What is a Cavity?

This is basically one of the most common problems you can suffer from. A cavity develops when you have tooth decay. The tooth decay can happen due to a large number of reasons. However, the cavity is a situation which will create a hole in your tooth.

Be careful, the hole will continue to get bigger and infected more, if it is not treated quickly.

Having a cavity is a major cause of concern. It should not be neglected and you should get quick treatment. If that isn’t done, you can suffer from bigger problems which require even further complicated procedures.

Getting Treatment and Results

Tooth Cavity is one of the most common and worrisome issues if they are not tackled fast.
Fortunately, with Dentist Ahmed, we look at the root cause of the issue try to bring forth a
treatment plan that is effective and durable. Read On to know why you should choose Dentist Ahmed for your treatment:

Why did it happen?

You might be wondering why did your teeth develop a cavity. Or better to ask how did the tooth decay happen. Well, there’s one thing you can definitely put the blame on- plaque.

So, let’s talk about what is plaque. This is actually a very sticky and slimy substance. It is made of a large number of germs. These accelerate the tooth decaying process in the mouth.

The biggest problem with this mechanism is that it eats away the enamel of your tooth. The enamel is the hard part of teeth which keeps your inner tooth flesh protected and safe.

Let’s look into the reasons why tooth decay develops in the mouth:

Plaque formation

As discussed, the first reason is pretty evident. Plaque is that sticky film which covers your teeth. You will have plaque on your teeth for two main reasons- one is for eating a lot of sugars and unhealthy items. Second is when you don’t brush your teeth to remove the bits and particles from your teeth.

This is also additionally worrying, because this plaque buildup can lead to the formation of tartar. When you have tartar on your teeth, it becomes harder to remove the bacteria shield even further.

Plaque’s destructive nature

What happens is that there are acids in plaque. These affect your tooth enamel. The plaque causes for an erosion which leads to the formation of tiny holes in the teeth. This is when cavities begin to form and take shape in the mouth. Once the enamel has been majorly eaten through, the harmful effect moves towards the dentin.

Dentin is the softer layer inside and it also has nerve tissues which give tooth-sensitivity. When the damage reaches to this end, it is hard to reverse it. 

And the damage will continue to progress and take shape and it will even hit onto your inner pulp, and this is when you are hit onto the many nerves and blood vessels within the pulp. This leads to the pulp becoming extremely swollen and infected.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly:

This is essential. If you want to have a beautiful set of teeth with no tooth decay or cavity problems, make sure to have a good dentist nearby. At Dentist Ahmed, we have a strong and capable team of professionals who provide amazing service and consultation.

Our dentists will look into your dental history and care to form a good treatment plan for you.

Remember, if you don’t go to the dentist, the acids will continue to erode the enamel, working their way inside the part of your tooth. Once it goes inside the tooth, it affects the nerve endings which can cause more problems than offer any further solutions.

Our team will look into your dental health and will properly examine the teeth condition by taking proper X-rays. However, if we see that there is a cavity existing and if so, we will see how the rotted part can be taken care of.

Our team has experts in the field who apply state of the art technological methods which will impact your team effectively. If things are not as severe, a simple tooth filling can also keep you safe from any further problems. We will try to ensure that you get the best treatment to your condition, giving amazing, long-term results.

Tips to Prevent Cavity:

Worried about getting Cavity? Here Dentist Ahmed presents you with a quick few prevention tips that will help to keep the major problems at bay. Let’s look into them:

  • You can aim to keep your teeth clean all the time.
  • Make a habit to brush your teeth at least right after you eat a meal.
  • Make use of fluoride toothpaste. This works great.
  • Aim to brush before going to bed. Those 7-8 hours at night can be a long time for the plaque to form or tartar to set properly.
  • How you brush also matters. Aim to brush your teeth up and down. Also move the hand in slow, circular motion for maximum effect.
  • Brushing your gums is also essential. Make use of a toothbrush with soft bristles to give you a good brushing practice. Remember- don’t brush the gums aggressively.
  • Much like brushing, flossing is also essential. It helps to remove plaque and food which is stuck between the teeth.
  • Since now you know that the problem arises from the consuming of a large number of sugary drinks like sodas, and sugary and junk food like chocolates and fries, eat these items in limited amount if you need to.
  • Regular dental checkups are also essential. It will help to point out sooner if there are any problems or no.
  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste after eating or drinking. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and ideally after every meal, using fluoride-containing toothpaste. To clean between your teeth, floss or use an interdental cleaner.
  • Looking into dental sealants- this is also a good option on which we can provide you with consultation on how to make use of this protective plastic coating.
  • Drinking tap water is also helpful. This is because tap water contains fluoride and you don’t get that in bottled water.
  • Consume healthy foods-eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are known to increase saliva flow, and other unsweetened drinks which help wash away the food particles.
  • Getting a complete look into the antibacterial treatments- you can make use of special antibacterial mouth rinses which help cut down on harmful bacteria in your mouth.


What Causes a Cavity?

This happens when there is heavy dental decay. Decay happens when you consume too much of sweetened products, candies and artificial beverages. These will affect you if you don’t brush your teeth properly afterwards.

How Do I Know if I Have a Cavity?

Some of the major symptoms you may have include visible holes in the teeth, you will also have toothache and there is sheer sensitivity to hots and colds.

Do They Only Occur Between the Teeth?

While some people assume that the cavity takes place between the teeth however cavities can happen anywhere in the mouth. This is where the bacteria can hide and your toothbrush’s bristles can’t reach.

They usually take place between the teeth but not 100 percent of the times. Cavities can occur anywhere in the mouth where the bacteria can hide and your toothbrush doesn’t reach. To avoid it completely, you should also use a mouthwash, apart from toothpaste.

How am I at a greater risk of cavities?

If you are maintaining a proper oral care, your risk of developing cavities gets higher. However, you should also not consume sugary diet. Also take in lots of water, preferably tap water as it rinses out food bits faster.

Can cavities cause other problems?

Since cavity is the first step. It causes the enamel to erode, reaching the softer tissue inside. And if it hits on the nerves, you will most likely need to face tooth abscess and tooth extraction.

So what are my treatment options?

At Dentist Ahmed, we ensure that your dental care is in complete order. We will look into your tooth structure and current condition to see which treatment will work best for you. In some cases, advanced decay will need extra work which we will ensure is taken care of.

How is the diagnosis of a cavity done?

At Dentist Ahmed, we apply latest tools and techniques in dentistry to ensure the diagnosis and treatment’s quality is not compromised in any way. We have a special dental tool set which probes any soft spots and we also make use of advanced scanning tools which ensure that your treatment will provide great, long-term results. Call us today to get your consultation and treatment options.

Why choose Dentist Ahmed?

Our team of professionals are at your disposal to give you a complete treatment plan that will ensure your oral hygiene is of the highest order. We know you deserve the best care and we will provide you with a consultation on your options and will discuss transparently of any risk factors or complications that may or may not arise.

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