.

Some other relating factors can include:

There is a growth in the uterus

If you suffer from endometriosis. This is an abnormal growth of tissue in the uterine.

In some cases, making use of birth control can also cause you to have a good flow.

So now that you have a good understanding of what are menstrual cramps, we will now look into what home remedies can do to help your condition.

Home Remedies for Treating Menstrual Cramps

home remedies for menstrual cramps

The good thing about this pain is that in most cases you can have it treated with some home tactics.

If your pain is severe and it is impacting your life, you can make use of some safe and effective ways which will be providing you relief.

Yoga Poses

yoga poses help plenty

There is a great many poses you can try. These will be stretching your muscles and put a relaxing effect on your body.

The yoga poses which strengthen your muscles and relax you are going to be making your period pain better.

Practicing such is really good for your health and allow you to feel better and in control.

You can speak to your health expert to know what are the best forms of exercises which provide you ease and make you relaxed.

Practicing them on a regular basis is going to be making a difference.

Using a Heating Pad

Sometimes your uterus can relax when you make use of a heating pad. This is beneficial for you.

When you are applying heat, it helps to soothe the area. Women who use heated pads can get quick relief anyway.

It also helps in improving the circulation of blood through your body, giving you a soothing and cooling sensation.

Heat from the heat pads are also going to improve the woman’s period pain.

Sometimes it works if you make use of a painkiller which can help in controlling the inflammation in the body.

This will curb the period pain you are in. Taking a pill can help in fighting the pain and combats the condition.

However before making use of any medicine, it is best that you speak to your doctors to know your condition and analyze which medications you should be taking and what you should not.

Acupuncture Impact

Acupuncture can help relieve cramps. It is a really good method to try to provide you instant relief.

It basically related to when you have more blood flowing to your internal organs. And also it controls and combats the effects of inflammation.

Studies show that with acupuncture treatment, you have less period pain and the good thing is-there are no side effects at all with this kind of treatment.

Herbal Tea Benefits

This is an age-old remedy which helps in giving you relief from your condition in no time.

Some teas are more effective than others.

While the research on this is very limited, as it turns out such kinds of herbal teas can provide you amazing and soothing impact in no time.

Some of the best kinds of herbal teas for this are chamomile and peppermint.

They calm the body and allow your body to get in a better state in no time. Also avoid eating junk food.

Boosting Feel-Good Endorphins

So this is interesting how you can actually feel good simply by making your mood better. This is through making use of various ways in which you can get the endorphin boost.

It will make your mood better but interestingly, it also helps in controlling and managing the period pain better/

There are several ways in which you can do that. It is either through aerobic exercising as that will be making your mood better in no time.

The endorphins make your mood better and is a major boost to your health too.

You will notice the results in no time.

There have been studies also on the same showing how even simple exercises like stretching and adapting aerobic moves will make you feel better.

So make sure you have these things in order which ensure your health and allow your menstrual pain to remain in proper check.

Using Essential Oils

It is really good for you to apply and massage your stomach with essential oils. They make the cramps get better by easing the pain you feel.

However if you make use of a blend of essential oils, it will definitely be providing you even more benefits.

So make use of a range of popular oils which will definitely be giving you the instant relief you wish for. These include:

  • lavender
  • sage
  • rose
  • cinnamon
  • clove

These are really good oils which are going to be making a major impact on you and allowing for circulation to take over, making your health better.

When you just massage for five minutes in a day in a circular motion, it will allow your cramps to subdue.

This is because you will be having a boost in circulation and this will be making the cramps even more bearable.

Improve Your Diet

So this is pretty basic. But in a nutshell when you are eating well, you will be feeling well in no time.

Adding a range of vegetables and fruits to your diet serves you in the long run.

They will make your system and body more accustomed to healthy living. Also when you consume less of saturated fats, it will definitely be the healthier choice.

Better quality means ensuring your meals are wholesome and not consisting of harmful elements.

You should also be looking into avoiding certain kinds of foods. They make your health worse.

These include:

  • fatty foods
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • salty foods

When you reduce the consumption of such foods, they will be leading to the bloating and water retention. Some of the food are actually going to make your health even worse. So here it is important to ensure you are decreasing tension.

Adding herbs to your diets is also important.


Treating menstrual cramps is not all that hard. It is essentially a leading way for you to make sure you are keeping the pain in control. For some people it is not as severe as compared to other people.

Menstrual cramps can take place at any time. In most cases it is actually something which gets even better. However for others, it can get worse with age.

Good news is there are a few natural remedies which help in keeping the pain in control.

You should look into what are these methods and make sure you adapt them in a proper way.

They will be ensuring your pain subsides and it is better managed.

These are some of the leading ways in which you can manage the period pain.

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