Dental Implants surgery is a prosthetic procedure to replace more than one missing teeth in your mouth.

Dental Implants are artificial structures that are surgically inserted into your jawbone to act as roots.

The titanium in the implant metal post fuses with the jawbone over time to firmly hold a crown or bridge that will act as a missing tooth.

This is called osseointegration and due to this, dental implants can become like your tooth roots and provide stability to the tooth.

We provide Dental Implants service at Dentist Ahmed's clinic. This procedure has a 98 percent success rate and can give your teeth a new improved look.

The need for Dental Implants

You may lose your teeth due to decay or injury.
Tooth loss also occurs because of periodontal disease and failure of the root canal.
Wear and tear over the years can also cause you to lose your teeth.

Therefore, you can get Dental Implants if you have lost a tooth or two to restore your aesthetic as well as the tooth's function.

However, dentures and bridges are the alternatives to Implants.

Though, dentures need to be removed so they are not as comfortable and cause inconvenience.

Bridges are the closest alternative to Dental Implants.

Though, bridgework depends on surrounding natural teeth for support.

Whereas Implants do not require any additional support and do not affect any surrounding teeth.

Our dentists will thoroughly examine your oral health and the position of your missing teeth.

They will the condition of your bone and if your jawbone has grown completely.

Additionally, they will check your oral tissues and if you have the right bone structure to securely place the implants.

Moreover, they will ensure that you are not suffering from another condition that is likely to affect your bone healing as this process is long and requires adequate time for healing.

If you want to improve your speech affected by the missing teeth and are unable to wear dentures, then you will find the need of wearing Dental Implants.

Though they are divided into a few types and our dentists will choose the best fit for your need.


If dental implants are the right fit for you, you should not hesitate to get them.

You will see a drastic improvement in your quality of life and oral hygiene when you get Implants.

Moreover, they last quite long as they do not wear and tear down as easily as natural teeth.

Other than that, they function exactly like natural teeth. Therefore, not only do they look like natural teeth but function the same way as well.

The kind of stability implants provide to your teeth, dentures and bridges cannot.

Hence, if you are looking for that comfort, strength, and look and feel of real teeth, you should get implants.

In comparison to dentures, they are more comfortable and improve your speech as they are fixed and do not slip from their position. Moreover, you don't need to clean them separately.

No one around you can differentiate between your dental implants and natural teeth because they look like your natural teeth and are fixed stably like one too. Hence, this will help increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, if you aesthetically look and feel good, you will gain confidence in your appearance.

Types of Dental Implants

Implants can differ according to their function, size, and connector.

One or Two-stage

In a single or one-stage procedure you do not require to have surgery again. The longer implant is placed with the healing cap visible and the gum tissues stitched.

After a few months, the abutment and crown are attached as there is no need to expose the head.

In a two-stage implant procedure, you will undergo surgery twice. Once to place the implant and next to place the abutment and do temporary restorations.

Endosteal or Subperiosteal Implants

An Endosteal implant goes inside the jaw bone and is popularly used in two-stage procedures.

Subperiosteal Implants do not go into the jawbone but are placed on top of it.

Endosteal implants are divided into screw, cylinder, and bladed types.

At Dentist Ahmed’s clinic, we prefer to use Endosteal Implants as they are long-lasting compared to Subperiosteal implants. We care that you get a lasting treatment and solution.


The size of the implants changes according to their positions.

Those placed at the back have a wider platform from 4.5mm to 6mm.

While those placed around the front of the mouth range from 3.5mm to 4.2mm in diameter.

Some narrow-body implants range between 2mm to 3.5mm in diameter and are used when there is not enough space or bone density.

Connectors and Coatings

Implants also differ on the type of connectors and coatings.

The connectors are the head where the abutment attaches to the implant.

The internal hex connectors are an opening within the implant head while external hex connectors are on the top of the implant head.

There are also internal octagon connectors which unlike the hex connectors are shaped like an octagon, not a hexagon.

The coating is usually titanium because it easily fuses with the jaw bone and does not cause any reaction from the body.

However, other coatings and surfaces could be non-metal Zirconia, acid-etched surfaces, porous surfaces, and roughened surfaces.

Our Dentists will choose the best fit for you and proceed likewise.

The procedure of Dental Implants

Our expert team of dentists and dental hygienists will first check your oral health.

This detailed checkup will help to identify underlying conditions that can alter the effectiveness of the procedure.

Moreover, they will examine your habits and hygiene.

Smoking can render the procedure useless. Hence, if you smoke, our dentists will advise you to quit as it may affect healing and result in failure.

The likes of tooth decay and gum disease can also delay healing.

Hence, once we have dealt with all your conditions and habits, you can proceed with the treatment.


A small hole is drilled to fix the titanium implant screw in the jaw bone.

Our dentists use extreme care while carrying out this procedure because it has important facial nerves and jaw structures.

They will also use your X-ray and CT scans to guide them about the hole and delicate structures around it.

Once the implant metal post or screw is placed in the hole, it is secured with gum tissue and a protective cover screw.

Osseointegration occurs between a period of six weeks and six months.

In this time the implant fuses with the jaw bone hence firmly inserting it in place to act as tooth roots.

After healing and osseointegration, our dentists attach an abutment and a temporary crown to the implant.

Finally, after gums grow around the temporary crown, it is replaced with a fixed crown.

The healing can last more than 6 months and the setting of crowns can take up to 2 months.

Moreover, this procedure involves one or two minor surgeries.

Post Procedural Care

You may feel swelling in your gums and teeth as soon as the procedure ends.

There may also be minor bleeding at the implant site but that is nothing to worry about.

We will advise you to take soft foods for a week and use self-dissolving stitches so you will not worry about removing them.

If you feel any pain or discomfort, we will prescribe you medicines to lessen your pain.

An implant becomes a part of your mouth and other teeth. Hence, if you do not clean it properly, you will develop an infection.

An infection can render the procedure useless. Hence, it is important to brush and floss regularly as you do with the rest of your teeth.

Therefore keep cleaning your implants and avoid smoking completely.

Take special care of your oral habits onwards so that your dental implants can last a lifetime.

Why should you choose Dentist Ahmed?

Our team at Dentist Ahmed's clinic is extremely skilled and
qualified to perform your Dental Implant Procedure.

This is not an ordinary procedure and requires a skillful and expert hand to place
the implant and drill holes carefully in your mouth.

If you want to avail this service, contact us and book your appointment.

We provide:

dental implants structure

Safe Procedures

Our staff makes sure that your procedure is carried out safely and in a friendly and hygienic environment. Since this procedure requires our dentists to drill holes in your mouth, we make sure that your surgery is carried out very carefully. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

Affordable Procedures

This can be a one-step or two-step surgery, however, that does not mean that you will have to pay a lot for it. We offer affordable procedures that are either right within your budget or covered by your dental insurance. You will not have to pay tonnes of money for this procedure.
dental implants procedure and purpose

Effective Procedures

We make sure that our patients leave satisfied. Hence, we give you the best results that align with your needs and expectations. If you take care of your implants, they can last for a lifetime.


What is the Dental Implant cost near me?

Our dentists will examine your oral health in detail.

The cost of the procedure will depend on other treatments and the number of surgeries you may require.

Book an appointment with our dentists to know the exact procedure cost.

Are there any risks of dental implants?

Since this is a surgical procedure, there are chances of risks and complications. However, they are rare and curable.

You may rarely contract an infection after the surgery. There is also a chance of minor injury and bleeding.

Other risks include nerve damage and sinus problems.

Is it painful?

You will be administered local anesthesia so you will not feel any pain during the surgery.

However, you may feel slight pain afterward like a tooth extraction.

We will prescribe you medicines to lessen that.

Is it difficult to clean implants?

No! Implants function and look like your natural teeth hence, it isn't difficult to clean them.

In fact, it is very important to keep your implants clean.

Our dentists will show you how to clean your implants as some places are difficult to reach.

Clean them thoroughly to avoid any infections.

Can I take out my implants?

If you have fixed crowns, they will function like natural teeth. Hence, you cannot take them out.

However, if removable dentures are attached to the implant abutment then you can take them out to clean and while sleeping.

Will it change my appearance?

The only change will be that your missing teeth space will be filled.

Dental implants give you an enhanced and improved look. Otherwise, they look exactly like your teeth.

Can people tell if I had implants?

Unless your gap was very apparent, people cannot tell that you have had some dental work done.

People can usually not differentiate between your implant and natural teeth as it looks exactly like them.

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

Do I need an implant for every missing tooth?

This differs from case to case. An implant can support more than one tooth.

Hence, if you have missing teeth right next to each other, one or two implants may support a few teeth.

What if my implant does not fuse with the bone?

This is very rare.  Our dentists remove the implant if it loosens and does not fuse with the jawbone.

Your jaw bone heals for a while. Then our dentists place a newer implant on the site.

Are implants damaged by injuries?

Injuries affect implants just like natural teeth. Hence, if you had an injury or accident, they will be impacted too.

Though if it is damaged beyond repair then our dentists may choose to place another dental implant near that area and let the previous one stay in place.

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